iphone and blackberry

The BB tried to imitate some goodies from the Iphone, but basically they remained with their Typical bulky looks. Here I am referring to BB Stom or BB Bold. Everyone has their own piece of differences. Below is what I can tell from my experience. I have been using Iphone for a year now and must say, i have been extremely satisfied with it.

Iphone Pros:
Sleek design and sexy looks.
Excelent user interface.
Excellent stability of most of the application.
The presence of lots of useful application from the appstore is icing.
If you are a Mac Programmer, you can wel make a application for your very own needs due to the availability of the excellent SDK.

Iphone Cons:
Not yet great for enterprise use.
Not as sturdy as BB and needs to be used delicately.
Lacks the keyboards, which makes it really difficult to mail etc.
Lacks Video recording.
Lacks MMS, but this limitation is overcome as you have excellent browsing and mailing options.

Since I am comparing Iphone with BB, the pros in Iphone are more like Cons in BB and vice versa.