A smart monitoring and controlling for agricultural pumps using LoRa IOT technology
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Controlling electrical pumps on farms can be problematic, especially if there are a small number of people managing or working on huge areas of land and if the provision of electricity is not consistent. Therefore, further techniques for the management of plant

Implementation and analysis of lpwan technology using lora architecture
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The recently proposed LoRa low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology is discussed and analyzed. First of all, performance metrics of a single LoRaWAN end device has been analyzed, namely uplink throughput and data transmission time. Then illustrative

Design And Implementation Of Framework For Smart City Using Lora Technology
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This paper explains the proposed architecture for a smart city using LoRa Technology . The framework is designed and implemented with two applications by using LoRa modules and LoRa gateway. The data from the end devices is reached to cloud via LoRa gateway; in this

Intelligent rf-based indoor localization through rssi of lora communication technology
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Requirements on high-quality indoor localization approaches and the increase in ubiquitous computing and context-dependent have led to an emphasis on a continuous search for promising localization technologies and techniques. Typical RF-Based localization

Automation of streetlight using Lora Technology
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Increase in population and the corresponding increase of roads has increased the number of street light, for the roads and peoples safety, which rises investment and energy. Lighting consumes an adequate amount of energy in both outdoor and indoor. However different

A Smart Dustbin Using LoRa Technology
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This paper proposes a LoRa -based LPWAN vehicle to vehicle communication system for smart dustbin. The vehicle to vehicle communication system consists of a LoRa gateway, a remote diagnostic system, sensors for monitoring the garbage quantity and a cloud platform

Textile Industry Waste Water Monitoring System Using LoRa Technology
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Textile Industry waste water is one of the major sources of water pollution. The waste water must be continuously monitored and treated before letting it in to water bodies. The Long Range ( LoRa ) technology is used for monitoring the waste water and alert owner in times of

Performance Analysis of LPWAN Using LoRa Technology for IoT Application
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This paper was dedicated to study the performance of an Internet of Things (IoT) application using LoRa Wide Area Network (Lo-RaWAN). LoRa is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology developed for IoT applications specifically. Due to the facts that LoRa

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Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy and it will continue to remain so for a long time. It has to support almost 17 per cent of world population from 2.3 per cent of world geographical area and 4.2 per cent of worlds water resources. The economic reforms

Remote Monitoring and Control of Boat Using Lora Technology
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This work is a prototype boat that can travel in water. This robot is powered by rechargeable battery. The direction of the robot can be precise by an RF remote. This can be moved forward and reverse direction by using geared motors, also this robot can take sharp

Lora Technology Based Potholes and Humps Detection for Smart City Transportation
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In view of developing smart cities, all the infrastructure of the city should be integrated with intelligent system. Transportation is one of the main constraints to the development of cities. Roads maintenance is one of the key factors for transportation system. In developing

Design and Development of Gunung Lang Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System using LoRA Technology
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The Internet of Things (IoT) can provide services to many areas including the environment monitoring. This paper explores the use of the LoRa Technology for environment monitoring, specifically temperature and humidity at Gunung Lang recreational park at Ipoh Perak

Efficient Firmware Update Transmission for LoRa Low Power Wide Area Technology
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The growth over the past two decades of applications leveraging Wireless Sensor Networks on the Internet of Things, has lead to an exponential increase in the number of active IoT end nodes. With such a vast user base, it is reasonable to expect that best practice software

Design of a wireless transceiver in 0.18 um CMOS technology for LoRa application
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The design circuit will cover the design and study of CMOS wireless transceiver for Long Range Radio ( LoRa ) application. As the communication method, it adopts Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) modulation which has low power and excellent processing gain and is

Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy with Triggered Real Time Text Message Reminders: the China through Technology Study (CATS) Lora L. Sabin, MA, PhD1
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Methods We provided ART patients in Nanning, China, with a medication device ( Wisepill ) to monitor their ART adherence electronically. After 3 months, we randomized subjects within optimal (≥ 95%) and suboptimal ( 95%) adherence strata to intervention vs. control