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MANET: Vulnerabilities, Challenges, Attacks, Application

Abstract Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is one of the most promising fields for research
and development of wireless network. As the popularity of mobile device and wireless
networks significantly increased over the past years, wireless ad-hoc networks has now 

The Success of Data Transmission in Multipath Routing for MANET

ABSTRACT: Mobile ad hoc networks are infrastructure less multihop wireless networks.
Topological changes in such a network frequently render routing paths unusable. Such
recurrent path failures have detrimental effects on the netw ork ability to support Quality of 

Achievable Transmission Rate in an IEEE 802.11 MANET Link
MA Alzate, M Mejía, NM Peña ,
Abstract For management purposes, it is very important to estimate the available bandwidth
for each link in a MANET, in an accurate, timely and efficient way. In this paper we show
analytical results on the probability distribution function of the bandwidth of a link in a 

Performance Comparison of AODV and DYMO MANET Protocols under Wormhole Attack Environment
R Agrawal, R Tripathi ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A Mobile Ad-Hoc network, or MANET, is an infrastructure less, self-configuring
network. All wireless devices in MANETs are connected through wireless links. Mobile
wireless networks are more vulnerable to information and physical security threats than 

Baids: Detection of Blackhole Attack in Manet by Specialized Mobile Agent
DB Roy ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The inbuilt flexibility along with easy set-up and low maintenance cost causes
MANETs to be increasingly useful in catastrophe management, battlefield surveillance; etc.
The infrastructure-less performance of MANET has made it more vulnerable to intrusion 

On Demand Routing Protocol for Discovering the Minimum Power Limitation Route in MANET
AA Aswini, MP Doss ,International Journal, 2012 ,
Abstract-In recent years, many energy-efficient routing protocols have been proposed.
However, very little efforts have been taken in studying the energy consumption of individual
node, overhead and route maintaining issues. While not considering the design of energy 

Exploration of MANET Routing Protocols for Ubiquitous Healthcare
MK Tiwari
ABSTRACT The advancement in computing has enabled the development of healthcare
administration and monitoring system. Today’s Healthcare environment is emerging with a
highly mobile need. Healthcare providers have a real need for fast information and 

QoS-Based Multicast Routing Protocol in MANET
Z Sihai, L Layuan, L Yong ,American Journal of Engineering and , 2011 ,
Abstract. In MANET, multicast routing can take full advantage of the shared wireless
channel, in order to provide stable multicast paths with enough bandwidth, this paper
proposes a QoS-based multicast routing protocol QMMRP. Entropy of nodes is treated as 

Concept of Mobility Based Video-Telephony in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (Manet)
N Asian ,2006 ,
Abstract: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile computers
forming a temporary network, without any fixed base station. The network nodes
communicate with one another over scarce wireless channels in a multi-hop fashion. The 

G Varaprasad, RSD Wahidabanu ,
Abstract A Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a wireless network that comes together when
it is needed. It is a collection of wireless nodes without relying on assistance from the
existing infrastructure. In this paper, we propose a model, which reduces the control 

Improving MANET Data Communication in Large Geographic Areas
L Fife, L Gruenwald ,2008 ,
Abstract-A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a group of wireless, mobile, battery-powered
clients and servers that autonomously form temporary networks. Three data communication
modes can be provided in a MANET: data broadcast, data query, and peer-to-peer 

Throughput Enhancement of DSR and DSDV Manet Routing Protocol by Varying Simulation Time
D Mitra ,
Abstract—Ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes. These mobile nodes
dynamically form a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure
or centralized administration. A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) represents complex 

Stable and Secured Routing Strategy for MANET with SSRP
S Taneja ,2012 ,
Abstract-A Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is characterized by mobile nodes, multihop
wireless connectivity, infrastructureless environment and dynamic topology. The adho

Role of MANET in Disaster Management
MK Tiwari ,
CONCLUSION This paper is an extensive study of characteristics of MANET and its routing
strategies for applicability in disaster management. As the different protocols show varying
efficiencies in different scenarios so it is proposed that an ‘optimal combination’of more 

Influence of PbBi Environment on the Low-Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of the MEGAPIE Target Container Materials 316L and Manet-II
D Kalkhof, M Grosse ,Jahresbericht/Annual Report 2002 ,
BACKGROUND Due to beam trips cyclic loading is an important design consideration for the
SINQ-targets. Under normal service conditions between 30 and 50 beam trips per day are
usual. Consequently, beam trips in the order of magnitude of 104 are expected for the 

Mobile Ad hoc Networking (MANET) T. Clausen Internet-Draft LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, France Expires: December 21, 2006 C. Dearlove BAE Systems
J Dean ,2006 ,
By submitting this Internet-Draft, each author represents that any applicable patent or other IPR
claims of which he or she is aware have been or will be disclosed, and any of which he or she
becomes aware will be disclosed, in accordance with Section 6 of BCP 79.

