nanotechnology research papers 2012-104

 Societal ImplicaKons of Nanotechnology in Addressing Grand Global Challenges
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IS Ahmad
Page 1. Societal ImplicaKons of Nanotechnology in Addressing Grand Global Challenges Irfan
S. Ahmad  appreciation of societal issues pertaining to the ongoing research and development,
and commercialization of nanotechnology- based processes, materials, devices, and 

 Agriculture, Food and Society–Philosophy to Nanotechnology
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PB Thompson ,
The fate of agriculture and agricultural technology will be dramatically affected by society’s
general expectations for agriculture. Understanding this fate requires a general framework
for articulating, interpreting and discussing assumptions about the nature and purpose of 

 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Issues and Applications in Agri-Food, Biomedical, and Environmental Sciences
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SMA Alli ,
Department of Pharmacy, VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Nowadays nanotechnology based on nanoscience was exploited extensively in every
sphere of science and technology so as to get a product with desired and improved 

 A novel portable instrument for exposure analysis in nanotechnology workplaces
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C Asbach, H Kaminski, H Fissan, TAJ Kuhlbusch ,
The production and use of nanomaterials has risen at a constant pace over the recent years.
Besides the tremendous beneficial properties of nanomaterials, they have also been
reported to potentially cause adverse health effects. Inhalation is seen as the major uptake 

 Nanotechnology in Biomaterials: Nanofibers in Tissue Engineering
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D Yucel, H Kenar, A Ndreu, T Endogan, N Hasirci ,
Devices made of synthetic or natural materials have been used in the medical area and
introduced into the human body to improve human health since ancient times. Romans,
Chinese, and Aztecs used gold wires in dentistry more than 2,000 years ago. Ancient 

 The Precautionary Principle: Regulation Needed to Confront the Risks Associated withNanotechnology
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IL Herrarte, AA Cela ,Innovation: Economic, Social, and Cultural Aspects ,
The precautionary principle is the concept of adopting certain measures or rejecting others
in order to avoid negative consequences. With the precautionary principle, the certainty of
the negative consequences may not be scientifically proven or the likelihood of their 

 Mapping Public Opinion and Discourse about Nanotechnology in Canada and OECD States.
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Z Devereaux ,
II. Core Countries: i. Although Canada ranks within the top ten countries in terms of
publication output (10th) and total citations (9th), Canada is 11th globally in terms of impact
factor (number of citations divided by number of publications). The top 11 countries in 

Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine
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K Hadad ,2012 ,
PWR nuclear reactor coolant, where heat transfer enhancement is studied through the use
of homogeneous mixture of nanoparticles with water so called ‘nanofluid’as the reactor
coolant. In the first paper we described the attribution of nanofluids to the neutronic 

 Novel Promises of Nanotechnology for Tissue Regeneration
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A El-Sadik ,
The term ‘nanotechnology’refers to technology that deals with structures and devices of
nanometer (10–9 meter) size. It involves the design, fabrication and utilization of materials of
nanoscale dimensions (GaoXu, 2009). The resulting nanomaterials exhibit chemical, 

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ABSTRACT Nanotechnology has gained importance in medicine and is referred to as
nanomedicine. Various tools of nanomaterials have been investigated for their application in
imaging, diagnosis and therapy; these are carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, cantilevers, 

 Predictive Indicators of Research Citation Impact in S&T Fields: A Case Study of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
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Abstract This study investigates predictors of citation impact for papers in Nanoscience and
Nanotechnology. An empirical study was conducted to examine the influence of journal
Impact Factors, internationality and the number of authors, journals and references. 

 Advances of Nanotechnology in Healthcare
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PV Maheshwari, NV Gupta ,
Abstract: The term” nanotechnology refers to the creation of new objects with nanoscale
dimensions between 1.0 and 100.0 nm. The application of nanotechnology to medicine is
called nanomedicine. Nanomedicine subsumes three mutually overlapping and 

 Nanotechnology in the developing world
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Nanotechnology, despite its fantastic sounding name, is actually very practical for
developing countries to make products better and cheaper. Technical innovations will
increasingly shape developing economies and strengthen market robustness and build 

 From Nanotechnology to Epigenomics and Regenerative Medicine. J Regen Med 1: 1
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D Bayarsaihan ,of, 2012 ,
Abstract The objective of regenerative medicine is to repair tissues and organs that are
damaged by trauma, disease or aging. The stem cell based technologies have promised to
advance therapeutic applications including organ transplants and tissue repair. Although 

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SM Abernathy, BE Carruthers, MKF Presley
Abstract An early introduction to various prototyping and production technologies is
important to the education of engineering students [1]. As such, the skills learned in early
engineering classes build a strong foundation for students that maintain their relevancy in 

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G Kumar, V Rani ,
Research on the nanoscale has led to the development of completely novel materials that
will undoubtedly find numerous applications. The integrated circuit which, during recent
years has become the basis of modern digital electronics functions by making use of 

