Massive multiuser MIMO downlink with low-resolution converters
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ABSTRACT In this review paper, we analyze the downlink of a massive multiuser multiple- input multiple-output system in which the base station is equipped with low-resolution digital- to-analog converters (DACs). Using Bussgangs theorem, we characterize the sum-rate ABSTRACT In this paper, we study the effect of channel aging on the uplink and downlink performance of an FDD massive MIMO system, as the system dimension increases. Since the training duration scales linearly with the number of transmit dimensions, channel ABSTRACT In this paper, we consider the joint design of both transmit waveforms and receive filters for a colocated multipleinput-multiple-output ( MIMO ) radar with the existence of signaldependent interference and white noise. The design problem is formulated into a

Full-duplex MIMO small-cells: Secrecy capacity analysis,
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ABSTRACT This paper studies the physical (PHY)-layer security performance in full-duplex (FD) multiple-input multipleoutput ( MIMO ) small-cell networks. Here, we take into account (i) residual self-interference (SI) over Rician fading channels, and (ii) mutual-interference (MI)

Comb type Pilot arrangement based Channel Estimation for Spatial Multiplexing MIMOOFDM Systems
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ABSTRACT Pilot symbols have been widely employed in many applications and standards. In conventional approaches, Pilot symbols are multiplexed among data stream, based on an exclusive pattern, on each transmitter antenna. Initial estimate of the channel is obtained

Design of robust structurally constrained controllers for MIMO plants with time-delays
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ABSTRACT The structurally constrained controller design problem for linear time invariant neutral and retarded timedelay systems (TDS) is considered in this paper. The closedloop system of the plant and structurally constrained controller is modelled by a system of delay

Semantically Secure Lattice Codes for Compound MIMO Channels
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ABSTRACT We consider compound MIMO wiretap channels where minimal channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) is assumed. Using the flatness factor for MIMO channels, we propose lattice codes universally achieving the secrecy capacity of compound

Joint Pilot and Payload Power Control for Uplink MIMONOMA with MRC-SIC Receivers
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ABSTRACT This letter proposes a joint pilot and payload power allocation (JPA) scheme to mitigate the error propagation problem for uplink multiple-input multiple-output non- orthogonal multiple access ( MIMONOMA) systems. A base station equipped with a

Joint Frame Design, Resource Allocation and User Association for Massive MIMO Heterogeneous Networks with Wireless Backhaul
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we investigate the problem of frame design, resource allocation, and user association in a massive MIMO heterogeneous network (HetNet) with wireless backhaul (WB) and linear processing. The objective is to maximize the sum downlink rate of

Covariance Matrix Synthesis Using Maximum Ratio Combining in Coherent MIMO Radar with Frequency Diversity
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ABSTRACT Reliable detection and parameter estimation of a radar cross section (RCS) fluctuating target have been known as a difficult task. To reduce the effect of RCS fluctuation, various diversity techniques have been considered. This paper presents a new method for

Approximate ML Detection for MIMO Phase Noise Channels
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ABSTRACT We consider the MIMO communication channel impaired by phase noises at the transmitter and receiver. We focus on maximum likelihood detection for uncoded single- carrier transmission. We derive an approximation of the likelihood function, and propose the ABSTRACT The performance of massive multiple-input multiple-output ( MIMO ) configurations for multi-cell multi-user amplify-and-forward relay networks is investigated. Two massive MIMO signal processing techniques (SPT-1 and SPT-2) are proposed, and their

Adaptive massive MIMO for fast moving connected vehicles: It will work with predictor antennas!
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ABSTRACT Predicting the channel between a massive multiple input multiple output antenna and a car is a challenge, due to the short-term fading. It becomes essentially impossible by conventional extrapolation from past estimates if the car has moved by half a wavelength or

Adaptive Step Size Gradient Ascent ICA Algorithm for Wireless MIMO Systems
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ABSTRACT Independent component analysis (ICA) is a technique of blind source separation (BSS) used for separation of the mixed received signals. ICA algorithms are classified into adaptive and batch algorithms. Adaptive algorithms perform well in time varying scenario ABSTRACT Considering the unknown dynamics of the multiple-input-multiple-output strict- feedback nonlinear systems, this paper proposed the neural composite learning control using the online recorded data. The control structure follows the back-stepping scheme

A Novel Technique to Decrease BER using Waterfill Algorithm in OFDM- MIMO
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ABSTRACT : Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing has lot of helpful properties over the single-carrier modulation framework; a wireless communication. Existing research is entirely focused on increasing the quantity of transmitterreceiver antennas in MIMO system. They

Ultra-Wideband MIMO Radio Channel Characterisation for Body-Centric Wireless Communication
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ABSTRACT The channel characteristics of an on-body wireless communication system are investigated in a real-time scenario. The scattering parameters (s21) are analysed of mimo antenna, for four on-body wireless channels, namely, belt-head, beltchest, belt-wrist and belt ABSTRACT As an effective solution to the tradeoff between array size and the number of antenna elements, dual polarization antenna is widely utilized in massive MIMO systems. However, existing channel state information (CSI) feedback schemes are not suitable for

BER Performance Evaluation of 2X2, 3X3 and 4X4 Uncoded and Coded Space Time Block Coded (STBC) MIMO System Concatenated with MPSK in Rayleigh
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ABSTRACT Multiple input and multiple output ( MIMO ) communications are playing important role in achieving high data rates for technologies like Wifi, WiMAX, and 4G LTE. Bit error rate is one of the important performance parameters along with requirement to overcome fading

