Mobile communication with virtual network address translation
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Abstract Virtual Network Address Translation (VNAT) is a novel architecture that allows
transparent migration of end-to-end live network connections associated with various
computation units. Such computation units can be either a single process, or a group of

Evolution of mobile wireless communication networks-1G to 5G as well as future prospective of next generation communication network
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Abstract:Mobile communication systems revolutionized the way people communicate.
Evolution of wireless access technologies is about to reach its fourth generation (4G) and
the 5G mobile networks will focus on the development of the user terminals where the

A study on the mobile communication network with smart phone for building of location based real time reservation system
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Abstract Due to Smart Big Bang in recent, the applications of convergence industry
between IT technology depending on smart-phone based mobile communication networks
and others are expanding. Various technologies in other fields are adapted to smart-

A comparison of distributed and network speech recognition for mobile communicationsystems.
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we compare the conventional Network Speech Recognition (NSR)
and the newly established Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) concepts for mobile
communications. These implementation approaches to Automatic Speech Recognition (

Detection of Power User Patterns among High School Students in a Mobile Communication Network
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Abstract Diffusion of innovation has recently received much attention from both practitioners
and scholars of many different disciplines. In this study, we report initial results studying a
mobile communication network. We have analyzed communication data gathered from 15

Advanced warning message distribution platform for the next-generation mobile communication network
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Earthquake is a common occurrence in Japan, and Japan is a worldwide leader in social
infrastructure for emergency earthquake warning distribution. One example of that
infrastructure is the Area Mail* 1 [1] service that began distributing earthquake warnings to

Mobile communication and network privatism: A literature review of the implications for diverse, weak, and new ties
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Most of the research on the implications of mobile communication for social networks has
focused on its uses and consequences in the intimate realm of close friends, family, and
loved ones. A number of scholars have also become interested in ways that mobile

Software Defined Wireless Network Architecture for the Next Generation Mobile Communication: Proposal and Initial Prototype
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Abstract In this paper, we propose a network architecture and a methodology to
implement a network simulator and a system prototype for the software defined wireless
networks with the reprogrammable capability brought by a SDWN controller. The software

Remote Patient Monitoring in Telemedicine using computer communication networkthrough Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Internet Android Mobile
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Abstract: Mobile telemedicine is to provide a medical monitoring for the patient at any time, if
there is any abnormal change of his/her pulse rate/temperature data. It provides sustained
communication for data transmission. Mobile tele medicine brings the convenience and

Route optimization for intra communication of a nested mobile network
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ABSTRACT Network mobility, ie Internet access services for a moving network as a single
unit brings about new challenging issues. A nested mobile network is a hierarchical form of
multiple mobile networks. Nested mobile networks suffer from a pinball routing problem.

A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Data Communication Benchmark.
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Abstract-A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network is a wireless, selforganizing network where all clients
and all servers are mobile and battery powered. Currently, most MANET research has been
centered on data routing. Increasingly, data communication methods in MANET are being

Traffic Analysis of a Mobile Communication System Based on a Scale-Free UserNetwork
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Abstract:In the traditional study of mobile cellular systems, all users are assumed to have
the same behaviour. They have the same probability of making/receiving a call and they will
move around the network with identical mobility. Moreover, the underlying user network is

Correctness of Authentication Protocol for IS-95 Based CDMA Mobile Communication Network
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Abstract In this paper, we present an analysis of the authentication protocol proposed on the
Interim Standard 95 (IS-95) for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) mobile
communication network from the view points of correctness, efficiency and performance.

Political involvement in mobilized society: the interactive relationships among mobile communication, social network characteristics, and political life
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Abstract In recent years mobile communication has emerged as a new channel for political
discourse among close friends and family members. While some celebrate new possibilities
for political life, others are concerned that intensive use of the technology can lead to

Handover techniques and network integration between GSM and satellite mobile communication systems
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Summary This thesis analyses handover related problems in an integrated GSM and
satellite mobile communication system. Two types of handovers have been taken into
account: inter-network handover and handover within the satellite network. The satellite

Cellular and network architecture for 5G wireless communication networks in mobiletechnology
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Abstract-5G Technology stands for Fifth Generation Mobile technology. From generation 1G
to 2.5 G and from 3G to 5G this world of telecommunication has seen a number of
improvements along with improved performance with every passing day. Fifth generation

