Laser Energy Transmission for a Wireless Energy Supply to Robots

For rescue activities, the robot is considered as a very hopeful tool, however, right now, the robot is not used actually for the rescue activity. It is clear that once it is actually used, how to keep supplying energy is very important. The wireless energy supply is mandatory. In most cased, it is considered that the rechargeable battery is most easy to solve it. However, for example, in nuclear power plant accident or chemical weapon disaster due to terrorism, once the robot enters into the contaminated area, it is almost impossible to return for the battery recharging. Wireless energy transmission is mandatory. Even for those robots working in the area where only robots can enter and can return for the refueling, the wireless energy transmission is required when the robot malfunctions and cannot return. Moreover, some rescue activity’s urgent need may not allow the robot to return for the refueling, then the wireless energy transmission is also very useful

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