Smart Hospital-Room and Modern Photonics Emerging Clinical Reality Based on Optical Systems
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ABSTRACT : Numerous solutions have been proposed for the emergingSmart Hospital-Room , however, there is little progress made yet. Interesting approaches include the Amplion Smart (er) Room of the Future, the IBM-UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical-Center), the NXT

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ABSTRACT . In the first part of this article, we briefly overview the formation of dissipative structures in various out of equilibrium systems. In the second part, we address the formation of localized structures often called cavity solitons in nonlinear optics. We will focus on the

Critical technical aspects of manufacturing photonics integrated circuits on a silicon platform
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2Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT, Warsaw University of Technology, Poleczki 19, 02-822 Warsaw, POLAND e-mail address: m. slowikowski@ imio. pw. edu. pl The technology of manufacturing passive silicon photonic integrated circuits has

Droplet-etched GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots for quantum photonics applications
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Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) obtained by epitaxial growth are regarded as one of the most promising solid-state sources of triggered single and entangled photons for applications in emerging quantum technologies. While most of the studies presented so far

Limiting and Third Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Glycinium Phosphite (GlP) Single Crystal: A potential Semi Organic Crystal for Laser and Photonics
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Glycinium Phosphite (GlP) has been synthesized and characterized successfully. The fluorescence spectrum of the compound showed one broad peak at 282 nm. Linear absorption value was calculated by Optical Limiting method. Birefringence study was carried

Photonics on a fiber for wavefront manipulation
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ABSTRACT Fabricating photonic structures directly on the edge of an optical fiber opens opportunities in telecommunication, sensing, lab-on-fiber and as a replacement for the conventional free-space optics. The main advantages are long-term stability, compact size ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a short overview of the CMOS-compatible contact technology developed in our group on n-InP and p-InGaAs for Si photonic applications. Obtained results cover a wide spectrum: from surface preparation and solid-state reaction to

Near field: exploitation and imaging in nano- photonics .
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ABSTRACT The tremendous progress in nanophotonics towards efficient quantum emitters at the nanoscale requires investigation tools able to access the detailed features of the electromagnetic field with deep-subwavelength spatial resolution. This scenario has (RNGs) based on physical randomness sources are of paramount importance for cryptography and secure communications, where they are used as cryptographic keys to protect the privacy of data transmission. Since 2008, laser chaos has been viewed as the

Quantitative Analysis of Focal Adhesion Dynamics Using Photonic Resonator Outcoupler Microscopy (PROM)
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ABSTRACT Focal adhesions are critical cell membrane components that regulate adhesion and migration and have cluster dimensions that correlate closely with adhesion engagement and migration speed. We utilized a label-free approach for dynamic, long-term, quantitative

Photon management assisted by Bloch Surface Waves on one dimensional photonic crystals
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In the recent past, the emerging field of nanotechnologies has stimulated intense research efforts, since it holds promise for opening new scenarios in a wide variety of fields. Although this field [] will not tell us much more about fundamental physics, as stated by Feynman in To date, strategies in which photonics, engineering and biomaterials are combined to serve a common purpose have been scarcely reported. Up to now, their crossfertilization has been mainly limited to the development of photo-responsive polymers for various applications

Effect of Defect Layer on the Localized States in 1-D Photonic Crystal
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ABSTRACT In the present work, defect modes developed as a result of defect states in one dimensional photonic crystal has been studied. The transmission spectrum has been obtained using transfer matrix method. The study has been extended to investigate the effect

High Performance Black Phosphorus Electronic and Photonic Devices with HfLaO Dielectric
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ABSTRACT As an emerging two-dimensional material, few-layer black phosphorus (BP) shows great potential in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics due to its high carrier velocity. However, non-optimized gate dielectrics often degrade the performance of BP devices

A study on photonic crystal slab waveguide with absolute photonic band gap
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ABSTRACT : Most of the conventional photonic crystal (PhC) slab waveguides have a photonic band gap (PBG) only for one polarization state of two orthogonal polarization states. In this paper, we study on an absolute PBG that can realize PBG for both polarizations in the same

Light manipulation in photonic crystal structures and their applications
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Modelling All-Optical Switching and Limiting Properties of AlAs Photonic Crystals
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ABSTRACT . The incorporation of defect modes into the perfect crystal structure allows the control of the flow of light by altering the photonic bandgap and thereby can be manipulated to achieve optical switching. A model for all optical switching and limiting based on two

Hybrid Silicon-Vanadium Dioxide Photonic Devices for Optical Modulation
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In the last two centuries, our civilization has made incredible advances in the ways we send, receive, and process information, putting us in the midst of the Information Age. Specifically considering information transfer, light (optics) has historically played a vital role. Use of fire

