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Generation and Detection of Terahertz Waves using Optoelectronic Techniques: Towards Terahertz Photonics
D Saeedkia ,
Abstract Optoelectronic techniques for generation and detection of terahertz (THz) signals
have been reviewed. The operation principles of THz photomixer sources have been
studied and recent developments in these area have been presented. The performances 

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on FIB for Photonics: Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 13-14 June 2008: collocated with the 14th European
F Ay, LJ Kauppinen ,2008 ,
Although FIB for applications in optics has recently become a hot topic, it has received little
special attention in conference meetings. FIB has attracted interest from several research
groups because of its potential for rapid prototyping of nanostructured devices, post- 

Angular-Resolved Optical Characteristics and Threshold Gain Analysis of GaN-Based 2-DPhotonics Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers
SW Chen, TC Lu, TC Liu, PH Weng, HC Kuo ,
Photonic crystal (PhC) surface emitting lasers (PCSELs) utilizing Bragg diffraction
mechanism have considerable amounts of publication during the past few years1, 2, 3, 4.
Such PhC lasers have many excellent advantages to attract the attention especially in 

The Fulsome Conundrum: Solving the nation’s shortage of photonics personnel with education
SD Moore ,Proc. SPIE, 2002 ,
ABSTRACT Nationwide, photonics technicians are in short supply. Even with the recent
downturn in the nation’s economy, thousands of technicians are needed by traditional optics
manufacturing companies, telecommunications providers, defense contractors, and other 

Silicon Photonics VII
  BI Akca, K Wörhoff ,Technical ,
Highly sensitive optical methods have been developed for the detection and analysis of
biotissue. Integration on a silicon microchip offers cost reduction and instrument
miniaturization. We demonstrate that for thin samples, integrated waveguides have a 

Precision X-Band Linac Technologies for Nuclear Photonics Gamma-Ray Sources
FV Hartemann, F Albert, SG Anderson ,2011 ,
Abstract Nuclear photonics is an emerging field of research requiring new tools, including
high spectral brightness, tunable gamma-ray sources; high photon energy, ultrahigh-
resolution crystal spectrometers; and novel detectors. This presentation focuses on the 

Improving resonant photonics devices with sol-gel coatings
Y Jestin, AB Matsko, AA Savchenkov ,Proceedings of , 2009 ,
ABSTRACT We show that the stimulated Raman process impairs multiple applications of
ultra high Q whispering gallery mode resonators and discuss possible ways of its
suppression. One of the most promising ways is the coating of the resonators with films 

CAD-Supported University Course on Photonics and Fiber-Optic Communications
DKC Chan ,Proc. SPIE, 2002 ,
ABSTRACT The highly competitive global photonics industry has created a significant
demand for professional Photonic Design Automation (PDA) tools and personnel trained to
use them effectively. In such a dynamic field, CAD-supported courses built around widely 

Progress on the Global Photonics Education Network (GPEN)
M Nantel ,
Abstract Since ETOP 2001, the Global Photonics Education Network (GPEN) has slowly
formed and built momentum. With its growing number of members, its list-serv email address
and a new webpage, the GPEN is gathering the critical mass needed to become a useful 

Photonics and Optical Communication Research at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
HY Tam, PKA Wai, TM Yue , KONG INSTITUTION OF , 2004 ,
The Photonics Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a
multidisciplinary research centre with members from the Electrical, Electronic and
Information Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering and Mechanical 

Mobile Learning a new Paradigm of e-Learning in Optics and Photonics 
IA Christ, D Curticapean ,
The developed solution enables the presentation of animations and 3D virtual reality (VR)
on mobile devices and is well suited for mobile learning, thus creating new possibilities in
the area of e-learning worldwide. Difficult relations in physics as well as intricate 

Integrated Photonics in LiNbO3: Recent Developments

Abstract: Recent developments of integrated photonics in Lithium Niobate (LN) are reported.
They include new waveguide structures such as low loss ridge guides and photonic crystal
structures, a ring resonator gyroscope, an Erbium doped frequency shifted feedback laser 

Physical Properties and Behaviour of Highly Bi-Substituted Magneto-Optic Garnets for Applications in Integrated Optics and Photonics
M Nur-E-Alam, M Vasiliev, K Alameh ,Advances in Optical ,
Rare-earth and Bi-substituted iron garnet thin film materials exhibit strong potential for
application in various fields of science and frontier optical technologies. Bi-substituted iron
garnets possess extraordinary optical and MO properties and are still considered as the 

High-Q Coated Microcavity for Optics and Photonics
YF Xiao ,The 2 nd GeZhi Forum for Young Scientists, 2010 ,
Optical whispering-gallery (WG) microresonators provide a powerful platform for various
photonic applications ranging from low-threshold lasing to highly sensitive bio/chemical
sensing. They are also used for fundamental studies including cavity optomechanics, 

Fundamentals of Photonics
WT Silfvast ,
Objectives When you finish this module you will:• understand how lasers operate•
understand how gain or amplification is produced• know how various beam characteristics
occur• know about longitudinal and transverse modes• design laser amplifiers• design 

Photonics Doctoral School, Oostduinkerke March 16, 2009
 Slide 2-1 LASERS an introduction Erik STIJNS Vrije Universiteit Brussel Fac. IR , Dpt. TONA
Photonics Doctoral School, Oostduinkerke March 16, 2009 Page 2. Doctoral School Lasers
16-3-2009 STIJNS: Intro to Lasers Lecture 2 Slide 2-2 LASERS an introduction Lecture 1 

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