parallel-computing IEEE PAPER 2017

Evaluation of MATPOWER and OpenDSS load flow calculations in power systems using parallel computing
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Abstract: This study presents the work carried out by the authors to apply Intel MKL PARDISO (a parallel sparse matrix solver) to the load flow solution algorithms of MATPOWER and OpenDSS. The goal is to explore the potential execution time reduction

Impact of advanced parallel or cloud computing technologies for image guided diagnosis and therapy
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Image processing with graphics processing unit (GPU)-based parallel computing technique is an alternative way to solve image processing problems in multimodality image diagnoses and telemedicine, which require large times of processing as well as handling large amounts

Scientific Computing: Introduction to Parallel Computing
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COMP 605 provides experience in designing and running parallel programs in a modern academic cluster setting. One goal is to make our way through as many parallel programming exercises as time will allow in an attempt to tackle computationally intense

Effect of Network Interconnects in Parallel Computing Systems on Parallelized Bioinformatics Applications
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Abstract Over the past few years due to various advancements in the field of molecular biology, an explosive growth in molecular databases has occurred. Along with management of huge molecular databases a heavy amount of computations is also required in various

Improved Hybrid DLBS Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm based on Parallel Computing Environment
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ABSTRACT This paper represents the Parallel Computing is now extremely popular because of its wide variety of applications through internet. The particular service based approaches which are aware from the server selection through the parallel can easily

Introduction to Parallel Computing : Modern Trends in Research, Education, and Application Minitrack
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P Salhofer - Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii , 2017 - hl-128-171-57-22.library.manoa. The mini-track on Parallel Computing : Modern Trends in Research, Education and Application is definitely one of the youngest mini-tracks at HICSS since it is just going into its second round. Of course there are many specialized conferences that are exclusively

Symmetric and Asymmetric Aggregate Function in Massively Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT Applications of aggregation for information summary have great meanings in various fields. In big data era, processing aggregate function in parallel is drawing researchers attention. The aim of our work is to propose a generic framework enabling to

A Complete Bibliography of ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC)
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A Simple Yet E ective Balanced Edge Partition Model for Parallel Computing
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Graph edge partition models have recently become an appealing alternative to graph vertex partition models for distributed computing due to their exibility in balancing workloads and their performance in reducing communication cost [6, 16]. In the edge partition model, a

A Bibliography of Publications in Parallel Computing
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Applications [AGPS03, ASSS11, AGKS15, AGKS16, BDG+10, CGNR06, DMWW88, FG01, OSZ93, Sod02, TFV16, AAB+16, AQ93, AK89b, AFD13, AMMV98, BDPV99, BH14, BMS01b, BFL+01, BRWL09, BDNP11, BCRSR11, BOV09, BFVRC14, BCC+97a, BCC+97b, BK07, From Variability Tolerance to Approximate Computing in Parallel Integrated Architectures and Accelerators Page 2. From Variability Tolerance to Approximate Computing in Parallel Integrated Architectures and Accelerators Page 3. Abbas Rahimi Luca Benini

Educational Videos to Teach Parallel Computing on the Raspberry Pi
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The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest in a series of singleboard computers designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in Britain, intended for teaching computer science in schools and by hobbiests around the world. About the size of a credit card and costing about $35, the Pi

Heuristic approach for cloud computing with parallel computing environment
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Abstract Cloud computing is an emerging trend in the field of Computer Science. It is a booming area. It is a service focused for the high quality, high reliability and low cost information services for the task scheduling of different tasks in the parallel environment. The

Reversed Amdahls Law in Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems
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In recent years parallel and distributed computing have become standard techniques for speeding up calculations for a wide various applications, ranging from production planning [1] to cosmology [2]. Such a common usage have resulted in a considerable attention from

Faster numerical weather forecasting using parallel computing with multi-mesh topology
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ABSTRACT Today for different Meteorological observations attempts are being made for a faster parallel computing method for the purpose of numerical weather forecasting. Highly faster computation technique is required to study raw observation data into easily

Applying Program Evaluation and Review Technique to Parallel Computing
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Abstract-Using Amdahls Law it is possible to estimate the upper bound for parallel speedup. In deriving the Law it is assumed that the considered application can use limitless number of processors so that the processing time of the code parallel fraction can be reduced to 0. In

Review on different Meta-Heuristic Techniques for Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT This paper represents the parallel computing is a type of working out through which many data or the execution connected with processes are finished concurrently as well as scheduling along with source of information permitting so that we can optimize

Numerical Solution of Advection-diffusion problems by using parallel Computing
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Abstract: Mathematical models of advection-diffusion of atmospheric pollutants have been solved by parallel programming and obtained results have been compared with the numerical results obtained from sequential programming of mathematical models [1]. In

GPUs parallel computing exploitation for neuroimaging
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Aims and objectives Dedicated computing environments are becoming increasingly important in neuroimaging applications. Indeed we are experiencing a fast development of non-invasive technologies that progress the research on human brain. These advanced

Embedded distributed/ parallel computing hardware for high school students
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Abstract This paper focuses on embedded distributed/ parallel computing hardware, where microcontrollers are used as a central processing unit. It gives an overview of two controllers one with the best available performance at the time of writing and one for its ease of use to