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Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution

LockDoc: Trace-Based Analysis of Locking in the Linux Kernel
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For fine-grained synchronization of application and kernel threads, the Linux kernel provides a multitude of different locking mechanisms that are being used on various individually locked data structures. Understanding which locks are required in which order for a

MBS Linux Plugin Documentation
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This is the PDF version of the documentation for the Xojo (Real Studio) Plug-in from Monkeybread Software Germany. Plugin part: MBS Linux Plugin 12 List of Questions in the FAQ ∗ 7.1.3 Browse(InterfaceIndex as Integer, Protocol as Integer, servicetype as string, domain as

Performance comparison of transmitting jumbo frame on Windows and Linux System
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IPv6 is the successor of IPv4, the current Internet Protocol that runs out its address. It offers some improvements including simpler header format and extension header resulting in faster transmission of IP packets. However, IPv6 is a network layer protocol that requires

Linux Kernel Security Hardening
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Linux Kernel Workshop
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Page 1. Linux Kernel Workshop Hacking the Kernel for Fun and Profit Muli Ben-Yehuda IBM Haifa Research Labs Linux Kernel Workshop, March 2004 p.1/2 Page 2. AGENDA Linux Kernel Overview, just to get us started. Introduction to Writing

10 Things Every Linux Programmer Should Know
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This talk is about common misconceptions, and things I think every Linux programmer should know. This talk is about learning from other peoples experience and mistakes. This talk is about how to write better software. Its about knowing how things work; Knowing how

Rorg: Service Robot Software Management with Linux Containers
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Scaling up the software system on service robots significantly increases the maintenance burden of developers and the risk of resource contention of the computer embedded with robots. As a result, developers spend much time on configuring, deploying, and monitoring

Performance Evaluation of IPSEC-VPN on Debian Linux Environment
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Cyberspace has gotten a great favour from the general public in recent times. Affordability of infrastructure and globalization are believed to be the main drivers. This development resulted to lots of business enterprises to conceive a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Smart Toll Collection System using Embedded Linux Environment
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The main objective of this system is to develop a smart communication by using visible lights. Visible Light Communication (VLC) refers to the communication technology which utilizes the visible light source as signal transmitter which provides high data transmission

Providing Karelian Language Support for an Educational Linux System
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In this paper we describe a Linux distribution that is meant to provide a suitable educational and working environment for users that need support of Karelian language in the system. The distribution is CD-based, and can be booted up from the compact disc or installed on a

Embedded Linux Driver Development for a 9-DOF Motion Sensor
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Page 1. Embedded Linux Driver Development for a 9-DOF Motion Sensor Final Degree Project Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering

Computer Forensics: A Linux Case Study Applied to Pedophilia Crime Investigation in Brazil
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This paper presents the main concepts of computer forensics and describes the techniques and tools used in digital forensics. The application of the concepts, tools, and techniques was performed by an experimental case study (eg, File sharing with pedophile content.). The

An Experiment with DDoS Attack on NodeMCU12e Devices for IoT with T50 Kali Linux
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This paper presents the results of an experiment with the Kali Linux operating system and T50 tool to simulate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the NodeMCU12e controller device used in Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The motivation for the