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Asymptotic capacity results for MIMO wireless optical communication
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Abstract This paper provides several asymptotic capacity results for the multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical intensity channel in the regime of high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). For the case where the channel matrix has full column rank, the asymptotic

Use of Gaussian Beam Divergence to Compensate for Misalignment of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Links
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Abstract: The vast majority of underwater wireless optical communication systems use collimated blue/green laser beams to deliver high-speed data over a transmission range of a few metres to tens of metres. However, such systems are extremely susceptible to Abstract In this letter, we analytically evaluate the end-toend bit error rate (BER) of point-to point multi-hop underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) systems with respect to all degrading effects of the UWOC channel, namely absorption, scattering, and turbulence-

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ABSTRACT:-In this paper, comparative study of three dispersion compensation fiber models, namely, pre, post and symmetrical involving ideal dispersion compensation fiber Bragg grating for three different modulation schemes in 40 Gb/s single channel optical fiber In recent years, the technology of optical communication has gained importance due to high bandwidth and data rate requirements. This book focuses on free-space optical (FSO) communication that is capable of providing cable-free communication at very high data rates

Under Water Optical Wireless Communication
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Abstract-Underwater absorption, scattering and turbulence processes will introduce attenuation and fading to light propagation and then degrade the performance of underwater wireless optical communications (UWOC). As power consumption is an important issue in

The Performance of Varies Data Rate in Free Space Optical Communication System using Dual Diffuser Modulation
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Abstract In this paper, we show the performance using varies data rate in free space optical communication system for a specific visual range and comparison between conventional technique and Dual Diffuser Modulation (DDM) technique to measuring bit-error-rates for

Short-reach Optical Communication Using Directly Modulated Lasers
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Abstract During the past decade, with the rapid development of cloud computing, smart phones and mobile Internet, there has been an increasing demand for high-capacity and high-reliable metropolitan area networks and access networks. Unlike long-haul

Vision and Challenges of Underwater Optical Wireless Communication -A Survey
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ABSTRACT Not long ago, the application of marine surveillance systems has been developed by developed the significance of underwater optical wireless communication . Through studies, the communication technology is expected to present a prominent role in Potential Great Light Beam for Optical Communication Bessel Beam
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RM Herman and TA Wiggins, Production and use of diffraction beam [J].Journal of the Optical Society of America a-Optics Image Science and Vision, vol. 8, pp. 932-942, Jun 1991. Potential Great Light Beam for Optical Communication Bessel Beam Xiaobin

Performance Analysis of Data Transmission in Free Space Optical (FSO) Communication
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Abstract: Free space optical (FSO) communication has become a viable technology for a broadband wireless application which offers the potential of high bandwidth capacity over unlicensed optical wavelength. Atmospheric turbulence has most significant impact on the

Enhancing Performance of 10 Gbps DWDM Optical Link for High Speed Optical Communication
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Abstract: This paper presents comprehensive analysis of 10 Gbps using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) system with 32 channels spaced at 100 GHz. The system design has been optimized for a long haul optical link for Return to zero (RZ) and Non

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Abstract- Optical fiber communication has emerged as a high potential substitute for communication methods such as twisted pair and coaxial wire. The main advantage of optical fiber over previous methods is to have higher capacity of data rate transmission. The

Compensation of Self Phase Modulation by Anomalous Dispersion in Nonlinear Optical Communication Systems
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Abstract In nonlinear optical systems, self phase modulation gives positive frequency chirp which increases pulse broadening. Anomalous group velocity dispersion in fibers gives negative frequency chirp. The positive frequency chirp due to self phase modulation is

Free Space Optical Communication
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In the recent past, free-space optical communication (FSO) proved to be an important replacement to radio frequency communication . In this paper, a brief description about free space optical (FSO) communication and its connectivity with central cellular network is

Optical Camera Communication and Color Code based Digital Signage Service Implementation
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Abstract This paper presents a digital signage service implementation using optical camera communication (OCC) and color code technologies. Color code implementation in digital signage will be revolutionary with the combination of OCC in the coming years. Here, we

Modern Optical Fiber Communication Splitter Transmitter Module
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we review both the principles and applications of the fibre Sagnac interferometer. The background theory highlights the need to understand the conditions for reciprocity within the interferometer another through them. The electromagnetic energy

Characterization on Practical Photon Counting Receiver in Optical Scattering Communication
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Abstract We characterize the practical photon-counting receiver in optical scattering communication with finite sampling rate and electrical noise. In the receiver side, the detected signal can be characterized as a series of pulses generated by photon-multiplier

Precious Indoor Localization using Optical Camera Communication for Smartphone
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Abstract In this paper an indoor localization technique has been proposed to detect the precious location of a smart device like smartphone. For this purpose, we have proposed a method using Light Emitting Diode (LED) which is driven by a LED driver to navigate the

Role of Optical Wireless Communication Underwater
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Abstract Wireless communication today have emerged a lot in its way. Many researchers have been looking forward to make it better and better. Recently, the importance of underwater wireless optical communication has been grown for applications of underwater

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ABSTRACT Telecommunication traffic (voice, data etc.) is increasing day by day. So to meet the capacity demand, in this paper we have designed and verified a high capacity optical fiber communication system through simulation. We simulated a 60 Gbps 32-channel optical

Compensation of Dispersion in Optical Communication Systems using DCF and FBG Methods
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Abstract: Dispersion is a property of optical fiber, which causes spreading of light within the core of the optical fiber due to propagation delay spread of different spectral components of the transmitted signal which leads to pulse broadening of transmitted signal. Since the