Performance of massive mimo systems with practical hardware constraints
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ABSTRACT The next generation (5G) wireless communication systems have been envisaged as an amalgamation of various disruptive technologies (eg device centric small cells, millimeter wave (mmWave), massive MIMO etc.) so that the key requirements of energy and

Bounds on the Capacity of MIMO Broadband Power Line Communications Channels-Full Version
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ABSTRACT Communications over power lines in the frequency range above 2 MHz, commonly referred to as broadband (BB) power line communications (PLC), is a central communications scenario for smart power grids. BB-PLC channels are characterized by a

Soft-Decision-Driven Sparse Channel Estimation and Turbo Equalization for MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications
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ABSTRACT Multi-input multi-output ( MIMO ) detection based on turbo principle has been shown to provide a great enhancement in the throughput and reliability of underwater acoustic (UWA) communication systems. Benefits of the iterative detection in MIMO systems

Following control of MIMO uncertain systems application to a water desalination system supplied by photovoltaic source
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ABSTRACT : All over the world the need for drinking and domestic water uses continues to increase indefinitely. To meet these needs several solutions are introduced such as reverse osmosis (RO) desalination. The major problem of this technique is its enormous electrical

Energy efficiency in MIMO interference channels: Social optimality and max-min fairness
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we consider the energy efficiency optimization problem in MIMO multi-cell systems, where all users suffer from intercell interference. To solve this multi- objective optimization problem, we consider both socially optimal solutions and max-min

Orthogonal Polarization Position Based MIMO Antenna For Wireless Applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we design a 4 element MIMO antenna with reduced ground plane structure to reduce the mutual coupling. Here the ground plane is reduced by etching metamaterial based concentric square shaped rings from the ground plane both in XY axis

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ABSTRACT Multiple Input Multiple Output ( MIMO ) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) are considered to be major methods for the ensuing high performance in next generation mobile communications. The undesirable effects on the transmitted

DesignPerformance Analysis of MIMOFSO Communication System Based on Four channel Spectrum Slicing using AM Technique
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ABSTRACT -In this paper, the Spectrum slicing is proposed for multiple beam FSO. This technique is used to effective pricepower efficient for MIMOFSO to satisfy the growing worldwide demand for transmission capacity. The SS-WDMMIMO-FSO communication

Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna with Collinear Array for LTE Applications.
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ABSTRACT To increase reception in Long Term Evolution (LTE) network inside a building, a repeater is needed. The antenna used in the repeater inside the building is usually a high gain antenna with omnidirectional radiation pattern. Meanwhile, to increase data rate in LTE

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ABSTRACT -We introduce a new technique for multiple-input multiple-output ( MIMO ) radar with closely spaced antennas which we call phased- MIMO radar. The new technique enjoys the advantages of the MIMO radar without losing the main advantage of the phased-array radar

Spectrum Sensing and Collision with Primary Users in MIMO Cognitive Radio
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ABSTRACT Cognitive Radio Network is a form of communication where licensed frequency band of the Primary users (PUs) are made available to the Secondary user (SU) with constraint interference to the PUs. In this work, we have investigated a novel model

Performance of Imaging Receivers using Convex Lens in Indoor MIMO VLC Systems
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ABSTRACT In multiple-input multiple-output ( MIMO ) indoor visible light communication (VLC) systems that employ nonimaging receivers, the bit error performance is degraded due to high spatial correlation. Imaging receivers can mitigate this degradation by concentrating the

Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization Method for Massive MIMO Low-Rank Channel Estimation Problem
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ABSTRACT In a cellular network, the demand for high throughput and reliable transmission is increasing in large scale. One of the architectures proposed for 5G wireless communication to satisfy the demand is Massive MIMO system. The massive system is

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ABSTRACT : Various localisation algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are built on Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI). In spite of the fact that are very useful in terms of energy consumption and complexity. RSSI values, especially in indoor situations ABSTRACT We study the beamforming optimization of full-duplex (FD) multiple-input multiple- output ( MIMO ) multiuser system, where full-duplex communication (FDC) is enabled at the base station (BS). The system suffers not only from self interference (SI) and co-channel

Design and Analysis of UWB- MIMO Antenna with Enhanced Isolation
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ABSTRACT : An efficient and useful technique of mutual coupling reduction between Multiple Input Multiple Output ( MIMO ) antenna elements has been presented in this paper. Mutual coupling of the proposed ultra wideband antenna has been reduced by introducing a slotted ABSTRACT To analyze the propagation characteristics of millimeter wave (mmWave) massive multiple-input multiple-output ( MIMO ) channels, channel measurements in an office environment using a vector network analyzer (VNA) are carried out. Detailed parameter ABSTRACT In this paper, a two-user multiple-input multipleoutput non-orthogonal multiple access ( MIMONOMA) network is analyzed. A joint antenna selection (JAS) scheme, which determines the best transmit antenna at the source node and the optimal antenna at the two

Enhancement of Channel Potential and Spectral Efficiency using Hyper- MIMO In 5G
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ABSTRACT Hyper- MIMO systems are regarded as one of the most upcoming research areas today, given to the next generation of mobile networking. This is due to the fact that Hyper- MIMO channel can offer a noteworthy capacity gain over a traditional multiple-input ABSTRACT -In this paper, six recently proposed massive multiple-input multiple-output ( MIMO ) channel models are described briefly, and their normalized channel capacities and spatial cross-correlation functions (CCFs) are further compared. Among these models, two

Precoding for MIMO Uplink Transmission Over EM-Lens-Based Correlated Channels
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ABSTRACT In multiple-input/multiple-output ( MIMO ) systems, advanced equalization or precoding schemes are not only known for providing interference mitigation, but they also have been proven to exploit the MIMO channels diversity. However, in the case of massive