 Nanotechnology Tools for Efficient Antibacterial Delivery to Salmonella
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In recent years, an increasing number of salmonellosis outbreaks have been recorded
around the world, and probably there should be more cases that were not detected or
reported (1). Many different types of Salmonella exist, some of which cause illness in both 

 Governance of nanotechnology in the Netherlands–Informing and engaging in different social spheres
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R van Est, B Walhout, V Rerimassie, D Stemerding ,
Abstract Nanotechnology has provided a new window of opportunity to reframe state-
science-society relationships. In particular the notion of upstream public engagement has
been put forward. But while public engagement is seen as indispensible in the 

 Frames about Nanotechnology Agenda in Turkish Media, 2005-2009
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EB Kamanlioglu, C Güzeloglu
Abstract—As the new industrial revolution advances in the nanotechnology have been
followed with interest throughout the world and also in Turkey. Media has an important role
in conveying these advances to public, rising public awareness and creating attitudes 

Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine
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AH Stegh ,2012 ,
Glioblastoma (GBM) is a lethal brain tumor characterized by resistance to extant chemo-,
radiation and targeted therapies. Bcl2L12 (for Bcl2-Like 12) is a cytoplasmic and nuclear
glioma oncoprotein that is over-expressed in> 90% of primary GBM and confers 

 Responsive development of nanotechnology
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In its 2020 Strategy, the European Union (EU) highlights nanotechnology as one of the key
enabling technologies (KET) promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth throughout
the EU (1). Engineered nanomaterials (ENM) and nanotechnologies contribute 

Materials research with energetic ion beams-basic aspects and nanotechnology responsible: Prof. Christina Trautmann
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C Points ,Module Guide/Modulhandbuch ,
The course provides an overview of the unique possibilities using high-energy heavy ions
for the modification of material properties and production of micro and nanostructures. The
student becomes familiar with basic interaction processes of particle beams and solids. 

 Nanotechnology: changes and challenges for world
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K Nagar, I Amravati ,
Abstract Nanotechnology (sometimes shortened to” nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter
on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, nanotechnology works with materials, devices,
and other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres. 

 Professor of Polymer Nanotechnology
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E Level ,
Objectives• To grow a long term, world leading, self-sustaining collaborative research
program targeting key fundamental challenges in polymer and material science and the
application of these disciplines to drug delivery and nanotechnology.

The budgetary allocation for accompanying research on nanotechnology in Germany, Great Britain and the EU research program
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R Fries ,
Summary Compared to other technologies, research accompanying R&D activities has been
demanded for nanotechnology relatively early. The overall aim of such research is mostly
consensual, namely the prevention of hazards for human health and the environment and 

 A Study on Modification of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Vocational High School Electronics Courses Integrated with Nanotechnology Concept
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D Chien-Yun, C Wan-Fei, Y Yu-Hsi ,Int. J. of Thermal, 2012
Abstract The purpose of this study is trying to explore the discrepancy of knowledge (K),
attitude (A), and practice (P) before and after the experimental teaching on nanotechnology
infused intinfused into electronic course in vocational high school. Valid 116 samples were selected 

Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine
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AK Bamezai ,2012 ,
Animal cells have nano-structures, also known as lipid rafts, on the plasma membrane.
Saturated lipids, cholesterol and key signaling receptors as well as enzymes are present in
these membrane structures. Lipid rafts play a prominent role in signaling from the cell 

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G Moskvins, E Spakovica, A Moskvins, A Shakhtarina ,
Abstract. The article reviews the status of nanotechnology development for rural
development and agriculture and food production from the perspective of a small Northern
European Country related. Interests of consumers remain paramount in the EU 

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G Williamson, A Egan ,
Abstract—Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is the most common malignant cancer tumor
found in adult brains. Recently, engineers developed a nanoparticle with the capability of
delivering selected anti-cancer drugs to GBM tumors. This paper will discuss how the 

 Nanotechnology and Food Industry
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FJ Gutiérrez, ML Mussons, P Gatón, R Rojo
Human population will reach 9,100 million by 2,050, which supposes an increase of 34%
respect present situation. This growth will occur in emerging countries mainly. As a
consequence of that, there will be an increase in global demand for foods, feed and 

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P Szewczyk ,
Ulrich Beck’s Risk Society [1] was the decisive contribution to a new theory of society. Beck’s
conceptualization has inspired research that focuses on the implications of science and
technology for the social and natural environment and on the increasing use of risk 

 Ethical Paradigms in Biomechanical Innovations in Nanotechnology and Neurotechnology: Analyzing the impact of Computer Technology on Tissue
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Abstract:-This presentation begins with the following premise: In the last one hundred years,
Medicine changed because of chemistry and large scale technologies. Molecular
technology is destined to become the core technology underlying all of 21st century