optical fibre communication 2012 section 2

1-and 2-photon absorption by laser-cooled Rb using an optical nanofiber
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K. Deasy, A. Watkins, M. Morrissey, R. Schmidt, and SN Chormaic, ‘Few Atom Detection and
Manipulation Using Optical Nanofibres’, in Quantum Communication and Quantum  4. RP Kenny,
TA Birks, and KP Oakley, ‘Control of optical fibre taper shape’, Electronics Letters, vol. 

 Modelling and simulation of a 1.6 Tb/s optical system based on multi-diagonal code and optical code-division multiple-access
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TH Abd, SA Aljunid, HA Fadhil, MN Junita, N Saad ,Ukr. J. Phys. Opt, 2012 ,ifo.lviv.ua
 1 School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia,
Department, University Technology Petronas, Malaysia Received: 19.12.2011 Abstract. 

Few-mode fibers for mode division multiplexing transmission
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H Kubota, T Morioka ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2012 ,proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org
 Bimodal Optical Fibre, Proc. ECOC 2010, 19-23 September, Turin, Italy Mo.2.C.6, (2010). 16.
Okamoto, A., Soma, D., Wakayama, Y., Tomita, A., Sato K., and Grabar, AA, Experiment on
dynamic reconfigurable diffraction element for mode division multiplex communication, Proc 

 Realization of Marin Mitov Idea for the Stroboscopic Illumination Used in Optical Microscopy
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J Genova, JI Pavlic ,Bulg. J. Phys, 2012 ,bjp-bg.com
 J. Genova1, JI Pavlic2 1Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
1784, Bulgaria 2Department of Communication Systems, Jozef Stefan Institute  At the output of
the shutter the light was collected by an optical fibre and conducted to the microscope. 

Cryogenic temperature response of long-period fiber gratings inscribed on standard photosensitive single-mode fibers
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D Choi, J Kim, YW Lee ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2012 ,proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org
 For comparison with the LPFGs inscribed on H2-loaded standard communication single-mode
fiber, another experiment was performed.  [6] James, SW and Tatam, RP, “Optical fibre long-period
grating sensors: characteristics and application,” Meas. Sci. Technol. 

 Long Period Fibre Gratings
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Fabrication methods of long-period fibre gratings The inscription of long-period gratings on
optical fibre basically consists in the generation of a periodical perturbation of the refractive index
in the core, the cladding, or both along the  276 optical fibre (Vengsarkar, 1996). 

112 Gb/s PM-QPSK transmission systems with reach lengths enabled by optical fibers with ultra-low loss and very large effective area
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JD Downie ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,spiedigitallibrary.org
 ABSTRACT Steadily increasing data traffic gives rise to increasing capacity requirements in optical
communication networks.  Worldwide data traffic continues to grow at a significant rate, giving
rise to ever increasing capacity requirements in optical communication networks. 

 Information and communication technologies (ICT) in education
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M Bozorgmanesh, M Khodamoradi ,Life Science , 2012 ,lifesciencesite.com
 Of the shelf solutions for office automation packages, groupware applications, complex database
solutions, communication products, solutions based on  High capacity cables, optical fibre, radio,
wireless local loops, satellite transmission and various solutions based on a 

 Conference 8426: Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres
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J Bierlich, J Kobelke, D Brand, K Kirsch, J Dellith ,Photonics, 2012 ,spie.org
 Bragg gratings are one of the most important elements of fiber technologies and found applications
ranging from optical communication to all  8426-06, Session 1 Photonic bandgap guiding into
a composite AgPO3-glass/silica microstructured optical fibre I. Konidakis, G. Zito, S 

 Optical Fibre Communication: Optimiztion Using Simulation
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P Gupta, R Sharma, MK Chauhan, L Agarwal ,ijsret.org
ABSTRACT The existing wireless systems can hardly provide transmission capacity of the
order of few Mbps. However, wireless optical fiber technology has the potential of providing
data capacity of the order of Mbit/sec and Tbit/sec, respectively. Therefore the 

 The Least Stand-By Power System Using a 1×7 All-Optical Switch
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T Hiraga, I Ueno ,cdn.intechopen.com
 Optical Communications Systems 148 Fig. 1. Block diagram of the present system. The solid
line is the optical fibre for data communication (wavelength of 1310-1550 nm), and the dashed
line is the optical fibre for the control of a 1×7 all-optical switch (wavelength of 980 nm). 

