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Constraints and approaches for distributed sensor network security (final)
DW Carman, PS Kruus ,DARPA Project report,( , 2000 ,
Executive Summary Confidentiality, integrity, and authentication services are critical to
preventing an adversary from compromising the security of a distributed sensor network. Key
management is likewise critical to establishing the keys necessary to provide this 

Game strategies in network security
K Lye ,International Journal of Information Security, 2005 ,Springer
This paper presents a game-theoretic method for analyzing the security of computer
networks. We view the interactions between an attacker and the administrator as a two-
player stochastic game and construct a model for the game. Using a nonlinear program, 

Wireless network security
T Karygiannis ,NIST special publication, 2002 ,
Executive Summary Wireless communications offer organizations and users many benefits
such as portability and flexibility, increased productivity, and lower installation costs.
Wireless technologies cover a broad range of differing capabilities oriented toward 

Network (in) security through IP packet filtering
DB Chapman ,1992 ,
ABSTRACT Ever-increasing nmnbers of IP router products are offering packet ?ltering as a
tool for improving network security. Used properly, packet ?ltering is a useful tool for the
security-conscious network administrator, but its effective use requires a thorough 

A formal approach to specify and deploy a network security policy
F Cuppens, N Cuppens-Boulahia, T Sans , Aspects in Security and , 2005 ,Springer
Current firewall configuration languages have no well founded semantics. Each firewall
implements its own algorithm that parses specific proprietary languages. The main
consequence is that network access control policies are difficult to manage and most 

Internet Firewalls and Network Security
C Hare ,1996 ,
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by
any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any
information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher, 

Network security modeling and cyber attack simulation methodology
S Chi, J Park, K Jung ,Information Security and Privacy, 2001 ,Springer
The major objective of this paper is to develop the network security modeling and cyber
attack simulation that is able to classify threats, specify attack mechanisms, verify protection
mechanisms, and evaluate consequences. To do this, we have employed the advanced 

Teaching hands-on network security: Testbeds and live exercises
G Vigna ,Journal of Information Warfare, 2003 ,
Abstract Teaching practical network security requires the use of tools and techniques to
support the educational process and to evaluate the students’ newly achieved skills. Two
fundamental tools that support a hands-on approach to network security are testbed 

Rigorous automated network security management
JD Guttman ,International Journal of Information Security, 2005 ,Springer
Achieving a security goal in a networked system requires the cooperation of a variety of
devices, each device potentially requiring a different configuration. Many information
security problems may be solved with appropriate models of these devices and their 

Complete analysis of configuration rules to guarantee reliable network security policies
N Boulahia-Cuppens , of Information Security, 2008 ,Springer
Abstract The use of different network security components, such as firewalls and network
intrusion detection systems (NIDSs), is the dominant method to monitor and guarantee the
security policy in current corporate networks. To properly configure these components, it is 

Guideline on network security testing
J Wack, M Tracy ,Nist special publication, 2003 ,
Executive Summary Securing and operating today’s complex systems is challenging and
demanding. Mission and operational requirements to deliver services and applications
swiftly and securely have never been greater. Organizations, having invested precious 

Transparent network security policy enforcement
Proceedings of the Annual USENIX , 2000 ,
Abstract Recent work in the area of network security, such as IPsec, provides mechanisms
for securing the traffic between any two interconnected hosts. However, it is not always
possible, economical, or even practical from an administration and operational point of 

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