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Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. It increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements.

Breaking LTE on layer two
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Long Term Evolution ( LTE ) is the latest mobile communication standard and has a pivotal role in our information society: LTE combines performance goals with modern security mechanisms and serves casual use cases as well as critical infrastructure and public safety

Detecting if LTE is the Bottleneck with BurstTracker
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We present BurstTracker, the first tool that developers can use to detect if the LTE downlink is the bottleneck for their applications. BurstTracker is driven by our discovery that the proprietary LTE downlink schedulers running on LTE base stations allocate resources to

Identifying Multipath Propagation in Vehicular Repeater Deployments by LTE Measurements
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This paper introduces a simple measurement methodology that can identify extreme cases of multipath propagation for in-train repeater (ITR) deployments, which may cause performance impairments for users. Differential timing advance measurements allow to Abstract In Brazil, the 3625 4200 MHz frequency band (C-band) is widely used by TV receive-only (TVRO) application in the fixed satellite service (FSS). The 3400 3600 MHz adjacent band can be used by International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) systems, but

A First Investigation of Congestion Control for LTE -V2X Mode 4
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3GPP LTE -V2X is a recent new cellular technology allowing direct communications between vehicles and any other stations. Its Sidelink mode 4 allows the scheduler to be fully distributed and not requiring any support from cellular infrastructures, thus making this mode

Compact Dual-band Hybrid-Fractal MIMO System for UMTS and LTE Mobile Applications.
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This article presents a bandwidth enriched, dual-band, compact, multiple-input- multiple-output (MIMO) antenna with high isolation for UMTS and LTE applications. The proposed coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed, hybrid fractal MIMO antenna was created by

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In response to the growing demand for higher quality Voice over IP (VoIP) communication, there are multiple high-speed access links, including Wi-Fi and Long Term Evolution ( LTE ) for the mobile end-users. The combination of the access links provides a hybrid network

Selection of DRX scheme for voice traffic in LTE -A networks: Markov modeling and performance analysis
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Power saving is a leading issue in the User Equipment (UE) for limited source of power in Long Term Evolution-Advanced ( LTE -A) networks. Battery power of an UE gets exhaust quickly due to the heavy use of many service applications and large data transmission

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In this paper we focus on an important task of the eNodeB in the architecture of LTE networks, the RRM (Radio Resource Management) its goal is to accept or reject network connection requests, ensuring optimum distribution of radio resources between UEs (Users

A novel design of a 10-dipole log-periodic antenna with LTE -800 and GSM-900 band rejection
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This study presents a novel design of a 10-dipole log-periodic dipole antenna capable of rejecting 4G- LTE mobile service 800 MHz band as well as GSM 900 MHz band. The proposed antenna provides a cost-efficient solution to solve interference problems caused

Impact of DSSS in LTE Link-Level Modelling
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PAPR value at OFDM Downlink. The 3GPP standard stated that PAPR of LTE OFDM is 12dB. There are various interference management methods have been proposed to improve PAPR performance and most known methods are clipping and filtering. In this work, we

Enhanced Voice Service (EVS) Codec Using TCP Reno in Voice over Internet Protocol in LTE Network
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Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is one of the online streaming method to provide voice communication that is used in the organization voice operation or conference call. In recent years, researcher developed several methods for improving the voice quality; but it still faces

Co-existence of LTE -U and Wi-Fi with Direct Communication
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One of the most prominent cellular technologies, Long Term Evolution ( LTE ), is currently operating on some 800MHz, 2GHz, and 3.5 GHz licensed bands. Wi-Fi is currently operating on 2.5 GHz and 5GHz unlicensed bands. The declaration stating that 5GHz bands are

LTE -WLAN Aggregation with Bursty Data Traffic and Randomized Flow Splitting
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We investigate the effect of bursty traffic in an LTE and Wi-Fi aggregation (LWA)-enabled network, where part of the LTE traffic is offloaded to Wi-Fi access points (APs) to boost the performance of LTE networks. A Wi-Fi AP maintains two queues containing data intended for

A Spectrum Sharing based Metering Infrastructure for Smart Grid Utilizing LTE and WiFi
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In advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) of smart grid, WiFi is an appropriate choice for its bidirectional communication requirement to transmit data to the billing center. But, WiFi functions in the free spectrum bands and LTE also requires to use the same free bands for

Wireless Coexistence Testing in the 5 GHz Band with LTE -LAA Signals
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Exploiting unlicensed spectrum bands for cellular communication is a rapidly embraced trend by industry stakeholders. Accordingly, the specifications of Long Term Evolution ( LTE ) were extended in Release 13 to allow unlicensed spectrum operation, also known as LTE

Enhanced handover algorithm in LTE femtocells network
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Data rate and Coverage are the main secret factors for customer satisfaction. Today, small cell technology as femtocell can achieve the upcoming demand for higher data rate for cellular networks as well as can extend the coverage area. Femtocells are known as low

Context-Aware V2X for 5G LTE Millimeter Wave Vehicular Communication Using FML Algorithm
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Millimeter-Wave (mmWave) groups have turned into the true possibility for 5G vehicle- toeverything (V2X) since future vehicular frameworks request Gbps connections to gain the fundamental tactile data for (semi)-self-sufficient driving. By the by, the directionality of

Optimal Radio Access Technology Selection in an SDN based LTE -WiFi Network
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Todays wireless networks consist of a multitude of Radio Access Technologies (RATs), each being controlled individually, leading to suboptimal utilization of network resources. However, the unprecedented growth of data traffic is creating the need for an efficient inter