javascript IEEE PAPER 2016

Hybrid Typing of Secure Information Flow in a JavaScript-Like Language
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Abstract. As JavaScript is highly dynamic by nature, static information flow analyses are often too coarse to deal with the dynamic constructs of the language. To cope with this challenge, we present and prove the soundness of a new hybrid typing analysis for

Test Cases Generation Tool for JavaScript Based on Statement Coverage Criteria
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JavaScript is the most popular programming language for implementation and test framework automation is usually applied in unit testing. However, developers spend a lot of time to create test script manually. Thus, creating automated test script tool can support

bogJS–A JavaScript framework for object-based rendering in browsers
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bogJS–Sample Scene (SpatDIF like)/spatdif/meta/audiobed/url local/path/to/audiofile/spatdif /meta/audiobed/tracks 5/spatdif/time 0.0/spatdif/source/Bed0/position-1.0 0.0- 1.0/spatdif/source/Bed0/active 1/spatdif/source/Bed0/track_mapping bed_0/spatdif/source/

Change of Term Recognition and Awareness in Blended Class of JavaScript Programming
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Abstract: A lecture course is provided by projecting slides on contents of the lecture course on a screen and the grammar in textbook and program examples are explained in a lecture course on programming. It was then followed by explanation with materials describing

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ABSTRACT Javascript is used more and more as a programming language to develop web applications in order to increase the user experience and application interactivity. Although Javascript is a powerful technology that offers these characteristics, it is also a potential

Linvail: A General-Purpose Platform for Shadow Execution of JavaScript
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Abstract:We present Linvail, a novel instrumen-tation platform for developing dynamic analyses of JavaScript programs. Linvail is particularly wellsuited to implementing shadow executions which involve tagging runtime values with analysis-specific data. In contrast to

Sequencing of Learning Objects based on SCORM Using cmi Elements and JavaScript
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Abstract. In this research work a method for sequencing learning objects based on the SCORM standard using cmi tracking elements from this standard and javascript programming language, is presented. Advanced sequencing rules, dependent on student

On Contracts and Sandboxes for JavaScript
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Abstract. JavaScript is the language of the web. It is used by more than 89% of all the websites. Most of them rely on third-party libraries for connecting to social networks, feature extensions, or advertisement. Some of these libraries are packaged with the application,

Recommendations for HTML, CSS and Javascript usage
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Nowadays, every person must skillfully use the Internet, in spite of the fact that experts constantly update the information technologies. However, web developers face the problem of the slow loading pages and encumbered code. This factor is problematic for users,

AngularJS, JavaScript, and JQuery All in One
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Welcome to AngularJS, JavaScript, and jQuery All in One. This book is designed to jumpstart you into the world of dynamic web application development using JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS. The book covers the basics of the JavaScript language, jQuery library, and