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Analysis of Black Hole attack on MANETs Using different MANET routing protocols
I Ullah ,Program Electrical Engineering with emphasis on , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT Wireless networks are gaining popularity to its peak today, as the users want
wireless connectivity irrespective of their geographic position. There is an increasing threat
of attacks on the Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET). Black hole attack is one of the 

Performance evaluation of mobility speed over MANET routing protocols
YK Hassan, MHA El-Aziz ,International Journal of , 2010 ,
Abstract Ad-hoc networking is a concept in computer communications. Each node
participating in the network acts both as host and a router and must therefore is willing to
forward packets for other nodes. Research in this area is mostly simulation based; 

Comparison of MANET routing protocols using a scaled indoor wireless grid
Mobile Networks and Applications, 2008 ,Springer
Abstract Predicting the performance of ad-hoc networking protocols has typically been
performed by making use of software based simulation tools. Experimental study and
validation of such predictions is vital to obtaining more realistic results, but may not be 

Quality of Service Routing in a MANET with OLSR
DQ Nguyen, P Minet ,Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2007 ,
Abstract: Ad hoc wireless networks have enormous commercial and military potential
because of their self-organizing capacity and mobility support. However, some specificities
of these networks such as radio interferences and limited resources make more complex 

MITE–MANET Intrusion Detection for Tactical Environments
M Jahnke, A Wenzel, G Klein ,Proc. of the NATO/ , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) provide possibilities to realize IP-based
networks without the presence of a fixed infrastructure. Therefore, this technology has also
become attractive for tactical networks, such as in command posts, vehicle convoys, .

Designing and Implementing a MANET Network Service Interface with Compact .NET on Pocket PC
F De Rosa ,.NET Technologies 2005, 2005 ,
ABSTRACT Operators forming an ad hoc network (MANET) in emergency situations would
benefit from software supporting their interaction. To date, however, development of such a
coordination layer has required abstractions on the services and data provided by the 

MANET Routing Protocols and Wormhole Attack against AODV
RH Jhaveri, AD Patel, JD Parmar , International Journal of , 2010 ,
Summary: In this era of wireless devices, Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has become an
indivisible part for communication for mobile devices. Therefore, interest in research of
Mobile Ad-hoc Network has been growing since last few years. In this paper we have 

Guidelines on selecting intrusion detection methods in MANET
Y Li ,The 21st Annual Conference for Information Systems , 2004 ,
Abstract Applications of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) are increasing in practice;
however, MANET is venerable to attacks due to its mobile and ad hoc natures. The security
issue is becoming a major concern and bottle neck in the applications of MANET; 

Realistic mobility for manet simulation
S Ray ,2003 ,
Abstract In order to conduct meaningful performance analysis of routing algorithms in the
context of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET), it is essential that the underlying mobility
model on which the simulation is based reflects realistic mobility behavior. However, 

DTN based dominating set routing for MANET in heterogeneous wireless networking
H Samuel, W Zhuang ,Mobile Networks and Applications, 2009 ,Springer
Abstract In mobile communications, effective inter-networking is mandatory in order to
support user roaming among various types of wireless networks while maintaining
connectivity. In this paper, we propose a super node system architecture to achieve the 

Simulating mobile ad hoc networks: a quantitative evaluation of common MANET simulation models
C Newport ,Dartmouth College Science, available at http://cmc. , 2004 ,
Abstract Because it is difficult and costly to conduct real-world mobile ad hoc network
experiments, researchers commonly rely on computer simulation to evaluate their routing
protocols. However, simulation is far from perfect. A growing number of studies indicate 

Combining Temporal and Spatial Partial Topology for MANET routing-Merging OLSR and FSR
T Clausen ,WPMC Proceedings, 2003 ,
Abstract—In this paper, we propose an extension to the Optimized Link State Routing
(OLSR) protocol, a proactive link-state routing protocol optimized for mobile ad-hoc
networks, introducing temporal partial topology as a mechanism for reducing control traffic 

The integration of ad-hoc (MANET) and mobile networking (NEMO): principles to support rescue team communication
B McCarthy, C Edwards , Conference on Mobile , 2006 ,
ABSTRACT The concept of combining MANET and NEMO protocols in order to optimally
support Nested NEMO scenarios is a relatively new idea that is attracting a lot of attention
within the IETF NEMO WG. This combination has been termed MANEMO, which until now 

MANET Security issues
N Garg ,International Journal of Computer , 2009 ,
Summary When a routing protocol for manet Networks (mobile and ad hoc networks) does a
route discovery, it does not discover the shortest route but the route through which the route
request flood traveled faster. In addition, since nodes are moving, a route that was the 

A performance comparison of proactive and reactive routing protocols of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET)

Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes
dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network
infrastructure or centralized administration. To support MANET, many routing protocols are 

New technologies of multicasting in MANET
S Yang ,Design and Analysis of Wireless Networks, 2005 ,
Abstract. As the technology of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) develops, many new kinds
of applications in this field emerge. The group-oriented services which take advantage of the
broadcasting nature of wireless network are of much importance. Therefore, multicasting 

An evaluation of cluster head TA distribution mechanisms in tactical MANET environments
S Reidt ,Proc. of International Technical Alliance in , 2007 ,
Abstract—Trust authority (TA) services are both impor-tant infrastructure services for layered
protocols requiring the availability of an identification and authentication mechanism such as
access control mechanisms and confidentiality services, and can also be viewed as 