 Solitons, its Evolution and Applications in High Speed Optical Communication
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RL Sharma, R Singh ,researchtrend.net
 I. INTRODUCTION Dispersion has been a problem in optical fibre communication,
particularly at high bit-rates and for long haul communication. Solitons based optical
pulses, which maintain their shapes over long distances 

 Designing Optical System Component via Artificial Intelligence
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A Nayyar ,anandnayyar.com
 [10] JM Senior, ‘Optical Fibre communication Prentice Hall, New York 1992. [11] K Seshadri Sastry
et.al, Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive modulation Using Non Data Aided SNR Estimation for OFDM
System, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Vol. 

 Superconductivity Web21
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S Miki ,istec.or.jp
 The reassurance of a safe communication network is an important attribute in a society where
networks are developing rapidly.  Up until now, with installed optical fibre, quantum key distribution
systems developed by the US Department of Defence and the European Union have 

 Simulation of 8× 10 Gb/s WDM system based on optical amplifier at different dispersion
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A Kumar, SK Arya, S Lata ,ijceee.org
 [2-4] The performance of long haul optical communication systems is limited, by chromatic
dispersion and nonlinear effects of fiber, which interact and accumulate along the length  Nonlinear
effects have become more important from the development of the optical fibre amplifier. 

 An Improved Method of Fabricating Rare Earth Doped Optical Fiber
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R Sen, A Dhar ,cdn.intechweb.org
 Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) — to overcome losses in long-distance optical
communication links, fiber lasers — a technology having great potential for medical, defence
and manufacturing sectors, Light Emitting Diode (LED) ,across the visible, ultraviolet and infrared 

 High Speed Quantum Key Distribution for Smart City Distances with Data Multiplexing
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In conventional Gb/s data communication, millions of photons are present in each
optical pulse. On the other hand, QKD channels use optical pulses in the single photon
regime. When significant light is injected into optical fibre eg. 

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 in optical fibres–Numerical aperture and Acceptance angle-Types of optical fibres (material,
refractive index, mode)–Double crucible technique of fibre drawing-Losses in an optical
fibre–Attenuation, Dispersion and Bending losses-Fibre optical communication system (Block 

 Small signal and time resolved optical signal chirp measurements
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HT NGUYEN, D Erasme ,euro-fos.eu
 For high speed communication applications, understanding the effects of chirp on the transmission
of signal is of great importance to  The optical output from the transmitter passes through a
dispersive optical fibre with accumulated dispersion DL (ps/nm), and is detected by a 

 FFT Size Optimization for LTE RoF in Nonlinear Fibre Propagation
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and optimizing the DD-OOFDM signal with FFT sizes of 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 over the
linear and nonlinear optical fibre propagation and  III. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The
conventional wireless communication aims to achieve a BER of 10-5 with coded modulation [ 

 Performance Analysis of an Optical MIMO Testbed in Comparison to Wireless MIMO Systems
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S Aust, A Ahrens, J Pankow, S Lochmann ,BALTIC CONFERENCE ,basoti.uni-rostock.de
 However, the MIMO technique isn’t limited to wireless communication and a lot of scenarios can
be described and outperformed by the MIMO technique. In comparison to the wireless MIMO
channel, the optical fibre is an important type of a fixed-line medium, which is used in 

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WCS Joardar ,Over the years, the journal has become a forum of ,dssc.gov.in
 The optical fibre based IACCS is the backbone of the network structure which would give a
composite Recognised Air Situation Picture (RASP) by fusing the information from all the ground
sensors available with IAF  A schematic diagram of the upcoming communication grid of 