Design of Compact Aerosol Particle Sensor by Integrated Spectropolarimeter using III-V-on-silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits
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ABSTRACT Aerosols are minute particles suspended in the atmosphere. When these particles are sufficiently large, we notice their presence as they scatter and absorb sunlight. Their scattering of sunlight can reduce visibility (haze) and redden sunrises and sunsets. The

Photonic Transmission of a Circular Aperiodic Superlattice Made of GaAs and Metamaterial Equivalent of NaCl
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The article analyzes the transmission properties of a circular aperiodic superlattices in the visible light range. The tests were carried out for the metamaterial equivalent of NaCl, which was defined as material A and GaAs-material B. Structure with the generation number of the

Temperature Tunability of Dielectric/Liquid Crystal/Dielectric Photonic Crystal Structures
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Revised 11 Oct. 2017; Accepted 25 Nov. 2017; Published 15 Dec. 2017) ABSTRACT : Recently, photonic crystals doped with liquid crystal (LC) material have gained much research interest. In this article new ternary one-dimensional photonic crystal introduced and studied. The

In-situ fabricated 3D micro-lenses for photonic integrated circuits
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ABSTRACT : Aspheric astigmatic polymer micro-lenses were fabricated directly onto photonic integrated circuits using two-photon lithography. We observed a 12.6 dB improvement in the free space coupling efficiency between integrated ridge laser pairs with micro-lenses to

Site-controlled quantum dots integrated with photonic crystal waveguides and cavities
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ABSTRACT Quantum mechanics did not only deeply transform our world view down to a philosophical level, it is also expected to be key ingredient of future so-called quantum technologies. Indeed, quantum properties of matter such as isolated single particles or

Predicting chaotic time series using a photonic reservoir computer with output feedback
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Reservoir Computing is a bio-inspired computing paradigm for processing time dependent signals (JaegerHaas, 2004; Maass et al., 2002). The performance of its hardware implementations matches digital algorithms on a series of benchmark tasks (see eg (Soriano

Greens function diakoptics: a 2-D/3-D hybrid approach to photonic crystal modelling
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Electromagnetic (EM) Theory concerns the study of the interaction and propagation of electromagnetic fields within physical matter. Since the introduction of the theory and equations governing the behaviour of electromagnetic waves in a general medium by

Towards high-performance analogue readout layers for photonic reservoir computers
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Reservoir Computing is a bio-inspired computing paradigm for processing time-dependent signals (JaegerHaas, 2004; Maass et al., 2002). The performance of its hardware implementations (see eg (Soriano et al., 2015) for a review) is comparable to state-of-the-art

An Omni-directional Reflector Using 1D Ge-SiO2 Based Photonic Crystal
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ABSTRACT A simple design of an omni-directional reflector (ODR) based on Ge-SiO2 bilayer system has been presented. The photonic band gaps (PBGs) of the proposed photonic crystal for both TE and TM modes at different angles of incidence is computed numerically

Whitney, H.(2016). Photonic multilayer structure of Begonia chloroplasts enhances photosynthetic efficiency. Nature Plants, 2,[16162]. DOI
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Enhanced light-harvesting is an area of interest for optimising both natural photosynthesis and artificial solar energy capture1, 2. While iridescence has been shown to exist widely and in diverse forms in plants and other photosynthetic organisms and symbioses3, 4, there has

Inverse Photonic Glasses by Packing Bi-disperse Hollow Microspheres with Uniform Cores
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ABSTRACT A major fabrication challenge is producing disordered photonic materials with angleindependent structural red color. Theoretical work has shown that such color can be produced by fabricating inverse photonic glasses with monodisperse, non-touching voids in

Photonic Technologies for Biomedical Applications
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ABSTRACT Applying photonic technologies to address biomedical challenges has unique advantages and therefore attracts much research attentions. In the bookHandbook of Photonics for Biomedical Engineering , edited by AH-P. Ho, D. Kim, and MG Somekh, many

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ABSTRACT Design of Asymmetric Photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with suitable diameter (D) and pitch value (P) using COMSOL Multiphysics. Simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics illustrates that the designed fibers to achieve the light propagation with low confinement

Design and Modeling of the Photonic Crystal Waveguide Structure for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR)
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ABSTRACT : The application of the photonic crystals (PC) waveguide (WG) as the light delivery system in heatassisted magnetic recording (HAMR) system is demonstrated. The structure consists of a 90 bending photonic crystal (PC) waveguide (WG) and a ridge dielectric

Technology Development of Nano-scale Photonic Integrated Circuits on III-V Membranes
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Summary Title of dissertation: Technology Development of Nano-scale Photonic Integrated Circuits on III-V Membranes Photonic integration is a fast-growing technology with diverse application fields such as bio-medics, astronomy, automotive, communications etc. This

