Highly demanded need of information in this current era requires availability of fast and accurate information service. One example is information about position. All this time information about position was obtained from the map that made it less practical for use. Therefore a positioning tool that is easy to use, fast, and accurate is required. Currently, there is an accurate tool positioning using satellites which is GPS (Global Positioning System). The current position via coordinates are displayed by GPS can be found out. This final project builds a system of coordinates response providers via SMS. This system uses a GPS sensor to detect vehicle position in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates. Users who have a cellular phone just send SMS with a specific format to the system. Then the system will send SMS to the user containing the last location information. Users can find out where these locations via Google Map application. This tool uses the main components include a GPS module EG-T10, Siemens M35 mobile phone, ATmega162 microcontroller, and LCD. Testing was conducted at a certain distances, various conditions (obstacle, weather, and time), several operators, and displaced position. The test results showed that this tool has a level of accuracy in giving the coordinate datas of 16.25 meters, can be used to access the coordinates of object between cities, independent of weather and time, can monitor the migratory position of certain time duration, and can be mapped offline in the digital map.

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