Optimization of Power Consumption In Mobile Adhoc Network Communication Systems
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Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc networking systems (MANET) are dynamic having less number of
networks. All the nodes involved in these type of networks are battery operated, and the
main limitation in this type of networks is Energy optimization. Hence Energy Optimization

Analyzing the performance of Routing Protocols used for communication between MobileAd Hoc Network and Internet
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Abstract–A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consists of mobile wireless nodes. The
communication between these mobile nodes is carried out without any centralized control.
MANET is a self organized and self configurable network where the mobile nodes move

Communication b/w Mobile-Robots and PC controller Based On ZigBee Network
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Abstract: mobile robots using Zigbee protocol for the purpose of navigation using personal
computer, implemented with wireless vision system for remote monitoring and control. Its
main feature is its use of the Zigbee protocol as the communication medium between the

A Proposed Security Framework Module of Agent Communication Manager for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
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Abstract: In this paper we are going to propose security framework module of Agent
communication Manager for MANETS. Security framework is a major concern for any type of
communication system. The proposed framework describes the concept of how mobile

A Study on Device To Device Communication in Wireless Mobile Network
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Abstract:With the emerging demands for local area services of popular content
downloading Device to Device communication is conceived as a vital technological
component for next generation cellular communication networking to enhance the system

Exploring an IPv6 protocol for mobile sensor network communication
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Page 1. Exploring an IPv6 protocol for mobile sensor network communication
TR13-226, May 31, 2013 This is an unaltered version of the authors MCS thesis Faculty of
Computer Science University of New Brunswick Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3 Canada

Evolution of Mobile Communication Network: from 1G to 4G
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Abstract The demand of mobile and internet is increasing day by day, they are becoming the
preferred means of personal and professional communication, giving a new dimension to
the telecom industry. To meet up the users demand more and more advancement is being

Evolution of the 4 th Generation Mobile Communication Network: LTE-Advanced
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ABSTRACT Mobile communication network experiences dramatic advances and changes
over the last two decades. With the growing demand, the development of the design and
optimization of radio access technologies and a further evolution of the existing system,

A Model To Estimate The Earning of Mobile Communication Network Using Sensitivity Analysis
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Abstract:-This paper provides a simulation-based approach of assessing the risk and
uncertainty involved in estimating the expected earnings of a mobile communication
company according to traffic intensity principle. The procedure involves using of sensitivity

An Implementation of Network Interface Module Between BTS and BSC in CDMA Mobile Communication Network
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ABSTRACT In this paper, We describe an implemented structure of network interface
module that can be applied to connection between base station transceiver subsystem
(BTS) and base station controller (BSC) in base station (BS) for digital cellular

Research on Management of Mobile Communication Network Centralized Alarm.
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ABSTRACT: This paper, starting from the level of mobile communication network alarm
management, comes up with the alarm types and the six-stage model. The paper also
discusses the step of recessive maintenance and management from the perspective of

Handover control in an ATM-based mobile communication network
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Abstract The number of mobile subscribers is increasing explosively, and the demands in
mobile multimedia services are becoming stronger and stronger. The increase in
subscribers will cause a radio bandwidth shortage in the near future, and the immense

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Abstract Queueing system considered in this paper suits for investigation of the two following
situations appearing in telephone networks. The first situation is typical for distributed
telephone networks where the corresponding clients are not connected by the direct

Named Data Networking In Mobile Communication Network
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Abstract: This paper discusses the effect that Named Data Networking (NDN), a newly
proposed Internet architecture, will have on the existing structure of mobile communication
The recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of mobile internet

Impact of customer loyalty in selecting a mobile communication network
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Abstract Service quality, Fringe benefit, and brand image are the major background of
customer loyalty, and loyal customers may buy more, accept higher prices and have a
positive word-of-mouth effect. Also we know that the cost of selling to new customers is

Bit Error Rate Reduction in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 20001x Mobile Communication Network Using Antenna Diversity Technique
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ABSTRACT:-This paper is aimed at reducing Bit Error Rate (BER) performance in Code
Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 20001x mobile radio network using base station antenna
diversity technique. In this paper, a mathematical model was developed from the

Research on Network Management of Mobile Communication Network based on Agent Technology
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Abstract: This article is aimed at how to rapid configure communication equipment resource
in the mobile communication network environment and puts forward a scheme including
planning management, topology discovery, configuration management that is agent