Fabrication and characterization of an electric field directional sensor based on a photonic crystal fiber selectively filled with liquid crystals
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It was recently demonstrated that photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with liquid crystals can be used as fiber optic sensors to detect the intensity of external electric fields [1, 2]. Measuring the direction of a field is possible after infiltrating the fiber selectively, due to its initial

Emerging Prospects of Photonic Crystal Fibers
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ABSTRACT - Photonic crystal fibers are the periodic structures of air holes running along the fiber around a solid or hollow core. These present a diversity of new and improved features beyond what conventional optical fibers can offer. Due to their unique geometric structure

Spectroscopy of Rydberg Atoms in Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers
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ABSTRACT This thesis presents the coherent excitation of Rydberg states from a room temperature vapor of cesium atoms in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers. The project was initiated and enacted in close collaboration with the 5th Physical Institute of the University of ABSTRACT : In this study, a two-layer polarization-maintaining solid-core photonic crystal fiber (SC-PCF) is proposed. The cladding has two large holes both in the first and second layers for high birefringence and confinement loss reduction, respectively. The structural

Equivalent Circuit Modelling of Electrical Crosstalk in Photonic Integrated Circuits
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ABSTRACT In literature, the problem of equivalent circuit modelling of electrical crosstalk has already been debated with respect to microelectronicsbut not in the field of microphotonics. In this paper, measurements performed on single and coupled Mach

Impact of Alignment and Orientation in Photonic Crystal Devices
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ABSTRACT Photonic crystals are attractive optical materials for controlling and manipulating light flow. One dimensional photonic crystals are already in widespread use, in the form of thin-film optics, with applications from low and high reflection coatings on lenses and mirrors

Tunable Optical Filter Using Multilayer Photonic Structure Based on Kronig
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ABSTRACT A method to design the tunable optical band pass filter using one-dimensional multilayer photonic structure has been proposed. The multilayer structure has been proposed choosing Si as high refractive index material and SiO2 as low refractive index ABSTRACT Printed circuit board high speed dielectric waveguides operating at frequencies up to 130 GHz with embedded photonic band gap filtering structures are studied. The filters are made of alternating dielectric materials placed within the core of the dielectric

Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors based on Photonic Crystal Fibers for Advanced Sensing Applications
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A. DOMINGUEZ-LOPEZ, L. SZOSTKIEWICZ, M. NAPIERALA, T. NASILOWSKI Inphotech Sp. Zoo, Dzika 12/15, 00-175 Warsaw, POLAND e-mail address: adominguezlopez@ inphotech. pl In order to properly satisfy the societal needs of today in terms of energy, communications

Analytical Investigation of TM Surface Waves in 1D Photonic Crystals Capped by a Self-Focusing Left-Handed Slab
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Revised 18 Oct. 2017; Accepted 17 Nov. 2017; Published 15 Dec. 2017) ABSTRACT : In this paper, the localized TM surface waves of a nonlinear self-focusing left-handed slab sandwiched between a uniform medium and a one-dimensional photonic crystal (1D PC) is

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ABSTRACT A new design of elliptical solid core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is proposed using COMSOL Multiphysics software based on finite elementmethod. The cross section of the PCF is modeled with circular airholes and an elliptical core made of silicon. Results for

Band Gaps of Diamond Structured Photonic Crystals
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ABSTRACT From the plane wave expansion method, the energy bands and density of states for optimum band gaps were obtained for diamond lattice formed from GaP, Si, InP, GaAs, InAs, Ge and BaSrTiO3 dielectrics spheres drilled in air, by changing the radius of the spheres in

High-selectivity quantum pulse gating of photonic temporal modes using all-optical Ramsey interferometry: supplementary material
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The purpose of this section is to summarize the theoretical analysis that has informed the experiment. The equations of motion for the quantum frequency conversion (QFC) interaction Hamiltonian specified in the main manuscript take the form of coupled-mode

Frequency Selective Emission Using Surface Modification of Photonic Crystals
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A hybrid photonic crystal structure is designed to modify thermal emission spectrum tailored to suit applications in biosensors, detectors and thermophotovoltaic devices. The hybrid photonic crystal structure uses the effect of surface morphology on the optical properties to

An Effectual Analysis on the Impact of Geometry on Photonic Crystals
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ABSTRACT Photonic crystals are composed of periodic dielectric, metallo-dielectricor even superconductor microstructures or nanostructures that affect electromagnetic wave propagation in the same way that the periodic potential in a semiconductor crystal affects

Supporting Information Photonic Torque Microscopy of the Nonconservative Force Field for Optically Trapped Silicon Nanowires
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Figure S1a shows a typical scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image in cross-section of a dense array of ultrathin silicon nanowires (SiNWs), having a length of about 2m. This is obtained by using a field emission Zeiss Supra 25 scanning electron microscope. The