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Black phosphorus ink formulation for inkjet printing of optoelectronics and photonics
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Black phosphorus is a two-dimensional material of great interest, in part because of its high carrier mobility and thickness dependent direct bandgap. However, its instability under ambient conditions limits material deposition options for device fabrication. Here we show a

Spectral hole burning and its application in microwave photonics
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Spectral hole burning, used in inhomogeneously broadened emitters, is a well-established optical1 technique, with applications from spectroscopy to slow light2 and frequency combs3. In microwave photonics4, electron spin ensembles5, 6 are candidates for use as

Laser annealed low temperature deposited polysilicon waveguides for nonlinear photonics
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The intrinsic properties of silicon (Si) make it an excellent material for integrated photonics devices with small footprints [1]. To date, most of the reported devices have been based on crystalline silicon (c-Si), but this material suffers from difficult integration with electronic

Mathematical and Computational Methods in Photonics and Phononics
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Abstract. The fields of photonics and phononics encompass the fundamental science of light and sound propagation and interactions in complex structures, and its technological applications. The aim of this book is to review new and fundamental mathematical tools,

Review of Microwave Photonics Technology in the Context of Remote Sensing Application
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The area of microwave photonics has evolved in parallel to the development of optical communication, as optical components have become available at microwave frequencies and beyond. Microwave photonics (MWP) is defined as the study of photonic devices

On-chip wireless silicon photonics : From Reconfigurable Interconnects to Lab-on-Chip Devices
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Photonic integrated circuits are developing as key enabling components for highperformance computing and advanced network-on-chip, as well as other emerging technologies such as lab-on-chip sensors, with relevant applications in areas from medicine Electrons and photons are fundamental particles that we encounter in our daily lives in plain view inside and outside the laboratory. Photonics treats the interaction of electrons and photons in the laboratory and in devices such as lasers and photodetectors. Quantum

Silicon-germanium and platinum silicide nanostructures for silicon based photonics
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ABSTRACT This paper reports a study of two types of silicon based nanostructures prospective for applications in photonics . The first ones are Ge/Si (001) structures forming at room temperature and reconstructing after annealing at 600 C. Germanium, being deposited

Diffusion doped pin/pn diodes for scalable silicon photonics devices
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ABSTRACT Diffusion doped pin/pn diodes in SOI substrate is proposed for the fabrication of active silicon photonics devices with scalable waveguide cross-sections. The p-type and n type diffusion doping parameters are optimized for the fabrication of tunable single-mode

Numerical simulation of waveguide light scattering for Si photonics
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A silicon optical waveguide has a large refractive index difference, and a precise three-dimensional full- wave model is required for numerical analysis. Light scattering to be analyzed is not only the propagation loss of the main mode. There are a wide variety of analysis such as transmittance

ECE 597TN/697TN- Photonics
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This course introduces students to the fundamental operation principles of optical components and photonic devices. Three different description of optical propagation and interaction (geometrical optics, wave optics, and electromagnetic optics) with increasing

Evaluating Logistics Capabilities on Firm Performance of the Photonics Industry in Taiwan
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Abstract This study empirically examined the impact of logistics capabilities on firm performance in the photonics industry. Structural equating modelling (SEM) was employed to test the research hypotheses with the use of data collected from a survey of 221 photonics

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Models, Methods, and Tools for Silicon Photonics
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Silicon photonics , where photons instead of electrons are manipulated, shows promise for higher data rates, lower energy communication and information processing, biomedical sensing, Lab-On-A-Chip, and novel optically based functionality applications such as

Tackling the optical interconnection challenge for the Integrated Photonics Revolution
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The challenge: integrated photonics , packages and alignment

Mid infrared integrated photonics in silicon and germanium
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Mid infrared (MIR) silicon and germanium photonic devices and systems could be useful in a range of applications [1]. Silicon and germanium are transparent in the MIR, have large refractive indices and are dominant materials in microelectronics. Germainum is particularly

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Sub-micrometer structure formation is an intricate condition for high fidelity organic photonics . Our conjugated polymer particles form colloidal crystals through energyfree self assembly, resulting in large scale 3-dimensional photonic crystals. These colloidal crystals

Framework of Silicon Photonics
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Abstract: Earlier, Scientists used to perform various research on discovering an alternative for copper wires which are used for data transfer between the microchips but now we have found that replacement by using silicon as an optical medium. We simply replace the