 Multimode Passive Optical Network for LAN Application
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E Beres-Pawlik, G Budzyn, G Lis ,intechopen.com
 flexible than single-mode structures (part 2). Medium Access Method in PON’s is presented in
part 3. Some basic communication parameters like  of detecting collisions in CSMA/CD networks
We assume that the network structure is based exclusively on optical fibre circuits and 

 In-Service Line Monitoring for Passive Optical Networks
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N Honda ,intechopen.com
 Honda, N.; Iida, D.; Izumita, H.Ito, F. Bending and connection loss measurement of PON
branching fibers with individually assigned Brillouin frequency shifts, Optical Fiber Communication
Conference 2006  Optical fibre cable network maintenance ITU-T Recommendation L.37 

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 of light in optical fibres–Numerical aperture and Acceptance angle- Types of optical fibres (material,
refractive index, mode)–Double crucible technique of fibre drawing-Splicing, Loss in optical
fibre–attenuation, dispersion, bending-Fibre optical communication system (Block 

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H Sharma, AK Yadav ,ijrst.com
 During this decade optical communication in public communication networks developed from
the status of a curiosity into being the dominant technology.  out as milestones: 1. The invention
of the LASER (in the late 1950’s) 2. The development of low loss optical fibre (1970’s) 3 

 Isochronous and Anisochronous Modulation Schemes in Wireless Optical CommunicationSystems
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M Rouissat, AR Borsai, M Chikh-Bled ,International Journal of , 2012 ,mecs-press.org
 265–298, Feb. 1997. [6] JMH Elmirghani, and RA Cryan, Analytic and numerical modelling of
optical fibre PPM slot and  95–99, Dec. 1998 [8] ED Kaluarachchi, Digital pulse interval modulation
for optical communication systems, Ph.D. thesis, Sheffield Hallam Univ., UK, 1997. 

 Nonlinear Fibre-Based Photonic Technologies
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applications will span optical regeneration, linear distortion compensation, optical decision at
the receiver in optical communication systems, spectral and  Optical fibre materials exhibit a
nonlinear response to strong electric fields, such those of optical signals confined within the 

 B. TECH DEGREE COURSE-Scheme of Examinations (2012 admissions) SEMESTER I&II (COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES)
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C No ,cectl.ac.in
 Bandwidth requirements of angle modulated waves. Optical communication:
Fundamental concepts, Block diagram of an optical fibre communications system.
Cellular Telephone: Fundamental concepts, Frequency reuse, Block 

 Next Generation of Optical Access Network Based on Reflective-SOA
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The Bit rate-distance product (BL) is commonly used as figure of merit for communication
systems, where the B is the bit rate (bit/sec) and L is the repeater spacing (km).  Today,
Internet service providers propose 100 Mbit/s using optical fibre. 

 Secretary’s Report
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SS Wilks, AV Qld, RH SA, GT WA ,minesurveyors.com
 Voice channels are provided in both direc- tions to allow communication between the surface
and underground rescue per- sonnel. A single optical fibre deployed from the vehicle is used
for bi-direc- tional wideband communications, and a low frequency radio backup system is 

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J Witt, M Breithaupt, J Erdmann, K Krebber ,kiriama.com
 Fig. 1: Left: Cross section of a microstructured polymer optical fibre. The cracks are a result of
a rough cut with a cold razor blade.  References [1] W. Daum, J. Krauser, PE Zamzow, O. Ziemann,
POF-Polymer Optical Fibers for Data Communication, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2002. 

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A Singh, N Nitin, N Agrawal, AK Jaiswal ,ijesat.org
 He worked for the promotional activities in optical fibre communication system sponsored by
Government of India, in association with IIT Kharagpur and Madras. His research interests are

 Multi-Functional SOAs in Microwave Photonic Systems
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 It entails the use of optical fibre links to distribute RF signals from a central location to Remote
Antenna Units (RAUs). It combines the properties of the microwave and photonics approaches.
In narrowband communication systems and WLANs (wireless local area networks), RF 