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ABSTRACT: Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) is both an analog and a digital modulation scheme. It conveys two analog message signals, or two digital bit streams, by changing (modulating) the amplitudes of two carrier waves, using the amplitude-shift keying

Free Space Optical Communication (FSO)
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Abstract Todays demand is a communication link with maximum performance and minimum errors. Free Space Optics is a medium with high bandwidth having maximum data rates and security issues favouring its promotion for the present era. Turbulent atmosphere affects the

Time-Domain Digital Back Propagation for Optical Communication in 28 nm FD-SOI
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Abstract Compensation for signal impairments caused by optical fibers are essential for the communication system when transfering data. Two major impairments are chromatic dispersion and nonlinearities and today these are often compensated for with two separate

A Review of Dispersion Compensation using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) in Optical Communication
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Abstract: In this modern era of communication optical fiber has emerged as an efficient and viable mode for communication . Though optical fiber communication lot of benefits, dispersion is that the main performance limiting issue. Dispersion severely degrades the

A Review of Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Communication System and its Simulation
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Abstract: This paper review of the chromatic dispersion compensation in optical fiber communication system. In optical communication system to compensate dispersion Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is one amongst the applicable and necessary components. During this

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The authors examined the mathematical model and analyzed by the natural frequency of the bimorph passive-active plate deflectors. The article shows that at forming the micro-electro mechanical commutators using passive-active plate deflectors, it is possible to improve its

A Review on Advancements in Optical Communication System
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Abstract--- Communication systems are revolutionized by the tremendous research being done in this direction. The need is the mother of the invention. The need of data transfer in increasing every day. There is the big demand for the fast optical communication systems.

Inter Satellite Optical Wireless Communication System
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Abstract: Communication systems have been evolving since the time communication has been started. Inter-satellite communication systems is one of the important applications of free space optical communication technology, which is a unique method for the satellites

Study of Highly Nonlinear Silicon Core Circular Photonic Crystal Fiber for Optical Communication Systems
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Abstract A new design of circular lattice photonic crystal fiber with silicon core is presented and numerically investigated. The optical properties of the proposed design such as the confinement loss, the chromatic dispersion and the nonlinearity are studied by using the

Optimization of Dispersion in Optical Fiber Communication
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Abstract Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information by sending light pulses through fiber optics The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information. The main objective of this paper is to observe the dispersion losses that

Demonstration of a free-space optical communication link in the 10-meter range using electro-absorption modulator arrays
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This work has been focused on the implementation of an indoor asymmetric Free Space Optical (FSO) link using a Quantum Well (QW) based Electro Absorption Modulator (EAM) as core component for communication . The use of such a technology is allowing the user to

A Review on Applications of Optical and Wireless Communication systems based on 2D Photonic Crystal Structures
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The Photonic crystal (PhC) is practically created dielectric material which has change in the refractive index repeatedly between high and low-index regions. Photonic crystal (PhC) consists of periodic dielectric nanostructures that make an impact on the propagation of

Capacity Results for MIMO Wireless Optical Communication
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Abstract This paper provides several capacity results for the multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical intensity channel in the asymptotic high-signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) regime. For the case where the channel matrix has full column rank, the asymptotic capacity

Design and Performance Investigation of Graphene-Based Modulators for 1550 and 1310 nm Optical Communication Wavelengths
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Abstract-This paper addresses the design and performance investigation of grapheme based optical modulators (GBOMs) for 1550 and 1310 nm optical communication wavelengths. The design stands heavily on two commercial software packages, namely

Enhanced Simulation Tools For the Synthesis of Fiber Bragg Grating in Optical Communication Systems
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Abstract In this paper, we are interested on simulation tools developing for designing optical component based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), with potential uses in optical communication systems and sensors. Both principals for understanding and techniques for

Short Communication 2D Few Cycle Optical Pulses in Silicene in the Presence of External Electric Field
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In this paper, we study the influence of external electric field on the propagation characteristics of twodimensional few cycle optical pulses in silicene. This electric field is perpendicular to the silicene plane. We obtain an effective equation, which has the form of

Performance Analysis of Inter-satellite Optical Wireless Communication (IsOWC) Systems using Mach-Zehnder Modulator and Linbmech-Zehnder Modulator
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Abstract Inter-satellite Optical Wireless Communication (IsOWC) has been evolved with great lot of improvement which overcomes many challenges and issues that had been gone through during the use of fiber optical communication systems. Its an already known fact that

An Effective Performance Improvement of Different OFDM Techniques in Optical Wireless Communication Systems
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Abstract: There are various forms of optical OFDM using intensity modulation on Communication Systems Networks and Digital Signal Processing. In this paper, DC-biased optical OFDM (DCOOFDM) and asymmetrically clipped optical OFDM (ACO-OFDM) are

Modeling and Simulation of High Speed Optical Fiber Communication System with OFDM
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Abstract The application of fiber optic transmission is possible in any area that requires transfer of information from one place to another. However, the modern telecommunications infrastructure is based on optical fibers for data transmission, due to their higher bandwidth

A review paper on the Performance Analysis of Flip-OFDM for Optical Wireless Communication
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Abstract: We consider two uniploar OFDM techniques for optical wireless communications: asymmetric clipped optical OFDM (ACO-OFDM) and Flip OFDM. Both techniques can be used to compensate multipath distortion effects in optical wireless channels. However, ACO-