network on chip

Network on chip : An architecture for billion transistor era
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Looking into the future, when the billion transitor ASICs will become reality, this paper presents Network on a chip (NOC) concept and its associated methodology as solution to the design productivity problem. NOC is a network of computational, storage and I/O

Survey of network on chip (noc) architectures contributions
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Multiprocessor architectures and platforms have been introduced to extend the applicability of Moores law. They depend on concurrency and synchronization in both software and hardware to enhance the design productivity and system performance. These platforms will

Concepts and implementation of the Philips network on chip
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SoC communication infrastructures, such as the Æthereal network on chip (NoC), will play a central role in integrating IPs with diverse communication requirements. To achieve a compositional and predictable system design, it is essential to reduce uncertainties in the

NNSE: Nostrum network on chip simulation environment
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A main challenge for Network on Chip (NoC) design is to select a network architecture that suits a particular application. NNSE enables to analyze the performance impact of NoC configuration parameters. It allows one to (1) configure a network with respect to topology

The MANGO clockless network on chip : Concepts and implementation
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This dissertation addresses aspects of on chip interconnection networks. The scientific contributions of the thesis are twofold. First, a survey of existing research is made. The survey categorizes, structures and reviews a wide spectrum of work in this new academic

Efficient microarchitecture for network on chip routers
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Continuing advances in semiconductor technology, coupled with an increasing concern for energy efficiency, have led to an industry-wide shift in focus towards modular designs that leverage parallelism in order to meet performance goals. Networks- on Chip (NoCs) are

Basic network on chip interconnection for future gigascale MCSoCs applications: communication and computation orthogonalization
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Network on Chip paradigm is emerging as the so-lution for the problems of interconnecting dozens of cores into a single system on chip . However, there are many problems associated with the design of such systems. These problems arise from non-scalable global wire

A Low Area Overhead Packet-switched Network on Chip : Architecture and Prototyping.
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The increasing complexity of integrated circuits drives the research of new intra- chip interconnection architectures. A network on chip adapts concepts originated in the distributed systems and computer networks subject areas to connect IP cores in a structured

A Multi-objective Genetic Approach to Mapping Problem on Network on Chip .
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Advances in technology now make it possible to integrate hundreds of cores (eg general or special purpose processors, embedded memories, application specific components, mixedsignal I/O cores) in a single silicon die. The large number of resources that have to

DMesh: a diagonally-linked mesh network on chip architecture
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In this paper, we propose a new mesh-typed NoC architecture which aims at enhancing network performance while keeping implementation cost feasible. The result is a diagonally- linked mesh (DMesh) NoC that uses wormhole packet switching technique. Together with

Reduction methods for adapting optical network on chip topologies to specific routing applications
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1Optical network on chip (ONoC) architectures are emerging as potential contenders to solve congestion and latency issues in future computing architectures. In this work, we examine how a scalable and fully connected ONoC topology can be reduced to fit specific

Mapping cores on network on chip
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The paper addresses the problem of topological mapping of intellectual properties (IPs) on the tiles of a meshbased network on chip (NoC) architecture. The aim is to obtain the Pareto mappings that maximize performance and minimize the amount of power consumption. As

Netrace: Dependency-tracking traces for efficient network on chip experimentation
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Network simulation has emerged as the preferred method of evaluating new network on chip (NOC) designs, because of lower execution latency compared to full-system simulation and greater fidelity compared to analytical modeling. While network simulation provides

Layout, Performance and Power Trade-Offs in Mesh-Based Network on Chip Architectures.
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On chip packet-switched networks have been proposed for future giga-scale integration in the nanometre regime. This paper examines likely architectures for such networks and considers trade-offs in the layout and wiring strategies based on full-swing CMOS signalling

Energy models for network on chip components
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There has always been a need to estimate and analyse the power consumption on a chip in order to optimise the chip design for energy consumption or to map applications onto systems to achieve low power. With this objective, power models are developed at various

Generalized wavelength routed optical micronetwork in network on chip
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The wavelength routed optical network (WRON) is a promising optical interconnection architecture that can be integrated into a System- on Chip (SoC) to replace traditional wire- connected on chip micro-networks which pose severe bandwidth limitations on future super

Review of XY routing algorithm for network on chip architecture
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The Network on Chip (NoC) is Network -version of System- on Chip (SoC) means that on chip communication is done through packet based networks. In NOC topology, routing algorithm and switching are main terminology. The routing algorithm is one of the key factor

Design and evaluation of a complexity effective network on chip architecture on FPGA
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Current Systems- On Chip (SoCs) execute applications which demand extensive parallel processing. Networks- On Chip (NoCs) provide a good way of realizing efficient interconnections, and largely alleviate the limitations of bus-based solutions. In this paper

Network on chip: An architecture for billion transistor era
A Hemani, A Jantsch, S Kumar, A Postula Proceeding of the
… For FPGA type of resources a traditional hardware design flow will be followed with¬†Verilog or
VHDL most likely as intermediate languages. For RISC like micro processors code generation
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