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 Policy Based Self-Adaptive Scheme in Pervasive Computing


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Pervasive computing in healthcare systems
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The hospital and the health-care center of a community, as a place for peoples life-care and health-care settings, must provide more and better services for patients or residents. After Establishing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system-which is a necessity-in the hospital

Authentication in Pervasive Computing , Position Paper
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The pervasive computing paradigm foresees communicating and computational devices embedded in all parts of our environment, from our physical selves, to our homes, our offices, our streets and so forth. What will security mean in this New World of ubiquitous

Towards a trust based approach to security and user confidence in pervasive computing systems
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In this paper we describe ongoing work into the development of a trust-based architecture aimed at increasing security and user confidence in pervasive computing systems. We begin by describing the issue of security and privacy in pervasive computing systems before

The Augmented Knights Castle Integrating Mobile and Pervasive Computing Technologies into Traditional Toy Environments
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The Augmented Knights Castle is an augmented toy environment that enriches the childrens pretend play by using background music, sound effects, verbal commentary of toys, and different forms of tactile and visual feedback in reaction to the childrens play

NIST information technology laboratory pervasive computing initiative
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2. Background Smart Spaces are work environments with embedded computers, information appliances, and multimodal sensors allowing people to perform tasks efficiently by offering unprecedented levels of access to information and assistance from computers. Smart

Xml-Based Privacy Model in Pervasive Computing
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The years coming promise to bring new area of information technology, transferring it from scientists minds into reality, on one hand a new paradigm known as pervasive calm, ubiquitous computing , or pervasive computing has the ability to overcome a lot of

Context-aware paradigm for a pervasive computing environment (capp)
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Pervasive Computing integrates numerous, casually accessible and inexpensive mobile devices with traditional distributed systems. The foremost issue of pervasive computing is Context-Awareness. Context-awareness requires a flexible context sensing and context

Toward a general software infrastructure for ubiquitous computing
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The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it. 1 Mark Weisers visionary statement summarizes whats expected from pervasive or ubiquitous computing (ubicomp)

Toward Pervasive Computing in Restaurant.
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In this paper, an example of pervasive computing in restaurant, a wireless web-based ordering system is presented. By using mobile devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and WebPad, customers can get many benefits when making orders in restaurants

Representations in pervasive computing
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The idea behind pervasive computing is that embedded and invisible technology calms our lives by removing the annoyances. Everyday life, however, is shaped by what people do, how they do it, and how they perceive what they are doing. As a consequence everyday life

Secure pervasive computing without a trusted third party
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The miniaturization of computing devices and the need for ubiquitous communication has augmented the demand for pervasive computing . Security demands that all devices in a pervasive system must be able to authenticate each other and communicate in a secure

Ubiquitous service discovery in pervasive computing environment
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Service discovery problems have recently become sizzling subject for researchers with the advancement in ubiquitous computing . Service discovery will be an imperative attribute for future ubiquitous computing networks and autonomous Ad hoc networks. With service

Integrating multiple contexts and ontologies in a pervasive computing framework
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There is a commonly accepted need for contexts and ontologies to describe the vast amounts of data that are available to pervasive computing applications. Existing contexts and ontologies are either much generalised, very application specific, or inflexible. An

Hybrid pervasive mobile cloud computing : toward enhancing invisibility
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Vanishing computers into background toward invisible, distraction-free pervasive computing was envisioned by Mark Weiser which is yet remained unfulfilled. Current pervasive systems feature insufficient infrastructures to accurately perceive, infer context, tune the spaces, and

Embedded-Internet devices: a means of realizing the pervasive computing vision
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This paper explores the feasibility of applying newly emerging low-cost embedded-Internet devices in support of pervasive computing ; a new vision whereby domestic appliances are provided with Internet connections enabling them to be accessed and controlled from

Pervasive Computing @ ICS-FORTH
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This paper introduces the Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Programme of the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (ICS-FORTH). In this context, a laboratory space of about 100m2 comprising six rooms, called the AmI Sandbox

Digital heritage tourism: Reconfiguring the visitor experience in heritage sites, museums and architecture in the era of pervasive computing
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Heritage is a very important motivating factor for tourism. In the past decade, the vast amounts of new media information made available to heritage tourists via the World Wide Web have provided a convenient access to the intended destination image of marketeers

Intelligent Buildings and pervasive computing -research perspectives and discussions
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Intelligent Buildings have been the subject of research and commercial interest for more than two decades. The different perspectives range from monitoring and controlling energy consumption over interactive rooms supporting work in offices and leisure in the home, to

Voluntary Cooperation in Pervasive Computing Services.
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The advent of pervasive computing is moving us towards a new paradigm for computing in terms of ad hoc services. This carries with it a certain risk, from a security and management viewpoint. Users become increasingly responsible for their own hosts. A form of service

Toward Pervasive Computing System to Enhance Safety of Ageing People in Smart Kitchen.
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Kitchen is the second place where the majority of domestic accidents occur, and in particular oven presents the most principal source of fire accidents in residence. Therefore, enabling kitchen safety is a major factor for ageing people independent living. This paper presents the