A comprehensive survey on intrusion detection in MANET
S Sahu ,International Journal of Information , 2010 ,
With the progression of computer networks extending boundaries, Mobile ad hoc network
(MANET) has emerged as a new frontier of technology to provide any where, any time
communication. Due to its deployment nature, MANETs are more vulnerable to malicious 

Evaluation of the Energy Consumption in MANET
G Allard, P Minet, DQ Nguyen ,Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and , 2006 ,Springer
In mobile ad hoc wireless networks, energy consumption is an important issue as most
mobile nodes operate on limited battery resources. Existing models for evaluating the
energy consumption in a mobile ad hoc network have shown that the various components 

Cost based power aware cross layer routing protocol for Manet
R Patil ,IJCSNS, 2008 ,
Summary Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) are wireless networks consisting of a
collection of mobile nodes with no fixed infrastructure, where some intermediate nodes
should participate in forwarding data packets. So energy conservation is a critical issue in 

ECC based threshold cryptography for secure data forwarding and secure key exchange inMANET (I)
L Ertaul , Technologies, Services, and Protocols; Performance of , 2005 ,Springer
This paper proposes a new approach to provide reliable data transmission in MANET with
strong adversaries. We combine Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Threshold Cryptosystem to
securely deliver messages in n shares. As long as the destination receives at least k 

Performance evaluation of two reactive routing protocols of MANET using group mobility model
HS Bindra, SK Maakar ,International Journal of Computer , 2010 ,
Abstract Mobile ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary
network without the aid of any stand-alone infrastructure or centralized administration.
Mobile ad-hoc network have the attributes such as wireless connection, continuously 

Dynamicity aware graph relabeling systems (da-grs), a local computation based model to describe manet algorithms
S Chaumette , on Parallel and , 2005 ,
ABSTRACT Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are those networks that self organize dynamically
around a number of equipments such as smartphones, laptops or PDAs. There is a lot of
efforts that have been done in the routing community to provide a routing layer on top of 

MANET routing protocols vs. mobility models: performance analysis and comparison
V Timcenko, M Stojanovic ,Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS , 2009 ,
Abstract:-This paper considers performance of mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing
protocols with respect to group and entity mobility models. The three widely used routing
protocols have been investigated and compared: Destination Sequenced Distance Vector 

Efficient peer-to-peer file sharing using network coding in manet
Abstract—Mobile peer-to-peer systems have recently got in the limelight of the research
community that is striving to build efficient and effective mobile content addressable
networks. Along this line of research, we propose a new peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing 

Service*: Distributed service advertisement for multi-service, multi-hop manet environments
A Nedos, K Singh ,7th IFIP International Conference on , 2005 ,
Abstract We consider the problem of service advertisement when multiple services are
available in a MANET. We present Service*, a novel distributed service advertisement
protocol that uses a push-based mechanism to optimally place services in a dynamically 

Performance Analysis of Three routing Protocols for varying MANET size
N Vetrivelan ,Proceedings of the International , 2008 ,
Abstract—An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes, frequently forming a
network topology without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized
administration. we compare the performance of the three prominent routing protocols for 

A reliable and secure framework for detection and isolation of malicious nodes in MANET
S Dhanalakshmi, M Rajaram ,International Journal of Computer , 2008 ,
Summary For the protection of both routing and data forwarding operations, a network layer
security solution has been provided as a solution for various security attacks in ad hoc
networks. In this paper, to develop a security framework has been proposed. This security 

Performance comparison of MANET protocols based on manhattan grid mobility model
G Jayakumar ,Journal of Mobile communication, 2008 ,
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes communicating through
wireless channels without any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration.
Because of the limited transmission range of wireless network interfaces, multiple” hops” .

Automatic configuration of IPv6 addresses for MANET with multiple gateways (AMG)
S Ruffino ,IETF, draft-ruffino-manetautoconf-multigw-03. txt (work , 2006 ,
Montreal, July 2006 Simone Ruffino, Patrick Stupar {simone.ruffino,patrick.stupar}@telecomitalia.
it Automatic configuration of IPv6 addresses for MANET with multiple gateways (AMG)
draft-ruffino-manet-autoconf-multigw-03 Page 2. 2 IETF 66th – AUTOCONF wg 

Manet simulation studies: The current state and new simulation tools
S Kurkowski,  Mobile Computing and , 2005 ,
Abstract—Simulation is the research tool of choice for a majority of the mobile ad hoc
network (MANET) community. However, while the use of simulation has increased, the
credibility of the simulation results has decreased. To determine the state of MANET

The Impressionists and Edouard Manet
S Mallarmé ,Art Monthly Review, 1876 ,
This reprint of” The Impressionists and Edouard Manet” will make generally available a key
attica! work in the history of French avant-garde painting of the 1870s. The article first
appeared in the î ? September 18-76 issue of The Art Monthly Review and Photographic 

On the impact of radio propagation models on MANET simulation results

Abstract: Network simulation tools are frequently used to analyze performance of MANET
protocols and applications. They commonly offer only simple radio propagation models that
neglect obstacles of a propagation environment. In this paper, we integrate a more 

Performance comparison of MANET routing protocols in different network sizes
DO Jorg ,Computer Networks & Distributed Systems, 2003 ,
Abstract A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming
a temporary network without using any centralized access point, infrastructure, or centralized
administration. To establish a data transmission between two nodes, typically multiple 

Mobile ad hoc networking (MANET): Routing protocol performance issues and evaluation considerations

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