Pervasive and Mobile Computing
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Human occupancy information is crucial for any modern Building Management System (BMS). Implementing pervasive sensing and leveraging Carbon Dioxide data from BMS sensor, we present large Room Utilisation Prediction with carbon dioxide sensor (RUP), a novel

Towards Secure Pervasive Computing in a Dynamic Workplace Environment: A Survey
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ABSTRACT Pervasive computing is an area that is gaining its recognition at very fast rate. The Pervasive computing is an growing trend of embedding computational capability into day to day objects to make them effectively communicate and execute useful tasks. Developments The 2016 International Symposium on Pervasive Computing Paradigms for Mental Health MindCare was held in Barcelona, Spain, during November 28 29, 2016. The symposium discussed the use of innovative technologies in favor of maintaining and improving

Algorithmic Governance in Smart Cities: the Conundrum and the Potential Pervasive Computing Solutions
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ABSTRACT Smart cities and smart environments as enabled by pervasive computing technologies can make us become smarter, relieve us from many customary activities and even take over some boring and repetitive cognitive activities. However, delegating too