iris identification IEEE PAPER 2016

User Identification Using Iris Scan
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Abstract:This paper delivers a iris coding method for effective recognition of an individual. An algorithm that is based on person iris independent of spatial position, orientation and center frequencies of the iris image. The fact that the iris is protected behind the eyelid,

Sum Rule Based Matching Score Level Fusion of Fingerprint and Iris Images for Multimodal Biometrics Identification
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Abstract–Basic aim of a biometric system is automatically discriminate between subjects as well as protects data. It also protects resources access from unauthorized users. In biometric system physical or behavioral traits are used for recognition purpose. A multimodal

Iris Recognition Based on Extreme Point Identification using Feature Extraction
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Abstract: The use of human identification has become increasingly in demand in today's society. The human iris is one of the most unique biometrics available to use in the identification of an individual. A biometric is characteristic of human body that can be used

Human Identification Using FKP, IRIS and FV Images
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Abstract Biometric Recognition will provide strong link between individual and claimed identity. In modern years, biometrics is largely used for personal recognition. In this paper, a new combined biometric system, namely, Finger-Knuckle-Print (FKP), Finger vein and

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Abstract:Biometric Recognition being the most appropriate and up-to-date identification technique is used in different fields due to uniqueness of the various physiological and behavioral traits like finger prints, hand geometry, face recognition, iris recognition, voice