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Network and Parallel Computing
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It is our great pleasure to bring you this special issue of the International Journal of Parallel Programming on network and parallel computing. Prior to the publication of this special issue, all papers were presented at the 11th IFIP International Conference on Network and

Parallel Computing Solutions for Linear Combination of Filters
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Abstract:The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are the future of high performance computing and provides a parallel programming model for general purpose applications thanks to CUDA programming interface. The programming model of GPU architecture is

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Abstract Particle in cell (PIC) algorithm studies the selfconsistent motion of multi-particle system by solving equations of particle dynamics, this algorithm is widely used to evaluate the nonlinear space charge effect of the high intensity or low energy beam. In order to Digital libraries (DLs) are increasingly common on the Web, providing ordered, vetted digital targeted user groups. To date, much of DL research has focused on the acquisition and representation of digital objects, optimizing and personalizing user

A Parallel Task Scheduling Optimization Algorithm Based on Clonal Operator in Green CloudComputing
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Abstract:Computing resources in cloud computing with heterogeneous, dynamic, non- balancing and other features, how to allocate resources to fully improve resource utilization and reduce task execution time and energy consumption optimization is the key problem

Parallel Computing with ParaComputeD Server
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Abstract:The purpose of this project is to reduce the time required for processing and execution of a program by developing a framework that will basically delegate the work to various servers best suited for that particular task. We propose a framework that will

Validity of Metaphors and Views of Software Visualization for Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT In this paper approaches to the evaluation of Software Visualization for Parallel Computing are considered on the examples of representation of call graphs and execution traces of parallel programs. The concept of visualization metaphor is described. The

Survey on Serial and Parallel Computing approaches for Real-Time Object Detection, Recognition and Tracking Systems
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Abstract Object Detection, Recognition and Tracking operations are the important operations involved in machine vision and computer vision applications such as video surveillance, intelligent vehicle systems, person identification system, industrial product quality and

Design of control systems for parallel computing structures based on net models
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Abstract:This paper addresses the issue of designing control systems for parallel computing structures. Designing methodology described grounds on Petri nets to model computing systems of different dimensionality. Then a description of the Petri nets models

Recent Trends in Parallel Computing
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Abstract In this paper we have studied the recent trends in parallel computation. A big task that cannot be handled by single CPU can be divided into small number of subtasks which can be processed simultaneously by different processor. At the end these subtasks can be

Text Classification of CrowdSourced Data Using Parallel Computing Nested Baye's Classifier
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Abstract: Text classification has drawn attention due to the vast applicability in language identification, spam filtering, genre classification, sentiment analysis, readability assessment, article triage etc. With the goal of classifying crowdsourced data which is gathered from

Parallel Computing for Machine Learning
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My name is Xinlei Pan. I am a first year graduate student in bioengineering department. I'm interested in machine learning and its application in biological data analysis. Typically examples include gene expression data analysis to construct gene regulatory network,

PCJ-a Java library for heterogenous parallel computing
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Abstract: With the wide adoption of the multicore and multiprocessor systems the parallel programming became a very important element of the computer science. The programming of the multicore systems is still complicated and far to be easy. The difficulties are caused,

Raspberry Pi 2 as an Feasible Alternative for Cloud Based Parallel Computing Solutions
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ABSTRACT Data centres use about 250-350 TWh of electric energy per year. About 33% of the data centres power consumption comes from IT equipment. ARM devices are 3 to 4 times more efficient than the traditional x86 based devices [5]. In recent years, ARM

Accelerating the Computation of Critical Eigenvalues with Parallel Computing Techniques
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Abstract:Eigenanalysis of power systems is frequently used to study the effect and tune the response of existing controllers, or to guide the design of new controllers. However, recent developments in the area lead to the necessity of studying larger power system models,

A Survey on Parallel and Distributed Multi-Agent Systems for High Performance Computing
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Abstract: Simulation has become an indispensable tool for researchers to explore systems without having recourse to real experiments. Depending on the characteristics of the modelled system, methods used to represent the system may vary. Multi-agent systems LNEE publishes authored monographs and contributed volumes which present cutting edge research information as well as new perspectives on classical fields, while maintaining