SPV: a JavaScript Signaling Pathway Visualizer
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ABSTRACT Summary: The visualization of molecular interactions annotated in web resources is useful to offer to users such information in a clear intuitive layout. These interactions are frequently represented as binary interactions that are laid out in free space where, different

Exploring Commercial Catch: Creating a Responsive Florida Fisheries Web GIS Using ASP .NET, the Esri JavaScript API 4. x, and Calcite Maps
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ABSTRACT The state of Florida has access to vast marine life resources. The Florida marine commercial fishery plays a significant part in the state economy. Hundreds of thousands of commercial fishing trips occur each year totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in dockside

Support for AcroForms and Links, and for Document JavaScript and Open Page Events
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The AcroTEX Bundle now supports signature fields. Using the command\sigField, an unsigned signature field is created. The field can be signed, either by using Acrobat, or programmatically from a LATEX source, but you need to use aeb_pro and to create the PDF

JavaScript Zero: Real JavaScript and Zero Side-Channel Attacks
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ABSTRACT Modern web browsers are ubiquitously used by billions of users, connecting them to the world wide web. From the other side, web browsers do not only provide a unified interface for businesses to reach customers, but they also provide a unified interface for

ConflictJS: Finding and Understanding Conflicts Between JavaScript Libraries
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ABSTRACT It is a common practice for client-side web applications to build on various third- party JavaScript libraries. Due to the lack of namespaces in JavaScript these libraries all share the same global namespace. As a result, one library may inadvertently modify or even

An extensible approach for taming the challenges of JavaScript dead code elimination
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ABSTRACT JavaScript is becoming the de-facto programming language of the Web. Large- scale web applications (web apps) written in Javascript are commonplace nowadays, with big technology players (eg, Google, Facebook) using it in their core flagship products ABSTRACT JavaScript (JS) is a dynamic, weakly-typed and object-based programming language that expanded its reach, in recent years, from the desktop web browser to a wide range of runtime platforms in embedded, mobile and server hosts. Moreover, the scope of

Some notes on Javascript
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Javascript is an interpreted object oriented scripting language developed for browsers and reliant on the normal features of a browser. It is not therefore intended for use as a standalone language. It is case sensitive and uses UTC-16. These notes mainly cover strict

LabVanced: A Unified JavaScript Framework for Online Studies
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The huge potential of online-based research has gained great interest from researchers in many disciplines. Specifically, technological advances such as crowdsourcing (eg Amazon Mechanical Turk), open data repositories (eg Open Science Framework), and online

Metamorphic Testing for Adobe Analytics Data Collection JavaScript Library
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ABSTRACT In recent years, metamorphic testing has been successfully and systematically adopted within Adobe Systems to improve the cost effectiveness of its software process. In this industry experience report, we present a case where metamorphic testing has been

Analysing Big Data Projects Using Github and JavaScript Repositories
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ABSTRACT GitHub open source software developers remain in short supply. Successful GitHub projects offer multiple pathways for developers to contribute into their repositories. This studys GitHub JavaScript big data is path modelled to provide understanding of the

Learn JavaScript with p5. js
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At this age and time that we live in, coding is simply invaluable. It has the power to uplift your career, your future prospects, and even your intellectual capacity. Computation is driving one of the largest capital expansions in history, and there has never been a better time to

Context-Based Event Trace Reduction in Client-Side JavaScript Applications
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ABSTRACT Record-replay techniques are developed to facilitate debugging client-side JavaScript application failures. They faithfully record all events that reveal a failure, but record many events irrelevant to the failure. Delta debugging adopts the divide-and-conquer CSE PROJECTS