Parameter Self-Adaptive PID Algorithm for Magnetic Levitation Power Supply on Maglev Train

Magnetic levitation power supply (MLPS) is an onboard electrical installation for electromagnetic suspension (EMS) type maglev train, which can provide the energy for suspension control systems on board. Essentially, the MLPS is a special high power DC-DC switching power supply, whose power is usually more than 50kW. As the load characteristic is variable and complex, there is a great difficulty for the controller to maintain constant output voltage. After the load of MLPS is modeled, a self-adaptive PID algorithm is proposed to minimize the output voltage ripple and increase its regulating rate of output current. The parameters of PID controller can be adjusted online, as the error of the output voltage varies. It is proved that the proposed method will highly enhance the reliability of MLPS and quality of the magnetic levitation system.

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