Signal Strength Measurements and Coverage Estimation of Mobile Communication Network Using IRS-IC Multispectral and CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Images
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The rapid growth of wireless communications requires efficient network planning of cellular
mobile communication. The primary operations in the telecommunication network industry
include network site identification and planning, signal strength measurements with

Telco 2.1 Plugin for Integration of Blog Software With Mobile Communication Network.
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Abstract:At the present time Telecom Web Services (TWS) become more and more widely
known and many mobile network operators decide to expose their networks through
Application Programming Interfaces (API) and include access to their infrastructure as a

An Algorithm for computing Users Density in a Mobile Wireless Communication Network.
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Abstract:People use their cell phone more at some times of the day, and on some days of
the week, than others. Each change in the number of users in the mobile network alters the
electromagnetic environment (EME) defined as the sum of all electromagnetic fields at a

Computation of Users Density in a Mobile Wireless Communication Network.
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Summary People use their cell phone more at some times of the day, and on some days of
the week, than others. Each change in the number of users in the mobile network alters the
electromagnetic environment (EME) defined as the sum of all electromagnetic fields at a

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Abstract Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have made a rapid progress over the past few
years and have inspired numerous developers since they provide an highly flexible
communication infrastructure. The concepts of WMNs provide new scopes and use cases

Global System for Mobile Communication, GSM Network Operation Call Rate in Nigeria
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Abstract: The GSM network operation call rate in Nigeria was evaluated. From the research,
it was observed that majority of people in Nigeria today use global system for mobile
communication to deliver information. The result showed that GSM communication

Optimizing the Location of Base Transceiver Stations in Mobile Communication NetworkPlanning: Case study of the Nairobi Central Business District, Kenya
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Abstract Optimal signal coverage has always been a fundamental issue for cellular network
operators. Other issues related to capacity, quality of service and cost efficiency are also
rapidly gaining prominence. In order to determine signal coverage, network engineers

A Pi-to-Mobile communication system to monitor mobile devices across a networkusing Raspberry Pi as an access point
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Abstract:We present a technique in which we use a credit card sized microcomputer to
serve as an access point in a wireless network based entirely on wireless communication
and low-cost, robust and responsive detective wireless devices on the network. The

An Optimal Migration Scheme for Mobile Agents Routing In a Data Communication Network
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ABSTRACT Traffic analysis of a network is a critical issue in todays fast changing network
environment. A network-dependent itinerary is often needed for a mobile agent to travel to
multiple hosts and/or destinations efficiently. In this paper, an optimal migration scheme

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ABSTRACT As information communication technology is growing, more elaborated
customer segmentation methods have been appeared from traditional demographic or
customer behavioral technique methods to social network methods focusing on individual

Communication Parameter Based Vertical al and Communication Parameter Based Vertical Handover in Hybrid Mobile Network Handover in Hybrid Mobile
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Abstract One of the most effective mobile communication process is handover. Handover is
about the selection of effective base station, when a mobile node comes outside its current
coverage range. In case of hybrid communication environment, the criticality of handover

Efficient Design of Voice Carrying Fixed-Network Links in CDMA Mobile CommunicationSystems
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Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology is gaining momentum as the preferred
wireless system for the next generation Personal Communication Systems (PCS). In CDMA
systems, voice is encoded and packaged in variable length packets that are transported

An Investigation of the Interplay between Mobile Communication, Network Ties, and Civic Engagement: Implications for Trust in Others. A Working Paper.
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Abstract Some have become concerned that anytime-anywhere continuous mobile
communication with close-tie networks may lead to social insularity, where one is fully
engaged in the private realm of social relations at the expense of engaging with others

Enhanced routing performance and overhead in Mobile Ad-hoc network for big data Transmission in Telemedicine using computer communication network
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Abstract: Due to high mobility of nodes in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), there exist
frequent link breakages which lead to frequent path failures and route discoveries. The
overhead of a route discovery cannot be neglected. In a route discovery, broadcasting is a

of the Performances of a Combined and Non Combined Models Designs For Congestion Controls in Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM) Network
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ABSTRACT In this research work, a Combined Model for managing congestion in GSM
network based on Call Priority, Handoff Call Buffer and Frequently Recent Call concept s is
de veloped. Based on thi s Combined model, the perfor mance of the GSM networ k is

