Class-E Power Amplifier with Minimal Standby Power for Wireless Power Transfer System
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a method for minimizing standby power consumption in wireless power transfer (WPT) system via magnetic resonance coupling (MRC) that operates at 6.78 MHz. The proposed circuit controls the required capacitance according to

Reconfigurable concurrent multiband doherty power amplifier
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ABSTRACT The research work in this thesis aims to develop Doherty power amplifiers that can support concurrent multiband operation as well as reconfigurable operation. The reconfigurable operation is developed such that the Doherty power amplifier can reconfigure

Design of A 60 GHz Power Amplifier utilizing 90nm CMOS Technology
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ABSTRACT In order to satisfy the short-distance high-speed wireless transmission communication system, such as Wireless Personal Area Net-work (WPAN) applications. A 60GHz high efficiency single ended power amplifier is proposed, which is with three stages

Design and simulation of Class A amplifier with 10W power S-band applied in radar systems using PHEMT transistor
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ABSTRACT Amplification the received signals is very important and integral in communication systems (transmitter, receiver, radar and etc). Amplifiers, as separate blocks, get the signal to the desired level in several stages, depending on the amount of amplification required

A Doherty Power Amplifier with Large Back-off Power Range Using Integrated Enhancing Reactance
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In future wireless communication systems, such as the 5th generation of mobile communication network (5G), the ever increasing demand for high transmission data rate results in the employment of wideband and multi-band modulated signals characterized by ABSTRACT In this paper, a high-efficiency frequency-reconfigurable CMOS power amplifier (PA) design technique is presented at 24 and 28 GHz using integrated tunable neutralization and matching networks. To cope with the adverse effects of gate drain

ET power amplifier efficiency modeling and performance evaluation
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ABSTRACT Energy consumption of next generation radio access network is posing a deep impact on CO2 emission and network operating cost. In a macro site, radio equipment dominates the power consumption. Specifically, the power amplifiers consume 70% of the

A Reactance Compensated Three-Device Doherty Power Amplifier for Bandwidth and Back-off Range Extension
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a new broadband Doherty power amplifier topology with extended back-off range. A shunted λ/4 short line or a λ/2 open line working as compensating reactance is introduced to the conventional load modulation network, which

A Review of 5G Power Amplifier Design at cm-Wave and mm-Wave Frequencies
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ABSTRACT The 5G wireless revolution presents some dramatic challenges to the design of handsets and communication infrastructures, as 5G targets higher than 10 Gbps download speed using millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) spectrum with multiple-input multiple CSE PROJECTS