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Modeling Service Composition Reliability in Pervasive Computing

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A design framework for pervasive computing systems
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Pervasive computing is a family of technologies that aims to become part of our everyday life. Such technology will be available to us everywhere, and for any pur pose. Being online everywhere and anytime is what pervasive technologies are about. The Internet was

Classification of privacy management techniques in pervasive computing
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Context awareness, the ability to adapt to the needs of each user, is a fundamental property of pervasive computing systems. Context information is created by tracking the actions and collecting real-time user data, such as location or body temperature. As the system collects

Speech-to-text transcription in support of pervasive computing
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This paper describes a concept demonstrator of an automatic speech-to-text transcriber that uses speech recognition. It is defined in terms of motivation for the product, how users operate it, and its similarities and differences with other work being carried out in other

A general risk assessment of security in pervasive computing
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There is currently much research into using trustbased mechanisms to secure computing in ubiquitous environments, which are typified by unforeseen circumstances, unexpected interactions, and unknown entities. Risk evaluation becomes essential to the trust-based

Towards pervasive computing environments with cloud services
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Pervasive computing aims at creating environments saturated with embedded and portable computing devices surrounding the users and providing them with many interesting services. It has been gradually applied into our everyday life and its applications are

Improving the reality perception of visually impaired through pervasive computing
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The visually impaired experience serious difficulties in leading an independent life, due to their reduced perception of the environment. However, we believe that ubiquitous computing can significantly improve the perception of the surrounding reality for the blind and visually

Using Prospero to support integrated location-independent computing
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Each user will want a system that is tailored to his or her particular needs. This paper begins with a discussion of the characteristics of and requirements for what we call pervasive computing . We 2 Pervasive Computing Pervasive

Managing Pervasive Computing and Ubiquitous Communications: A Report on APNOMS 2003
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The 7th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS 2003) was held during October 1 2003 in Fukuoka, Japan. APNOMS 200 which was organized by IEICE TM (The Institute of Electronics Information and Communication

Autonomic pervasive computing : A smart mall scenario using promise theory
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We present a simplified example of a pervasive computing scenario using promises to model the interaction policies between the agents. We examine how the autonomic nodes stabilize into a robust functional system in spite of their autonomous decision making. We

SANDMAN: An energy-efficient middleware for pervasive computing
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Energy efficiency in pervasive computing is crucial for devices operated by battery. To provide energy efficiency we created an energy efficient middleware, called SANDMAN. In this paper we present an overview on the past research done in the SANDMAN project and

Decentralized constraint checking for pervasive computing
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As computing becomes more pervasive , smart computing devices are increasingly connected. Applications provide pervasive services based on contexts of their host devices as well as other connected devices. However, the use of contexts commonly follows a

Towards context aware computing : experiences and lessons
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The paper also introduces a generic architecture for pervasive computing , explores and refines its design space, and describes specific instantiations of the architecture and provides initial evaluation of these applications. Two

New paradigms for ubiquitous and pervasive applications
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The recent evolution of network connectivity from wired connection to wireless to mobile access together with their crossing has engendered their widespread use with new networkcomputing challenges. More precisely, network infrastructures are not only

Extending the Technology Acceptance Model to account for social influence, trust and integration for pervasive computing environment: A case study in
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The aims of this study are to develop ubiquitous computing environment using Bluetooth (UCEB) and measure the validity and reliability on in order to support student admission services in Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL). This study is based on the descriptive

A XML based, User-centered Privacy Model in Pervasive Computing Systems
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The fact that pervasive systems are typically embedded and invisible makes it difficult for users to know when, where, and how these devices are collecting data. So privacy is a major issue for pervasive computing applications and several privacy models have beenABSTRACT Project AgentLight is a multiagent system-building framework targeting handheld and embedded computational devices. AgentLight applications will run in J2ME and J2SE environments using as little as 128 KBytes of RAM. The platform provides a built

Impact of pervasive computing in education
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Pervasive computing has greater influence in different domains on both local and global scenarios. It is important for researchers to identify the challenges, rewards, goals, and methods of developing these technologies in different domains to fully aware of its potential

Context-aware middleware for pervasive and ad hoc environments
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Abstract: Recent advances in the area of mobile computing and pervasive computing have driven the emergence of new challenges. For example, the Intelligent Environment or Smart Environment has become one of the key research areas in the pervasive computing arena

A Pervasive Multimodal Tele-Home Healthcare System.
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Abstract: This paper proposes a Human-centered Pervasive Computing System Model (HPC), a Layered Architectural Analysis and Design Method (LAAD) and a Waterfall Prototyping Process Model (WPP) Keywords: Pervasive Computing , Home Healthcare, Agent, Jini

Hospitals of the future ubiquitous computing support for medical work in hospitals
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Techni- cal Report CfPC 2003 PB 3 Center for Pervasive Computing , Aarhus, Denmark, 2003. Available from http://www. pervasive .dk/publications. 3. JE Bardram. The Trouble with Login On usability and Computer Security in Pervasive Computing