Modified Method of Computing Generator Participation Factors by Electricity Tracing with Consideration of Load Flow Changes

Open access is an essential feature in the deregulated power system. It permits all the generators to transmit power into the system. Depending upon the transmission network parameters, generator responses to the variation in loads differ from each other. To know these responses is important from various aspects such as for determination of nodal prices which will be needed in charging differential tariffs and also in congestion management. By considering the load flow changes due to change in load at a bus, electricity tracing is applied to compute the generator participation factors. A new algorithm of proportional sharing principle is developed. A sensitivity analysis is proposed to determine these changes in power flows due to changed load. This new approach for determination of generators participation could be more appropriate when compared with the other method based on proportional sharing principle of electricity tracing

In a deregulated power system, unbundling of the generation, transmission and distribution systems has invited various problems as regards to the planning and operation of a transmission infrastructure. While providing the open access to the market participants, the generation companies can transmit the power as per the changes in load demands. Since the generator cost functions are not same, the issues related to differential power tariffs may become more complex. Also due to free trading, some of the lines may get overloaded thereby causing network congestion. The congestion management model considering demand elasticity is proposed in . The pricing issues and congestion management could have been effectively met if the participations of every generator in sharing the changes in load were known. Although tracing the participation of generators in loads is not possible, the relationships between the change in load and generator power changes can be established. The contribution of generators to the loads and line flow is described in [2]. A technique is proposed with the help of which it could be possible to trace the power produced by the generator. In this technique, the buses which are reached by the power produced from each generator are first identified and then the set of buses supplied by same generators are determined. A proportionality principle was assumed to determine the sharing of generators.

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