Simulation Study of DITMC Technique for Enhancing Channel Utilization in SpeechCommunication of Mobile Network
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Abstract:The scope of multiple uses of various signals in digital form in channel utilization
enhancement became possible as a result of inclusion of data communication with speech
in the integrated communication networks. Almost unsatisfying demand of a large number

A Sensor Network Based Railway Track Crack Detection System Using Mobile Communication
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Abstract: In India, most of the commercial transport is being carried out by the railway
network and therefore, any problems in the same has the capacity to induce major damage
to the economy-notwithstanding the societal impact of loss of life or limb. This paper

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Abstract This paper is to establish Ad Hoc network in mobile phones and start fully secured
full duplex communication in any situation. This type of communication will be cost effective
and it will be fastest way of communication in case of any server failure or server error.

Working around disruptions of network infrastructures-Design and evaluation of mobile ad-hoc systems for resilient communication in disasters
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Abstract The use of information and communication technology services can be constrained
in disaster situations, when it is important for affected persons to receive and send up-to-
date information on current incidents and their evolution. Previous studies have shown the

Cost Minimizing Construction of an Access Network for 3G Mobile CommunicationNetworks
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Abstract The third-generation (3G) wireless networks, such as UMTS (Universal Mobile
Telecommunication System), are expected to support a wide range of service, including
voice, data, and multimedia services. The UMTS network can be generally divided into

Testing an Empirical Model for the Value Network of the Mobile Communication Industry in Korea
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Abstract. The mobile communications industry evolves into a mobile communications
industry ecosystem led by new keystone players (ie, Apple and Google) and reflects the
expansion of overall industrial competitiveness in size through conversion with other

A Network Architecture using Super Base Station for Communication in Energy-Efficient Fifth-Generation Mobile Systems
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ABSTRACT Nowadays communication through mobile and internet has become a main part
of daily life. In order to satisfy the mobile data traffic request and to increase the network
coverage and capacity the wireless service providers use a heterogeneous network with

Enhancing the Communication Range and Reliability of Mobile ADHOC Network Using AODV-OSPF Protocol
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Abstract The increasing density of node and communication range of mobile node raised
some problem such as dropping of packet and degraded the performance of network. For
the improvement of performance of AODV routing Protocol in mobile ADHOC network

Review of Security of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Communication
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ABSTRACT: The term MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) refers to a packet based wireless
network composed of a set of mobile nodes that can communicate and move at the same
time, without using any kind of fixed wired infrastructure. The ad hoc network is a

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ABSTRACT: Security and reliable communication is challenging task in mobile Ad Hoc
network. Through mobility of network device compromised with attack and loss of data. For
the prevention of attack and reliable communication, various authors proposed a method

P2P Attribute Based Communication In Mobile Adhoc Network Over Wi-Fi.
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ABSTRACT Recently the uses of smart phones are increasing very rapidly. Mobile Phones
are great sources of large amount of digital content. Due to technological development size
of storing and speed of processing of digital content is increasing rapidly. Digital content

NetworkDCQ: Multiplatform Network Support for Discovery, Communication, and QoS inMobile Devices
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Abstract. Currently, the number of mobile applications that require (wireless) connectivity is
constantly increasing. The need for sharing information among mobile devices exists in
many applications, and almost every data exchange between these devices involve the

How Mobile Ad Hoc Network are Helpful in Dynamic Communication for Emergency
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Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is one kind of wireless network in which two or
more nodes are connected without the use of wires. In MANET, terminals can communicate
with each other without any central administration, also the nodes can set dynamically

Efficient Authentication Communication in Mobile Network
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Abstract: With todays technology, many applications rely on the existence of small devices
that can exchange information and form communication networks. In a significant portion of
such applications, the confidentiality and integrity of the communicated messages are of

Communication of Multi Mobile-Robots Based On ZigBee Network
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Abstract: Robots can replace human working in some high-risk environment and scientific
research Activities. With the rapid development of economic and technology, more and more
service robots are widely used in a lot of machineries. How to effectively and reliably

An allocation strategy for Mobile Agent in a Multi Retailer Network supporting PersonalCommunication Services
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Abstract. This paper presents a strategy for the support of Personal Communication Services
in TINA compliant systems through the use of mobile agents. The paper reflects the vision of
the EC/ACTS research project DOLMEN that has developed OSAM, an Open Service

