low power vlsi IEEE PAPER 2016

A Low Power 16 Bit Vedic Divider for High Speed VLSI Applications
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Abstract. This paper proposes the implementation of a low power and high speed Vedic Divider based on ancient Indian Vedic mathematics. In this paper, an algorithm based on the ParavartyaYojayet is applied, throughout this sutra the propagation delay and power

Ultra Low Power VLSI Design: A Review
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ABSTRACT Leakage power plays a vital role in current CMOS technologies. As feature size shrinks leakage power also increasing. Power dissipation becomes as important consideration as performance and area for chip design in present days VLSI industry.

Low Power VLSI design Methodologies Power Management
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Abstract:Low power is the major challenge for todays electronics industries. Power dissipation is an important consideration in terms of performance and space for VLSI Chip design. Power management techniques are generally use to designing low power circuits

Adiabatic Logic Circuits for Low Power VLSI Applications
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Abstract: The power dissipation has become a major design issue in VLSI circuits. As the system size is shrinking gradually it has become one of the prime concerns for the designers. The power dissipation can be reduced by introducing different design