 Tailoring of the Local Environment of Active Ions in Rare-Earth-and Transition-Metal-Doped Optical Fibres, and Potential Applications
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B Dussardier, W Blanc, P Peterka ,cdn.intechopen.com
 the development of optical fibre-based sophisticated devices have benefited from the development
of very performant optical fibre components.  of the developed thulium-doped fibres with enhanced
3H4 level lifetime for applications in fibre amplifiers for communication S-band 

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 change of the photodiode array used for the experiment is shown on the Figure 2. The sensor
uses communication fibers SMF  References 1. Lopez-Higuera, JM, Optical Fibre Sensing
Technology, John WileySons, New York, 2002 2. Eftimov TA, Resultant mode pattern and 

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K Sharma, G Prabhakar ,ijmra.us
 optical fibre systems?, IEEE Commun. Mag., 1995, pp. 96–102 JM Senior, Optical Fiber
Communications Principles and Practice Harlow Pearson 2005, Prentice Hall International Series
in Optoelectronics, second edition, no. 3, 2005 G. Keiser, Optical Fiber Communication, 

 Fabrication of sensitive fibre ? optic gas sensors based on nano ? assembled thin films
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S Korposh, SW Lee ,cdn.intechopen.com
 Intrinsic FOS allows to implement different measurements designs within an optical fibre based
on the gratings (Bragg Gratings and long period gratings, LPG ) written into the fibre core in which
the changes in the reflected light due to changes in the grating period is measured 

 A Quantum Key Distribution System Immune to Detector Attacks
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A Rubenok, JA Slater, P Chan, I Lucio-Martinez ,qcrypt.net
 well as across different locations within the city of Calgary [6], confirming this protocol as a realistic
approach to secure communication and demonstrating  find that key distribution is possible up
to 27.1±3.6 dB, which corresponds to 135±18 kms of standard optical fibre (with an 

Nonlinear optics in tapered silicon fibres
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AC Peacock, N Healy ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,letters.spiedigitallibrary.org
 4 Starting from the silicon core optical fibre platform, we have recently demonstrated the fabrication
of ta- pered silicon waveguides.  The high quality compression that is possible in this wavelength
regime is promising for use in broadband communication systems as well as for 

 Optical Fiber Gratings in Perspective of Their Applications in Biomedicine
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V Mishra, N Singh ,cdn.intechopen.com
 In the modern era, the idea that light can be used for communication combined with the
phenomenon of total internal reflection, gave rise to the concept of medium for light
transmission.  Compatibility with communication fiber facilitates telemetry iv. 

Excited-state absorption measurements of Tm 3-doped crystals
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JW Szela, JI Mackenzie ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,letters.spiedigitallibrary.org
 interest in large area high-brightness colour displays, optical data storage, medical treatment,
materials processing, printing or submarine communication.  The probe beam comprised two
interchangeable LEDs coupled into a large diameter (400 µm) optical fibre with numerical 

 Genetic Algorithms for Semi-Static Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks
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RJ Durán, I de Miguel, N Merayo, P Fernández ,cdn.intechopen.com
 In first optical communication networks, the optical technology was only used for transmission
between nodes that were directly connected  routed optical networks Wavelength Division
Multiplexing (WDM) allows the transmission of several data channels through an optical fibre. 

 Fiber fuse propagation behavior
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damage train. Thus, this phenomenon imposes an inevitable limit on the light power
per fiber for current optical communication systems, namely, the service be unable
to meet the growing demands of communication traffic. The 

 The Jaynes–Cummings model dynamics for nano-optical systems
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The Jaynes–Cummings model dynamics for
nano-optical systems S. Al-Awfi Department of Physics, Taibah University, PO Box 30002, Madina,

 Polarization Mode Dispersion compensation in WDM system using dispersion compensating fibre
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A Kaur ,Polarization, 2012 ,ijera.com
 V. CONCLUSION AND FUTURESCOPE In the WDM system PMD limits the long distance
transmission of optical fibre and if the polarization  and RS Kaler, 2006, Gain flattening approach
to physical EDFA for 16 × 40 Gb/s NRZDPSK WDM optical communication systems, Fiber