Nanowire structured hybrid cell

Nanowire structured hybrid cell for concurrently scavenging solar and mechanical energies

We report a hybrid cell that is intended for simultaneously harvesting solar and mechanical energies. Using aligned ZnO nanowire arrays grown on surfaces of a flat substrate, a dye-sensitized solar cell is integrated with a piezoelectric nanogenerator.

request Design guidelines of periodic Si nanowire arrays for solar cell application

Design guidelines of periodic Si nanowire arrays for solar cell application
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Vapor-liquid-solid growth of Si nanowires: A kinetic analysis (2012) Germanium nanowire growth controlled by surface diffusion effects Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 043105 (2012) Top-down fabrication of single crystal silicon nanowire using optical

silicon nanowire solar cells

Amorphous silicon core-shell nanowire solar cells
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ABSTRACT Nanostructures such as nanoparticles and nanowires have been demonstrated as powerful tools to improve light absorption, to enable low temperature process, to demonstrate multi-exciton generation, and to decouple the absorption depth and

Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells: Surface Passivation and Interface Analysis
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Silicon nanowire (SiNW) solar cells provide potential advantages over planar wafer-based or thin-film cells such as high light absorption and enlarged forbidden energy gap. However, due to a large surface-to-volume ratio, nanowires typically suffer from a high

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ABSTRACT: A simple and efficient method is described for integrating a silicon nanowire array into a solar cell. After nanowire growth by chemical vapour deposition, the nanowire array is planarized by using spin-on glass and chemical-mechanical polishing. This

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ABSTRACT: Silicon nanowire solar cells with heterojunctions were prepared on single crystalline silicon wafers. The nanowire arrays were generated by silver catalyzed etching of n-type wafers. After careful removal of the metallic silver particles a p-doped amorphous

Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Remote Chemical Sensing
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Abstract: Disordered arrays of silicon nanowires have been produced by the OAG technique. The UV-visible absorption spectrum of the SiNWs shows a main increase of the absorption extending in the near infrared and similar absorption than bulk crystalline silicon below

Wet-Chemically Etched Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells: Fabrication and Advanced Characterization
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In the past decade the usage of solar energy production has increased rapidly and has be- come a reasonable alternative to fossil energy sources. Solar energy conversion is a chal- lenge of the millennium and solar cells are one eagerly thought way of converting solar

Quantum-Dot Sensitized Solar Cells with Silicon Nanowire Photoelectrode
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We propose a novel quantum-dot sensitized solar cell (QDSSC) structure that employs a quantum dot/semiconductor silicon (QD/Si) coaxial nanorod array to replace the conventional dye/TiO2/TCO photoelectrode. We replaced the backlight input mode with


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Heterojunction Solar Cell
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