operating-system IEEE PAPER 2017

Porting a driver for the Intel XL710 40GbE NIC to the IX Dataplane Operating System
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The goal of the project is to add support for the Intel XL710 40GbE Network Interface Card (NIC) to IX. IX[1] is a dataplane operating system which provides high-throughput and low latency networking for event-driven applications. The driver port leverages the i40e DPDK driver for the The series Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI) publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of computational intelligence quickly and with a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, applications, and design methods of computational

Distributed Operating System and Scheduling for MPSoC
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Multiprocessor system on chips (MPSoCs) allow developers to leverage the flexibility of software development, such as multi-threaded and multi-tasked application writing, with the computational power and hardware design flexibility of field programmable gate arrays

Where am I? Operating System And Virtualization Identification Without System Calls
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ABSTRACT Operating systems provide a wealth of versioning information via system calls, but suppose one is given control of the instruction pointer and allowed to jump to a provided block of code. Is it possible to identify the operating system and other key con guration

Lock-in-Pop: Securing Privileged Operating System Kernels by Keeping on the Beaten Path
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Abstract Virtual machines (VMs) that try to isolate untrusted code are widely used in practice. However, it is often possible to trigger zero-day flaws in the host Operating System (OS) from inside of such virtualized systems. In this paper, we propose a new security metric showing

Implementation of Real Time Operating System based 6-degree-of-freedom Missile Trajectory Simulation
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Abstract Simulation plays a key role in the development and testing of a missile system. Simulation not only helps to reduce research cost but also saves development time. Software in the loop simulation (SILS), Processor in the loop simulation (PILS), and

Towards Adaptive Semantic Subscriptions for Stream Reasoning in the Robot Operating System
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Abstract Modern robotic systems often consist of a growing set of information-producing components that need to be appropriately connected for the system to function properly. This is commonly done manually or through relatively simple scripts by specifying explicitly which

Accessing Operating System Using Finger Gesture
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Abstract: With the large use of computers human computer interaction has become an important part of our daily life. Gesture recognition enables humans to communicate with the machine and interact without any peripheral device like mouse, keyboard etc. Compare to

Unit-19 Learning Microsoft Windows Operating System
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In the last unit you have read about print, audio and video technologies and also briefly about the computers. It was mentioned that computer is a converging technology. This has made it possible to put print, audio and video material on one platform. These can be

SIR (System Information Reporter) Framework for Performance Comparison of Different Operating Systems with KVM Hypervisor
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Important System information is gathered using SIR (System Information Reporter) framework on the respective guest Operating System on KVM hypervisor. Keywords: virtualization, hypervisor, SIR, KVM. [5] discussed on virtualization Machine Guest Operating System .

RSOS: Reliable and Secure Operating System
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Did you recollect when your landline phone got hanged, probably you do not remember either it really did not happened or you are using smart mobile phone for a long time. Then, did you remember when your elegant smart phone got hanged while you were running few

Torta: Generating Mixed-Media GUI and Command-Line App Tutorials Using Operating - System -Wide Activity Tracing
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ABSTRACT Tutorials are vital for helping people perform complex software-based tasks in domains such as programming, data science, system administration, and computational research. However, it is tedious to create detailed step-by-step tutorials for tasks that span

Software-based methods for Operating system dependability
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Guaranteeing correct system behaviour in modern computer systems has become essential, in particular for safety-critical computer-based systems. However all modern systems are susceptible to transient faults that can disrupt the intended operation and function of such

Smart Voice Assistant: a universal voice control solution for non-visual access to the Android operating system
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Abstract In this paper we introduce Voice Command Device (VCD), a universal voice control solution for nonvisual access to the Android operating system . VCD offers two contributions as compared to existing systems. First, it enables system wide Voice Control

A Bibliography of Publications about the AT T Plan 9 Distributed Operating System
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The UNIX/Linux Operating System Networking/Internet
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The Internet network is a hierarchical network of thousands of networks involving millions of host computers and tens of millions of users from over 100 countries. In March 1997, the one millionth domain name was registered (from Internet World, October 1997 issue) nrc. ca is

Verification of Operating System Components
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The paper concerns recent advances in reaching the goal of industrial operating system (OS) verification. By industrial OS we mean a system actively used in some industrial domain, elaborated and maintained for a significant time, not a proof-of-concept OS

Operating System for Brain-like Computing System Built Upon Nodes of von Neumann Architecture
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Abstract Brain and computer are alike in many ways, they both take inputs, do processing, store and output information. Yet computer of von Neumann architecture is clearly different with human brain. By borrowing some concepts from brain science and cognition

Mobile Operating System (MOS) selection on Ideal Solution Optimization
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Abstract: Now a days Smartphone plays a important role in a day to day life. In recent market there are many mobile companies introducing their mobile devices. But the selection of mobile on better performances looks, brands etc. are difficult to choose. In any mobile device

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Abstract The Information and Communication Digital Technologies insertion in education has widely modified several learning spaces providing a greater interactivity among student, teacher and school contents. Based on these technologies, the interactive computer is

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ABSTRACT Nowadays, listening to audio books on mobile devices is quite common. Therefore, in the future we will obtain ever-increasing amounts of information through speech instead of conventional printed materials. So instead of Reading the books we can

Critical Analysis for Memory Management Algorithm for NUMA based Real Time Operating System
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Abstract Since long time memory management algorithms have been studied widely, inadequate devotion has been concentrated on the real-time characteristic. Furthermost algorithms are generalpurpose and do not fulfill the necessities of real-time systems.