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The brain is the most complex organ of our body. It allows us to interact with the external world integrating sensory input and producing adequate output to environmental changes. Understanding the mechanisms underlying brain function is a challenge currently ongoing

Silicon Photonics and its Applications in Life Science
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With the technology of silicon photonics gaining maturity there is a tendency to consider it as a generic technology that can serve a diverse range of markets, not only in datacom and telecom, but also in sensors, biosensors and biomedical instruments. The driver is always

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Thanks to the significant progress of the last years in the field of atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics, high resolution spectroscopy measurements have reached astonishing fractional accuracies. In the case of atoms and atomic ions relative accuracies of

Integrated Microwave Photonics : The evolution from ASICs to Universal Processors
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Integrated microwave photonics (IMWP) deals with the application of integrated photonics technologies to microwave photonics (MWP) systems [1, 2]. During the last 5 years, IMWP has become probably the most active area of current research and development in the

Build Silicon Photonics Highways
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? Chip metal layers, package pin, and PCB ? Cisco QuantumFlow (40), Intel Phi (72), Tilera Tile (72), PicoChip (300) ? Maximum pin count of package grows slow ? Multiple clock cycles are required to cross a chip ? Dynamic and leakage power of drivers and buffers

Ge-rich graded-index SiGe waveguides as enabling building blocks for broadband mid Infrared integrated photonics
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The mid-Infrared (mid-IR) photonic integrated platform is recently drawing attention due to its foreseen potential as alternative compact solution to

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Abstract This paper deals with the Photonics research outputs contributed by India during The data for the study has been downloaded from the Scopus database. There are 2103 publications were contributed by a total of 6899 authors with an average of 3.28

The Germanium Zener-Emitter for Silicon Photonics
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Si-Photonic transceivers are classified by their operating wavelength, power consumption and integration in Si to sustain cost-effectiveness. Applying Ge as optical active material in a Zener-Emitter structure, has proven to provide a competitive solution for the integrated

Graphene and 2D Materials for Next Generation Opto-Electronics and Photonics
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Graphene is an emerging material for electronics, photonics and optoelectronics due to unique physical properties such as high electrical conductivity, optical transparency and mechanical flexibility. These properties can be further enhanced or tailored to fit specific

Visible Integrated Photonics in Microelectronic CMOS
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Despite numerous advances in visible/near-infrared (VIS/NIR) integrated photonic devices and platforms, less progress has been made toward scalable VIS/NIR platforms that integrate active and passive photonic devices (eg, waveguides, resonators, and

Summer School on OpticsPhotonics
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PhD student, ECED, SVNIT, Surat Supervisor: Dr Mrs. UD Dalal Associate Professor ECED, SVNIT, Surat Summer School on OpticsPhotonics National Institute of Technology, Surat, India Page 2. Outline RoF introduction Dispersion in optical fibers Conclusion and Future scope

membrane-based integrated photonics
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This paper reports the progress on the fabrication process of highly efficient metal grating couplers for membrane-based integrated circuits, using double side processing technology on bonded samples. This type of gratings comprises a buried SiO2/Ag grating of 125nm

Software-Defined Networking Control Plane for Seamless Integration of Silicon Photonics in Datacom Networks
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Abstract We present a scalable Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) control-plane to integrate Silicon Photonics (SiP) with conventional Ethernet/InfiniBand networks and simultaneously perform packet and circuit switching. Experimental evaluations demonstrate

Integrated Quantum Photonics : Exploiting ordered systems of quantum nanostructures
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Preparation and processing of single photons and other quantum states of light is a prerequisite for an important class of quantum science and technology platforms. Integration of sources of quantum light with various photonic elements would allow the realization of

Conference 10395: Optics and Photonics for Information Processing XI
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We expect commercial high resolution imaging systems, which are able to provide data with 25 cm ground sample distance (GSD) or better in the near future. For selling the data, it is necessary to re-sample it to 30 cm. The situation is similar when swinging out the satellite

Quantum Optics and Photonics Division Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik (Q)
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After an outline of the activities of our theoretical Quantum Optics and Technology group, which involve studies of cold atoms, coherent quantum effects in atomic ensembles, interacting Rydberg gases, physical implementations of quantum computation and

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A few years ago, while I was a PhD student and a young EOS member, I happened to receive, once a year, the so-called international issue of the German magazine Photonik. It gave me the feeling to be a part of a European project in photonics , with a very special, I