Mobility Management using Fuzzy-Logic based 4-Group Quorum System in MANET
SJ Oh ,
Abstract-Mobile Ad-Hoc network (MANET) is the network of mobile nodes, which has no
fixed infrastructure, and mobile nodes can roam and communicate freely each other.
Recently, many researches for mobility management are carried out actively by using 

Entropy based QOS Routing for MANET
SB Uday, K Karibasappa ,Int. J. on Recent Trends in , 2011 ,
Abstract—Quality of Service (QoS} in MANET is defined as the best possible service that
intermediate nodes in a path can guarantee to the end nodes. QoS is a greater challenge in
MANET than the wired networks due to dynamic topology and variability in power 

On the robustness of simple indoor MANET simulation models
HA Lagar-Cavilla, G Baron, TE Hart ,Ad hoc & sensor , 2007 ,
Abstract We show that simple radio propagation and node mobility models widely used in
MANET evaluation are not robust in indoor environments. Robust simulation models let
researchers extrapolate simulation results and reach reliable conclusions about expected 

Mythbusters: Whatever You Thought About MANET Routing, Think Again
E Nordström, R Gold ,2005 ,
Abstract Protocol and system designs suffer from myths that may affect their nature and
purpose as well as their features and capabilities. We investigate the myths surrounding
mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and the impact of these myths on the ability to build 

Performance analysis of mobility based routing protocols in manet
J Ghosh, S PHILIP ,University at Buffalo, Technical , 2004 ,
Abstract—Most routing protocols in MANET adopt the pop-ular Random Waypoint model for
its simplicity and suitability for theoretical study and analysis. Recently, several entity, group
and scenario based mobility models and frameworks have been proposed to model much 

Sociological orbit aware routing in manet
J Ghosh, SJ Philip ,
Abstract—Mobility affects routing protocol performance within a Mobile Ad Hoc NETwork
(MANET). Past research on mobility models and framework was motivated by the need to
provide a simulation platform for evaluating routing protocol performance via realistic 

TRIUMF: Trust-Based Routing Protocol with controlled degree of Selfishness for SecuringMANET against Packet Dropping Attack
AMA El-Haleem ,IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues ,
Abstract In a mobile ad-hoc network, nodes cannot rely on any fixed infrastructure for routing
purposes. Rather, they have to cooperate to achieve this objective. H owever, performing
network functions consumes energy and other resources. Therefore, some network nodes 

A Secure DSR Routing Protocol for MANET
MH Mamoun ,Journal of Convergence Information Technology, 2009 ,
Abstract We present the design and performance evaluation of a new secure DSR routing
protocol for wireless mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) called Security Aware Dynamic
Source Routing (SADSR) that incorporates security attributes as parameters into a route ..

A Secure and Highly Efficient Key Management Scheme for MANET
WA Xiong ,AISS: Advances in Information Sciences and Service , 2011 ,
Abstract MANET (Moving Ad hoc Network) is formed on the fly. It is a convenient
infrastructureless communication network which is commonly susceptible to various attacks.
To solve various MANET’s security problems, many key management schemes are 

A New Energy Level Efficiency Issues In MANET
K Arulanandam ,IJRIC, E-ISSN, 2009 ,
ABSTRACT Energy is the scarcest resource for the operation of the mobile ad hoc networks.
Idle energy consumption is responsible for a large portion of the overall energy consumption
in the wireless interfaces of the mobile nodes. Therefore, it is crucial to energy 

An information theoretic approach for MANET unlinkability measure
D Huang ,Proc 4th Int Conf Mobile Comput Ubiquitous , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT Measuring communication anonymity (eg, unlinkability) of mobile wireless ad
hoc networks is a critical but still unsolved problem. In this paper, we present a theoretic
model for unlinkability measure in mobile ad hoc networks. In our approach, we consider 

A Study on Wormhole Attacks in MANET
R Maulik ,International Journal of Computer Information Systems ,
Abstract: An Ad-hoc network is a self-organized network, without a central coordinator, and
which frequently changes its topology. In this paper, we have analyzed the performance of
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) under wormhole attack. Multiple QoS parameters have 

Simulation and Performance Analysis Evaluation for Variant MANET Routing Protocols
R Al-Ani ,International Journal of Advancements in Computing , 2011 ,
Abstract This paper first describes the characteristics of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs),
and their Routing protocol, and second a mobile ad hoc network (MANET) which consists of
set mobile wireless nodes (25, 50, 75, and 100) and one fixed wireless server are design 

An OFDM Based Solution for Wireless Control of Serpentine Robot Employed in a Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)
RP Chatterjee, B Sutradhar ,Published in the proceedings of ,
Abstract:-The world has been suffering from many natural and man caused catastrophic
disasters during the last decades, such as large-scale earthquakes and terrorist attacks. In
such events, collapsing of houses and buildings in large areas is almost inevitable. The 

A MANET Architecture Model
TH Clausen ,2007 ,
Abstract: This memorandum describes a common misperception concerning MANETs and
their underlying network architecture when integrating into classic IP networks. It details the
consequences of this misperception–breaking compatibility with existing applications and 

A Fuzzy Based Stable Routing Algorithm for MANET
A Dana ,IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science , 2011 ,
Abstract The increasing popularity of using multimedia and real time applications in different
potential commercial in MANETs, make it logical step to support Quality of Service (QoS)
over wireless network. QoS support is tightly related to resource allocation and reservation 

Performance analysis of Dynamic MANET On-demand (DYMO) Routing protocol
SK Bisoyi ,Special Issue of IJCCT, 2010 ,
Abstract-Routing in a MANET is challenging because of the dynamic topology and the lack
of an existing fixed infrastructure. In such a scenario a mobile host can act as both a host
and a router forwarding packets for other mobile nodes in the network. Routing protocols 

Improvement of IP-based MANET emulation
H Rogge, G Klein, A Wenzel ,Proceedings of the 2009 , 2009 ,
ABSTRACT This contribution presents a MANET emulation environment that is able to
combine real hardware nodes with an arbitrary number of virtual instances implemented
using virtualization technologies. The environment is able to assign pre-recorded or 

QoS Topology Control with Energy Efficiency for MANET
F Qin ,Journal of Convergence Information Technology (JCIT), 2011 ,
Abstract Nowadays, a number of modern applications require Ad Hoc network to provide
QoS guarantee and it has received much attention. In this paper, we propose an efficiently
QoS topology control algorithm. Our algorithm dynamically adjusts transmission power of