microprocessor IEEE PAPER 2017


A High Performance and Energy EfficientMicroprocessorwith a Novel Restricted Dynamically Reconfigurable Accelerator
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Abstract In the era of Internet of Things, the battery life of edge devices must be extended for sensing connection to the Internet. We aim to reduce the power consumption of the microprocessorembedded in such devices by using a novel dynamically reconfigurable

Formal Specification and Verification of the FM9001MicroprocessorUsing the DE System
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Page 1. Formal Specification and Verification of the FM9001MicroprocessorUsing the System CPage 4. Introduction FM9001 is a general-purpose 32-bitmicroprocessorwhose gate-level netlist was originally specified and

Temperature distribution on a quad-coremicroprocessorand quad-coremicroprocessor /heat sink structure
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Abstract. In this paper temperature distribution in a heat-sink was analyzed. Laboratory models of quad-core microprocessors (source of heat) were designed and fabricated. They were realized as four properly connected and supplied thick-film resistors, screen-printed on

Design of Five Stage PipelinedMicroprocessorwith a 16K Cache Memory
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Abstract Pipelining is a technique in which several instructions are overlapped. With this technique we can achieve a better system throughput. In this work, a five stage microprocessoris designed without interlocked pipelined stages with a 16K cache memory.

Design and Implementation of Asynchronous 8-bitMicroprocessor
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ABSTRACT A delay-insensitive asynchronous design methodology, named NULL Convention Logic (NCL), is one of mainstream asynchronous design techniques for low power robust circuit operation. It offers many advantages over synchronous circuit design Amicroprocessor -controlled data logging system
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Page 1. SUMMARY. A data acquisition system, automatically controlled by a Motorola
MEK6800D2 Evaluation Kit II, was set up to .take and store measurements of the commercial
electricity supply provided by The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T TEC)

Developing Learning Media of Teaching of 8051Microprocessorin Data Retrieval to Support the ALFHE
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Abstract This paper discusses development of an instructional media of teaching microcontroller 8051 based control. The results of the development can be used to help users in teaching using a simulator called MCU 8051 IDE that runs on Windows. It can also

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Abstract: The freedom of compatibility with old designs and the use ofmicroprocessor technology led to a renaissance in computer design which emphasized both architectural innovation and efficient use of technology improvements. The paper proposes a micro-

Design and frequency performance of amicroprocessorbased speed governor
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ABSTRACT In this study, closed loop and grid independent prototype of 750 W cross-flow turbine whose cycle regulations are done by using adjustable wing mechanism is implemented. Movement to an adjustable wing is performed by direct current motor which is

Dynamically Reconfigurable RISCMicroprocessordesign using MIPS Instruction Set
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Abstract: Todays world suggests multifunction in each products. This paper design a RISC processor using MIPS instruction set architecture which supports multifunctioning. Dynamic Reconfiguration refers to the ability of the Processor to update its internal Instruction Decode The cheapest and most powerfulmicroprocessor ?
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On the 2nd of March, 2017 hardware reviewers worldwide began posting their first reviews of Ryzen 7 1800X. Ryzen 7 CPUs were taken through virtually every conceivable CPU synthetic and real world productivity test or benchmarks, as well as a wide range of games at Could a Neuroscientist Understand aMicroprocessor ?andReading what Machines think
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InReading what Machines think [4], using the same metaphor, we have tried to answer to a similar question: can we understand what computers are doing by looking at them in the same way brain are analyzed by neuroscientists? Then, we have further explored whether CSE PROJECTS