A Bibliography of Publications in Parallel Computing
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A Parallel Interpolation Extrapolation Algorithm for Computing the Eigenvalues of Preconditioned Banded Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices
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ABSTRACT In the past few years, Bogoya, B ttcher, Grudsky, and Maximenko obtained the precise asymptotic expansion for the eigenvalues of a Toeplitz matrix Tn (f), under suitable assumptions on the generating function f, as the matrix size n goes to infinity. On the basis of

A Bibliography of Publications in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
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Theoretical Study based Analysis on the Facets of MPI in Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT : In the Big data era for scientific applications researchers deal with large volumes of data and so ascends the need for parallel programming. High performance computing frameworks increases the scalability, efficiency and the performance of scientific computing

A Review of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms for Shared Memory Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT Load balancing algorithms are used in parallel systems as a means to increase performance of the parallel systems by ensuring all the computing cores are kept busy at all times and at no single time is one core overloaded while the other cores remain idle. This

Lab Course II Parallel Computing
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ABSTRACT The goal of this lecture and tutorial series is to teach you state-ofthe-art methods and tools for parallel computing and programming environments for CPU and GPU clusters. You can find a sample of programs and scripts discussed in the lecture or in the tutorial in

Parallel Computing Models and Analysis of OpenMP Optimization on Intel i7 and Xeon Processors
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ABSTRACT With the increasing data sizes and complexity of algorithms, and dead lock reached in processor clock frequency due to power constraints, multi core and many core CPUs and GPUs have been developed for parallel computing . This has become an

Parallel computing and parallel programming models: application in digital image processing on mobile systems and personal mobile devices
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ABSTRACT Today powerful parallel computer architectures empower numerous application areas in personal computing and consumer electronics and parallel computation is an established mainstay in personal mobile devices (PMD). During last ten years PMDs have

Parallel Advances in Modern Computing Hardware and Video Game Development
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ABSTRACT The public opinion on the effect and place of video games in society are that they are primarily a tool for recreation. However, further analysis of how certain computer hardware developers have responded to the increasingly complicated nature of video

In Search of a Better Hybrid Approach to Parallel Processing in Cloud Computing Environment
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ABSTRACT : Cloud Computing is a term generally used for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. in simple terms can be stated asPAY-AND-USE Online Software resources . Cloud computing makes us to use the computing resource online. Balancing the load in the CSE PROJECTS