operating system IEEE PAPER 2016


ALMOS many-core operating system extension with new secure-enable mechanisms for dynamic creation of secure zones
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Abstract:Many-core architectures are becoming a major execution platform in order to face the increasing number of applications to be executed in parallel. Such an approach is very attractive in order to offer users with high performance. However it introduces some key

Operating System Support for High-Performance Solid State Drives
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The performance of Solid State Drives (SSD) has evolved from hundreds to millions of I/Os per second in the past three years. Such a radical evolution is transforming both the storage and the software industries. Indeed, software designed based on the assumption of slow

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ABSTRACT Kernel mode rootkits, KMRs have indeed gained considerable success as far as blackhat society is concerned raising much alarm to systems and system defenders. The danger posed by these rootkits has to some extent led to call for universal attention on the

Learning neuroendoscopy with an exoscope system (video telescopic operating monitor): Early clinical results
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Video telescopic operating monitor is a worked on the principle of telescopic surgery with familiar microsurgical instrument thus it act as a bridge between microneurosurgery and endoneurosurgery as well as it improves surgeon comfort, minimizes fatigue, and reduces surgical morbidity

Feasibility Study of the PS Injection for 2 GeV LIU Beams with an Upgraded KFA-45 Injection Kicker System Operating in Short Circuit Mode
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Abstract Under the scope of the LIU project the CERN PS Booster to PS beam transfer will be modified to match the requirements for the future 2 GeV beams. This paper describes the evaluation of the proposed upgrade for the PS injection kicker. Different schemes of an

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to Improve Quality Management System (Case Study: SBU GMF Power Services)
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Unit (SBU) of PT GMF AeroAsia which has main service to repair the turbine engines. As the time passed, The project completion time is often delayed. It can be seen through the Planning Data Sheet (Sheet PD) which is the process control tool of Maintenance, Repair,

ARM Based Customizing an Operating System for the Single Board System (Cubie-Truck)
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Abstract: In this paper the author going to present, The design and implementation of a CubieBoard Operating System (CBOS) on ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) platform in technical details, including boot loader design-UBOOT, building the Kernel-uImage, ROS is an open-source robotic middleware for the large-scale development of complex robotic systems. Although the research community is quite active in developing applications with ROS and extending its features, the amount of references does not translate the huge

Operating System: A Review
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Abstract: Computer use and application are in the midst of a major paradigm shift from the centralized, professionally managed facilities towards" computing for the masses" characterized by placing control and computing power right at the desks of millions of

Survey on Mobile Malware Detection Techniques in Android Operating System
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Abstract:The extensive use of mobile devices has led to a new era of change in everyday life. Mobile devices are more powerful and are very portable when compared to Personal Computers (PC's). The rise in the smart phone usage resulted in the raise in mobile

Characteristic Patterns of Timestamps from Android Operating System on Mobile Device and Virtual Machine
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Abstract:Mobile devices are rapidly emerging as popular appliances that are being used by consumers due to its mobility and easy access to the Internet, especially through the usage of Wi-Fi facilities. Android is widely used as one of the operating system in mobile

Operating System Process and Thread Migration in Heterogeneous Platforms
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ABSTRACT Parallel and heterogeneous computing are here to stay. Moreover, diverse computational units are increasingly tighterintegrated in emerging heterogeneous platforms, sharing access to the memory bus. We argue that the traditional way we use

Hardware architecture of a Real Time Operating System
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Abstract-In this paper we discuss prescribed design of a real time operating system. A real- time operating system provides a platform for the design and implementation of a wide range of applications in real-time systems, embedded systems, and mission-critical

Taxonomy of Reconfigurable Computing and Operating System
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Abstract-Reconfigurable computing is a promising technology to meet future computational demand by leveraging flexibilities and the high degree of parallelism found in reconfigurable hardware fabrics, such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)[1][2]. Reconfigurable

The Impact of European Emissions Trading System on the Enterprises Operating in Poland1
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The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is the core of the EU environmental policy, it is one of several instruments for the implementation of the environmental policy objectives. In contrast to the remaining groups of instruments–legal

Energy Efficient Sustainable Communication System Design for Space Craft Operating in the Coldest Places of Solar System
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Abstract:In this big Universe communication is need of the hour. To make efficient communication system, it must consume less amount of power. So the goal is to maintain less power by changing output load at different frequencies. With change in output load