OntoSenticNet: A Commonsense Ontology for Sentiment Analysis
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In recent years, sentiment analysis has become increasingly popular for processing social media data on online communities, blogs, wikis, microblogging platforms, and other online collaborative media. 1 Sentiment analysis is a branch of affective computing research2 that

Social Ontology 2018 Boston August 22-25
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Page 1. Social Ontology 2018 BostonAugust 22-25 11th Biennial Collective Intentionality Conference Call For ABSTRACT s Deadline: February 28, 2018 Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2018 Submit ABSTRACT s (300-500 words) to: Conference Info

Co-complex protein membership evaluation using Maximum Entropy on GO ontology and InterPro annotation
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ABSTRACT Motivation: Protein protein interactions (PPI) play a crucial role in our understanding of protein function and biological processes. The standardization and recording of experimental findings is increasingly stored in ontologies, with the Gene ABSTRACT We can expect robots to efficiently perform tasks using appliances in a similar way that humans do. A common approach is to build appliances models so that robot can operate them but this process is time-consuming. In this paper, we propose a method to

Generating Semantic Trajectories Using a Car Signal Ontology
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we use semantic technologies for enriching trajectory data in the automotive industry for offline analysis. We proposed to re-use a combination of existing ontologies and we designed a Vehicle Signal Specification ontology to provide an

An Implementation of a New Framework for Automatic Generation of Ontology and RDF to Real Time Web and Journal Data
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ABSTRACT Information on the web is tremendously increasing in recent years with the faster rate. This massive or voluminous data has driven intricate problems for information retrieval and knowledge management. As the data resides in a web with several forms, the

Ontology Similarity Computation and Ontology Mapping Using Distance Matrix Learning Approach.
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ABSTRACT Ontology a common tool in various fields of natural sciences, aims to get the optimal ontology similarity calculation function. Favored by researchers from semantic query and other disciplines, it is used to calculate the similarity between ontology concepts. The

Development of Blood Donor Complication Semantic Retrieval System using the Ontology Application Management Framework
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ABSTRACT Blood donation is the blood transfusion from donor to the patient. The unwanted complication in blood donation process may be an impediment of donor returning to donate blood in the future. Reduction of complications not only enhances the safety of donors but

EmbedS: Scalable, Ontologyaware Graph Embeddings
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ABSTRACT While the growing corpus of knowledge is now being encoded in the form of knowledge graphs with rich semantics, the current graph embedding models do not incorporate ontology information into the modeling. We propose a scalable and ontology

Personalized Web Search Based On Client Side Ontology
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ABSTRACT : Web search engines are valuable tools that are widely used to find specific information in the World Wide Web. Every user has a distinct background and a specific goal when searching for information on the Web. The goal of Web search personalization is to

Level Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Using an Ontology
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ABSTRACT The rapid growth of the World Wide Web has led to an explosion of information that is available on this platform. This has resulted in an increased interest in sentiment analysis, where the goal is to determine the opinion regarding a topic. Aspect-based

IREvent2Story: A Novel Mediation Ontology and Narrative Generation
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ABSTRACT Event detection is a key aspect of story development which is composed of multiple narrative layers. Most of the narratives are template-based and follow a narration theory. In this paper, we demonstrate a narrative from events detected in the international relations

REA2: A unified formalisation of the Resource-Event-Agent Ontology
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Businesses collaborate with partners to create value and compete with those same partners to earn the larger part of the value they created together (BrandenburgerNalebuff, 1996). Collaboration requires sharing information with trading-partners, whereas information In the original version of the book, Reference [15] has been removed from the reference list in chapterFuzzy Ontology Modeling by Utilizing Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Description Logic . The erratum chapter and the book have been updated with the change The updated online version of The exponential growth of demand for sharing of knowledge beyond the normative mental capacity of human beings is accelerating construction of and contributions to the Semantic Web. Development and integration of computer ontologies, with multi-agent knowledge

An OntologyBased Representation of Financial Criminology Domain Using Text Analytics Processing
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Summary Financial Criminology is an emerging field of todays research area in combating and detecting any misuses or fraudulent in financial management. The study of financial criminology by academia and industry is dramatically increased. Therefore, domain

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Ontology (philosophy of medicine) is currently perceived as the solution of first resort for all problems related to biomedical intervention and the use of description logics is seen as a minimal requirement on adequate ontologybased systems. Contrary to common

Ontology Matching as Regression Problem.
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ABSTRACT : Ontology matching is one of the most important works to achieve the goal of the semantic web. To fulfill this task, element-level matching is an indispensable step to obtain the fundamental alignment. In element-level matching process, previous work generally

Zero Energy Ontology and Matrices
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ABSTRACT During years the basic mathematical and conceptual building bricks of quantum TGD have become rather obvious. One important building brick is Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO). ZEO forces to generalize the notion of S-matrix by introducing M-matrices and U

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ABSTRACT The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) has known since its beginnings an undeniable success. Defined since its origins as a meta-language facilitating the development of specialized tags Languages, nowadays, many documents benefit from the