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Abstract The Computer of 21st Century is called ubiquitous Computer. In present era of technology, computers are connected with each other through communication devices like Bluetooth, Infrared and Microwaves and communication links. The day to day increase in the

A Review on Operating System Management to Get User Attention
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Abstract This Mobile computer are highly engaged with our daily routine activities, from wearable displays to the smart watches than to in vehicle infotainment systems. The interactions are mostly driven by applications that are running in the background and attract

Review of Inter-App Permission Leakage and Malware Characterization in Android Operating System
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Abstract Android operating system is extremely popular because of its openness to developers as well as freely availability of numerous apps. It also supports third party developed apps which might be developed intentionallyto grab private information of the

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Abstract-Many computer science educators have no formal training in education. Their work simply gets grounded in the technology. For any teacher or student, it is very hard to find out the sources of difficulty in learning particular concept. According to the Sensory Stimulation

Time Critical Messaging Using a Real-Time Operating System
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Abstract This thesis evaluates the possibility and the effects on performance of running an existing software, not designed for real-time operation, on a real-time operating system . The software being investigated is Unite Communication Server developed by Ascom Wireless

Enhancement in Automobile Vehicle Safety System and Reduce Human Errors in Vehicle Operating System
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Abstract We all enjoy driving vehicles. But there are certain safety and security concern about which you must aware while driving an automobile vehicle. The biggest concern is with hand brake, gear and seat belt system on the vehicle. In this system that all three

A Forensic Investigation of the Robot Operating System
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Abstract The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a framework that is mostly used in industrial applications such as automotive, healthcare and manufacturing and it is not immune from potential future hacking. By carrying out various types of cyber-attacks, hackers

SDN-based IP and Layer 2 services with Open Networking Operating System in the GÉANT Service Provider Network
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Abstract The migration of Service Providers wide area IP networks towards SDN is a challenging task. In this paper, we consider the critical requirements of GÉANT, the 500Gbps pan-European provider interconnecting 38 National Research and Educational Networks

Operating System Support for Virtual Machines
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Abstract: A virtual-machine monitor (VMM) is a useful technique for adding functionality below existing operating system and application software. One class of VMMs (called Type II VMMs) builds on the abstractions provided by a host operating system . Type II VMMs are

DREMS-OS: An Operating System for Managed Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems
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Abstract Distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems executing mixed criticality task sets are increasingly being deployed in mobile and embedded cloud computing platforms, including space applications. These DRE systems must not only operate over a

SPIN: Seamless Operating System Integration of Peer-to-Peer DMA Between SSDs and GPUs
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Abstract Recent GPUs enable Peer-to-Peer Direct Memory Access (P2P) from fast peripheral devices like NVMe SSDs to exclude the CPU from the data path between them for efficiency. Unfortunately, using P2P to access files is challenging because of the subtleties

Implement Data Security in Todays Operating System
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ABSTRACT Todays operating systems such as Windows 8 and Android make a change in the way of user interaction with computer devices. Due to cloud computing every task is completed with the collections of software in todays operating systems those are purposed

Operating System
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global _start section. text _start:; write (1, message, 13) mov rax, 1; system call 1 is write mov rdi, 1; file handle 1 is stdout mov rsi, message; address of string to output mov rdx, 13; number of bytes syscall; invoke operating system to do the write; exit (0) mov eax, 60; system

Preemption-resistant control on a non-real-time operating system
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Abstract We propose an architecture for implementing discrete-time control algorithms on a non-real-time operating system so that sensing and actuation occur at precise times, even if the OS preempts the control task. The architecture has the controller perform its computation

Comparative Analysis of Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) of Some Selected OS Using External Signal Generator and Oscilloscope
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Abstract-This study presents a quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis of Real Time Operating systems (RTOS) of some selected operating systems in order to determine their performance in executing a task (s) over real time. In so doing, the studied systems

New Optimal Solutions for Real-Time Scheduling of Operating System Tasks Based on Neural Networks
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Abstract This paper work deals with the implementation of a neural networks based approach for real-time scheduling of embedded systems composed by Operating Systems (OS) tasks in order to handle real-time constraints in execution scenarios. In our approach,

Virtual Reality Operating System User Interface
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Abstract New virtual reality (VR) technology has been developed and is reaching a broader consumer-base than ever before. However, no consumer operating system (OS) has been released optimized for VR. In this project, a concept VR OS user interface (UI) was