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lower estuary offer a sheltered natural harbour for vessels of all sizes, and coastal traffic in

Documenting the literature of marine biology
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Journal Citation Reports~(./CR@). The. fCR is a compilation of the citation links between the journals in the Science Citation Index (SCP). By analyzing these citation links it is possible to determine the important journals in a discipline through the journals the authors in that Upwellings along the Somali and South Arabian coasts and also around the southern tip of Ceylon during the south-west monsoon were indicated by Schott1 on the basis of low surface temperattu es then prevailing there. Upwelling could be expected to exist along the

Preliminary report on marine biology study of Onotoa Atoll, Gilbert Islands
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Page 1. Proliminaqy Re2oi-t on itariiie Dtolog Study of Onot,or: Atoll, Gilbert Iu!.alds Part I by John EE. hddl Issuacl by TI23 PACIFIC SCIENCE BGAW National Acadenii of Scioncos--National Research Council Eiashirigton, D. C. December 1 1352 Page 2

The marine insect Halobates (Heteroptera: Gerridae): biology, adaptations, distribution, and phylogeny
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Among the million or so insect species known, only a few thousand are found in marine habitats. The genus Halobates is almost exclusively marine and is unique in having the only known species to live in the open ocean. Of the 46 Halobates species described, only five The announcement by the Admiralty of the use of under-water television in its work clearly raises the possibility of its uses in marine work in general. In fact, an under-water television project for use in marine science had been under development for some time before this

chroococcum* R. Thavasi, S. Jayalakshmi, T. Balasubramanian and Ibrahim M. Banat CAS in Marine Biology , Annamalai University, Parangipettai-608 502
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The present study deals with the hydrocarbon degrading potential of a marine nitrogen fixing bacterium Azotobacter chroococcum isolated from Tuticorin harbor (Lat. 08 45N; Long. 78 13 E). Degradation of crude oil (58%) and emulsification (D,) of waste motor oil (1.51)

The biology of a marine decapod crustacean, Pleuroncodes planipes Stimpson, 1860
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A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Biology * Carl Milton Boyd, Jr. January 1 1962 of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Biology * Carl Milton Boyd, Jr. January 1 1962

Metaphor in specialised language: An English-Spanish comparative study in marine biology
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It is now generally agreed that metaphor pervades the terminology of specialised language domains (Lakoff 1987; Nunberg 1995; Turner and Fauconnier 1995). Some decades ago, this statement would have been greeted with disbelief in scientific circles, since

Citation relationships among marine biology journals and those in related fields
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Sm~ ple quantitative indices of pair-wise journal The journals considered here are those which gave citation relatedness (based on the numbers of references the highest number of,- itations to the core marine and given to a journal and received from it, provided by the

Do you need experts in the crowd A case study in image annotation for marine biology
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Labeled data is a prerequisite for successfully applying machine learning techniques to a wide range of problems. Recently, crowdsourcing has shown to provide effective solutions to many labeling tasks. However, tasks in specialist domains are difficult to map to Human

Journeying through the Hawaiian Archipelago: Using marine science and place-based learning at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
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Hawai is close proximity to the ocean allows for valuable student learning opportunities, emphasizing an understanding of local marine systems. The Hawai i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) is a marine research facility located in Ka ne ohe Bay on O ahu that brings

Marine Biology III
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This book contains a revised transcript of a three day conference by a group of about 20 biologists of different background who had been assembled to discuss a field of marine biology to which their varied experience was related. Recently there has been some rather

Problem-based biochemistry practicals for students of environmental and marine biology
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Problem-based learning (PBL) techniques have been introduced in a number of professional education and training programmes, most comprehensively and enthusiastically in medical schools [1.21. There is increasing interest in the use of PBL

Researches on marine biology in the Straits of Messina: past and present
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The Straits of Messina are a very turbulent tract of sea, long about 33 Km, dividing Sicily from the Italian peninsula. In mythology they have been known since ancient times as the dwelling place of monsters because of the strong currents which make it extremely difficult to

45 minutes from Broadway: An action approach to marine biology
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DESPITE THE MANY new biology curricula that have been developed in the last few years, the question we still all ask ourselves is How does an instructor in the biological sciences sustain the excitement of learning, the wonder of lab investigation At John Dewey High

Marine biology and circulation investigations in Sitka Sound, Alaska
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The main objective of this study was to investigate, document, and describe the marine biology and surface circulation of Sitka Sound with particular emphasis upon the developed area of the City of Sitka and its immediate vicinity. This report contains the findings and

sp. for Osmolyte Production Sourav Kundu, Surajit Das, Nityananda Mondal, PS Lyla and S. Ajmal Khan Center of Advanced Study in Marine Biology
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Halophilic actinomycetes Actinopolyspora sp. was evaluated for osmolyte production. Different concentrations of NaCl were used in the medium for osmolyte synthesis and the growth started declining from 28th day onwards. Poor growth was noticed in the medium CSE PROJECTS