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Nudge: Intermediaries’ role in interdependent network security
Trust and Trustworthy , 2010 ,Springer
By employing an interdependent security game-theoretic framework, we study how
individual Internet Service Providers can coordinate the investment decisions of end users to
improve the security and trustworthiness of the overall system. We discuss two different 

Network attacks and an Ethernet-based network security monitor
LT Heberlein, GV Dias, ?N Levitt ,Proc, ISth DOE Security , 1990 ,
ABSTRACT The study of security in computer networks is a rapidly growing area of interest
because of the proliferation of networks and the paucity of security measures in most current
networks. Since most networks consist of a collection of inter-connected local ajea 

Detection of network security component misconfiguration by rewriting and correlation
F Cuppens, N Cuppens-Boulahia , . on Security in network , 2006 ,
The use of firewalls is the dominant method to guarantee network access control, leading to
distributed access control scenarios where the access control role is assigned to more than
one component. Firewalls are network security components which provide means to filter 

The AI hardness of CAPTCHAs does not imply robust network security
A Caine ,Trust Management, 2007 ,Springer
A CAPTCHA is a special kind of AI hard test to prevent bots from logging into computer
systems. We define an AI hard test to be a problem which is intractable for a computer to
solve as a matter of general consensus of the AI community. On the Internet, CAPTCHAs 

A tune-up for Tor: Improving security and performance in the Tor network
R Snader , the Network and Distributed Security , 2008 ,
Abstract The Tor anonymous communication network uses selfreported bandwidth values to
select routers for building tunnels. Since tunnels are allocated in proportion to this
bandwidth, this allows a malicious router operator to attract tunnels for compromise. Since 

Security protocol for IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network
SH Park, A Ganz ,Mobile Networks and Applications, 1998 ,Springer
As Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are rapidly deployed to expand the field of
wireless products, the provision of authentication and privacy of the information transfer will
be mandatory. These functions need to take into account the inherent limitations of the 

Using the KBTA method for inferring computer and network security alerts from time-stamped, raw system metrics
Y Fledel, Y Elovici ,Journal in computer virology, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract In this study, we propose a new approach for detecting previously unencountered
instances of known classes of malicious software based on their temporal behavior. In the
proposed approach, time-stamped security data are continuously monitored within the 

Integrating the Network Security Monitoring Model
R Bejtlich ,Sysadmin Magazine. April, 2004 ,
Intrusion detection is a controversial topic. Although intrusion detection systems (IDS) were
once hailed as the answer to the shortcomings of firewalls, they are now labeled” dead” by
some market analysts and are threatened by intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and” deep 

Trust management and network layer security protocols
M Blaze  Security Protocols, 2000 ,Springer
We’re going to talk about some work that’s matured to the point where we’re doing our next
generation of it, on managing trust and policy in network layer security. Last year at this
workshop my graduate student Angelos Keromytis talked about a language we were 

Role of authorization in wireless network security
P Eronen ,Extended abstract presented in the DIMACS , 2004 ,
Wireless security work has largely focused on authentication and key exchange, and using
the resulting security association for encryption and integrity protection of individual packets.
Authorization has often been considered something that “just happens” at some step, and 

A Survey of Peer-to-Peer Network Security Issues
J Li ,Retrieved November, 2010 ,
Abstract In recent years, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks have soared in popularity in the form
of file sharing applications. With this popularity comes security implications and
vulnerabilities. In this paper, we examining the framework on which most P2P networks 

Towards identifying true threat from network security data
Z Li, J Lei D Li ,Intelligence and Security Informatics, 2007 ,Springer
Among the challenges in the field of network security management, one significant problem
is the increasing difficulty in identifying the security incidents which pose true threat to the
protected network system from tremendous volume of raw security alerts. This paper 

Formal implementation of network security policies
A Lacasse, M Mejri , Conference on Privacy, Security and , 2004 ,
Abstract—This paper introduces an algebraic approach that aims to enforce a security policy
on a given computer network. More precisely, given a network and a security policy, we want
to automatically generate the necessary monitors (a single fire-wall or many ones where 

A Simple, Smart and Extensible Framework for Network Security Measurement
F Cheng, C Wolter ,Information Security and Cryptology, 2008 ,Springer
Several efficient tools have emerged to aim at auditing and measuring the security of a
computer system or an internal network. Along with the increasing complexity of network
attacks, these tools become more and more complicated. Even so, most of them can only 

Calculation of network security management (NSM) intensity in the distribution system
CO Heyde, ZA Styczynski ,19 th International , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper the calculation of the intensity of network security management
actions by the network operator on distributed generators is discussed. Stochastic
simulations in the form of Monte-Carlo simulations are employed. In order to have enough 

S-TRAIS: A Method for Security Requirements Engineering Using a Standards Based Network Security Reference Model
P Stephenson ,Conference Proceedings from SREIS, 2005 ,
Abstract: The development of security requirements for an information technology (IT)
system implies some specific needs. For example, the requirements generally should be
traceable to some underlying business driver. Additionally, in certain environments the 

Statistical opportunities in network security
DJ Marchette ,35th Symposium on the interface, 2003 ,
The data we will consider in this paper are IP packets. These can be collected off a network interface
through software called a “sniffer” or network sensor (in this case the program tcpdump). A packet
consists of a header, which contains routing and protocol information, and data, which 

VMSoar- A cognitive agent for network security
DP Benjamin, R Shankar-Iyer ,Proc. SPIE, 2005 ,
Abstract VMSoar is a cognitive network security agent designed for both network
configuration and long-term security management. It performs automatic vulnerability
assessments by exploring a configuration’s weaknesses and also performs network

Statistical data on network security
A Galetsas ,European Commission, DG Information Society and , 2007 ,
The increasing use of ICT tools and services affects all sectors of our society and causes
wide economic and societal changes. This is of particular relevance in the area of security,
data protection and privacy. The effectiveness and prosperity of our society is strongly 

Critical voice network security analysis and new approach for securing Voice over IP Communications
C Bassil, A Serhrouchni ,2005 ,
Abstract: Voice networks evolved from the fixed traditional telephone system, to mobile and
wireless networks and now towards a converged voice and data infrastructure. This
convergence is based on the spread of the Internet Protocol, where VoIP is developing. 

Wireless integrated network sensors: Towards low cost and robust self-organizing securitynetworks
GJ Pottie , on Sensors, C3I, Information and Training , 1998 ,
ABSTRACT A very important benefit of continuing advances in CMOS IC technology is the
ability to construct a wide variety of micro electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) including
sensors and RF components. These building blocks enable the fabrication of complete