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ABSTRACT MANET is a self organizing system of mobile nodes that exchange information
through wireless network with no fixed infrastructure. Multicast is communication between a
single sender and multiple receivers on a network. Otherwise it transmits a single

Agents-Secured Rural Communication Development Using Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
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Abstract:Rural areas where resource of communication lacks and the area like earthquake
zone require a strong communication channel. India is one of the fastest growing countries
in the world but fact is there are more than 600 villages still lack the proper

Energy Saving Technique in Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network for ReliableCommunication
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Abstract:Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of a group of mobile nodes that can be
communicated with each other wirelessly without the need to any existed communications.
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of a group of mobile nodes that can

Analysis of Reactive Attacks on Mobile Communication Protocol Network
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Abstract-A MANETs (Mobile Ad-Hoc N/W) are De-Centralized wireless linkages networks
through the Self-configuring mobile ad hoc nodes. These networks are vulnerable to
protection threats, caused by the nonattendance of trusted central authority or directness

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Abstract-This article shows the second part of the solution proposed by the author to
optimize wireless communication of the mobile robots that are in a different environment
conditions. The optimization is based on communication transceiver circuit ANAREN

Social-Aware D2D Communication Underlaying Cellular Network: Where Mobile Network Meets Social Network
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S Chen ConclusionsSocial networks we inhibit inhibit in mobile networks 1. Understand
interplay between social networks characteristics and mobile communication problems 2.
Beneficial to exploit social networks characteristics in mobile network design

presents the research work on security for next-generation mobile communicationsystems that is carried out in our lab, emphasizing network layer security and
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The importance of Information Technology (IT) security has massively increased in recent
years. The most important driving factors are the growing use of the Internet and web-based
technologies. This also applies to Mobile Communications Systems (MCS), where there is

A Study on the Security of Mobile Devices, Network and Communication
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Abstract-The mobile revolution is bringing a remarkable and fundamental change in the
world. More and more users and businesses use smart phones not only as a communication
media but also as a means of planning and managing their work and private life. Mobile

Realtime communication in a mobile ad-hoc network
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Abstract:This paper deals with the problems that occur typically in a scenario where the
nodes in a wireless mesh network are mobile and demand a real-time QoS. To present a
detailed approach, we assume a defense scenario and define the requirements, after

Secure communication for mobile Adhoc network using (LPIT) Lagrange polynomial and Integral transform with Exponential Function
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Abstract:Mobile adhoc network is collection of autonomous nodes that are frequently
moving without the centralized control. Mobile adhoc networks are multi hop wireless
networks without fixed infrastructure. Node frequently change topology, due to this type of

Secure Data Communication Using DNA based Cryptography in Mobile Adhoc Network
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Abstract: DNA cryptography is a new promising direction in cryptography research that
emerged with the evolution in DNA computing field. DNA can be used not only to store and
transmit the information, but also to perform computation. The extensive parallelism and

A Statistical Communication Analysis Model for Attack Detection in Mobile Network
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Abstract:Security is one of the most critical issue of mobile network that ensures the
reliable communication over the network. Because of dynamic property of Mobile Adhoc
Network, the chances of the security issues increases. These attacks are incorporated at

Vehicle to vehicle communication for safety over mobile network
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Abstract One of the main reasons of the road accidents is the distraction along with the driver
error, which is the major accident causation factor. If the driver can be informed about the
road conditions as well as information of the forward traffic condition it would be beneficial

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ABSTRACT Ad hoc wireless internet refers to any set of networks where all devices have
equal status on a network and free to associate with any other ad hoc network device in link
range. The ad hoc wireless internet extends the services of the internet to the end users

Authentication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Secure Communication
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Abstract: For wireless applications the main concern is security. The provisions done for
securing the application become bottleneck for widely deployed wireless applications as
they affect efficiency. Wireless channels need to be secure. Also it becomes bottleneck

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Abstract:Mobile networks are made up of complex distributed systems that may also be
part of a huge complex system. Due to this complexity of node, there is a need to develop
more security solutions. Sybil attacks are one of the security threats to such complex

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1. Institute for occupational and radiological health,

Maximizing Network Lifetime for Multicast Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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Summary Energy consumption is a crucial design concern in wireless ad hoc networks since
wireless nodes are typically battery-limited. Power failure of a mobile node not only affects
the node itself but also its ability to forward packets on behalf of others and hence affects