News-2011 International Symposium on Wireless Technology and Applications-ISWTA2011

2011 International Symposium on Wireless Technology & Applications (ISWTA2011) to be held in LANGKAWI ISLAND, MALAYSIA, between the 25-28 September 2011. The conference is organized to invite international delegates, to share their latest research findings besides getting to know Malaysia.

ISWTA2011 will be organized by the research Malaysia Section, research Malaysia Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics & Industrial Applications Joint Chapter. It has the research Malaysia Computer Chapter as the Technical Co-sponsors.

The Proceedings of 2011 International Symposium on Wireless Technology & Applications (ISWTA2011) will be included in the research Xplore database.

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original research. Areas of interest includes, but are not limited to the following conference tracks:

A: Wireless Communications:
Networks and Security, Coding & modulation & equalization, Channel modeling and characterization, Mobile and Wireless IP, Wireless LANs and Wireless PANs, Wireless broadcast, multicast, and streaming, Wireless network security, Others in Wireless Communications, Networks and Security

B: Mobile Communications:
2G/3G/4G integration, 3G/4G bandwidth on demand, Mobile radio networks, Mobility, location and handoff management, Mobile multimedia applications, Wireless broadband mobile access, Others in Mobile Communications

C: Protocols for wireless and mobility:
Wireless protocols, architectural and design concepts, Air interfaces and networks protocols, Wireless MAC protocols, Transport layer Issues, Middleware for mobile services and wireless networks, Others in Protocols for wireless and mobility

D: Computer and Communications:
Mobile software architecture and programming, Capacity planning, Data Mining and Database Applications, E-Commerce and E-Services, Grid and Cluster Computing, Internet Protocols, Services and Applications, Others in Computer and Communications

E: Antenna And Propagation:
Antennas Design, Antenna And Propagation, Array and Feeding Circuits, Mobile and Indoor Propagation, Millimeter and Optical Wave Propagation, Theoretical Electromagnetic, Others in Antenna And Propagation

F: RF Passive and Active Devices:
Filters, Multiplexers and Passive Circuits, RF Amplifiers and Active Circuits, Reconfigurable and Tunable Circuits, Electromagnetic Modelling and EMC, Others in RF Passive and Active Devices

G: Services & Applications:
Emerging wireless/mobile applications, Regulations and standards, Wireless medicine and health services, Wireless emergency and security systems, Others in Services & Applications

Submission :

Please submit full papers to the website address

Further information can be obtained from the following website:

Important Dates/Deadlines:

Paper Submission Deadline: 20 May 2011 ========================================

Kindly forward this email to other interested parties.


The success and strength of the technical program depends on people like you taking a few minutes of your precious time to read the papers submitted and giving a thoughtful review. Do sign up as a reviewer by sending an email to


The Technical Program Committee is soliciting proposals for tutorials focusing on topics relevant to the scope of the conference. Prospective organizers should submit proposals to the program committee at