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The urgent issue of contemporary economic and humanitarian discourse is the scientific provision of knowledge for the basic mechanisms of economic development in tourism. The modernization paradigm of tourism development gives it the function of a catalyst for

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ABSTRACT Data warehouse systems provide a great way to centralize and converge all data of an organization in order to facilitating access to the huge amounts of information, analysing and decision making. Actually, the conceptual data-models of data warehouses

Towards the MEANING Top Ontology : Sources of Ontological Meaning
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Authors: Jordi Atserias (UPC), Salvador Climent (UOC), German Rigau (UPV/EHU) Keywords: Ontologies, WordNet, EuroWordNet ABSTRACT : This working paper describes the initial research steps towards the Top Ontology for the Multilingual Central Repository (Mcr) built in Shan Gao is a philosopher of physics at the Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology, in Shanxi, and a prolific writer, with nineteen books, both technical and for the large public, covering a variety of topics in fundamental physic. For some time, Gao has

What We Think About When We Talk About Money: Social Ontology and the Amalgamated Mind
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ABSTRACT . Much social cognition and action is dialogical in nature and profitably understood from a second-person perspective. The elemental social roles ofdebtorandcreditorare of great importance in explaining the structure and history of a wide range of social facts and

An Ontologybased Decision Support Framework for Personalized Quality of Life Recommendations
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ABSTRACT . As urban atmospheric conditions are tightly connected to citizens quality of life, the concept of efficient environmental decision support systems becomes highly relevant. However, the scale and heterogeneity of the involved data, together with the need for

No Moral Progress without an Objective Moral Ontology
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ABSTRACT One of the definitions of philosophy is: the study of presuppositions. While many philosophers and scholars agree that human history exhibits moral progress, there seems to be confusion about the presupposed moral ontology that such a view entails. Moral ontology

Automated Generation of Robot Task Plans Based on Action Ontology
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose an action ontology for service robots and the algorithm for automated robot task plan generation based on this ontology . The action ontology proposed in this paper includes the class hierarchy of robot actions and various

Towards an Ontology of Competition
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ABSTRACT . It is widely recognized that accurately identifying competitors is a challenge for many companies and entrepreneurs. It is one that they cannot escape from, as failing to do so is a recipe for problems. Amongst other factors, competitor identification is challenging

What Does an Ontology Engineering Community Look Like A Systematic Analysis of the schema. org Community
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ABSTRACT . We present a systematic analysis of participation and interactions within the community behind schema. org, one of the largest and most relevant ontology engineering projects in recent times. Previous work conducted in this space has focused on ontology

OntologyDriven Sentiment Analysis of Product and Service Aspects
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ABSTRACT . With so much opinionated, but unstructured, data available on the Web, sentiment analysis has become popular with both companies and researchers. Aspect-based sentiment analysis goes one step further by relating the expressed sentiment in a text to the

Device-Independent Visual Ontology Modeling
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ABSTRACT . The development of ontologies typically involves ontology engineers and domain experts with different backgrounds in semantic technologies and ontology modeling. Domain experts, who provide the conceptualization of the knowledge domain, often lack

Rumour as performance: Ngugi wa Thiongos Wizard of the Crow and the Peripheral Ontology of Postcolonialism
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Middle Flight||| VOL. 6 ISSN 2319 7684 159 of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today

Rquirements specification and ontology building
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ABSTRACT . The connection point between requirements specification and ontology is an explicit formal specification. Sharing knowledge is crucial for these both activities. Building an ontology in parallel with requirements specification activity leads to produce better quality

Efficient OntologyBased Data Integration with Canonical IRIs
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ABSTRACT . In this paper, we study how to efficiently integrate multiple relational databases using an ontologybased approach. In ontologybased data integration (OBDI) an ontology provides a coherent view of multiple databases, and SPARQL queries over the ontology are

Semi-Automatic OntologyDriven Development Documentation
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ABSTRACT . Documenting a product development, eg, creating requirement specifications, is an indispensable, time-consuming and resource-intensive activity in large organizations. A vast amount of related information often emerges across several siloing lifecycle tools, and only a

Methodology for automatic ontology generation using database schema information
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ABSTRACT An ontology is a model language that supports the functions to integrate conceptually distributed domain knowledge and infer relationships among the concepts. Ontologies are developed based on the target domain knowledge. As a result

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ABSTRACT Ontology automatic enrichment consists of adding automatically new concepts and/or new relations to an initial ontology built manually using a basic domain knowledge. In a concrete manner, enrichment is firstly, extracting concepts and relations from textual

An Ontology of Information Structure
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The answer to the first should be a process diagram, the second a graph, the third a map with routes indicated, and the fourth a photograph. The answer to the last might best be presented in a Gantt chart. Search engines are very much poorer at finding this kind of information, and

Brand Identity Ontology
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ABSTRACT . Brand Identity is of paramount importance for or «ganizations today. Due to the advancement of technology, faster innovation, growing competition and more demanding consumers, managing a brand is becoming more and more complex. Entrepreneurs in