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Linewidth influence in photonics logic device
AP Gonzalez-Marcos, T Vivero ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT Photonics logic devices are currently finding applications in most of the fields
where optical signals are employed. These areas range from optical communications to
optical computing, covering as well as other applications in photonics sensing and 

Optical metamaterials for photonics applications
D Langley, RA Coutu Jr, LVA Starman ,Proceedings of , 2009 ,
Abstract This paper discusses our investigation into artificial structures called metamaterials.
Metamaterials make it possible to achieve electromagnetic properties not existing in nature.
The investigation focuses on the modeling, fabrication and testing of metamaterials at 

Si Nano-Photonics Innovate Next Generation Network Systems and LSI Technologies
K NISHI, Y URINO ,NEC technical journal, 2007 ,
Electronics/Photonics tonics, which is a new technology for solving several problems that
exist in both domains by fusing the Si LSI processing technology and optical data
transmission technologies. NEC is developing two main technologies using Si photonics; 

An original syllabus in photonics at the Ecole Généraliste d’Ingénieurs de Marseille
F Flory, JP Fabre ,Education and Training in Optics and Photonics, 2003 ,
Abstract: With the creation of a new school of engineers which is part of the French system of
the” Grandes Ecoles” a deep reflection based on the experience of three schools, which are
merging, has been led. The objective is to prepare highly selected students to meet the 

Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics VI
VV Tuchin, DD Duncan, KV Larin ,Society of Photo- , 2009 ,
The papers included in this volume were part of the technical conference cited on the cover
and title page. Papers were selected and subject to review by the editors and conference
program committee. Some conference presentations may not be available for publication. 

3D investigation of photonics elements by means of interferometric and photoelastic tomography
  M Kujawinska ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT In the paper we present interferometric and photoelastic tomography methods
applied for the 3D studies of refractive index (n) and birefringence (B) in photonics
components such as optical fibres and microelements produced or replicated by a variety 

Reconfigurable waveguides for soliton-driven photonics
C Denz, J Petter, D Träger ,Society of Photo-Optical , 2003 ,
ABSTRACT We review the propagation and interaction behaviour of spatial screening
solitons generated in a photorefractive SBN crystal in order to exploit them for new
perspectives in soliton-driven photonics. We report on the successful experimental 

Creating the future: towards an integrated system for photonics education and training
TK Lim ,Education and Training in Optics and Photonics, 2003 ,
Abstract: A critical factor for realizing the steady and sustainable growth of the optics industry
in Singapore is an adequate and steady supply of qualified personnel at all levels. In this
paper, the formation of the National Alliance for Photonics Education and Training ( 

DNA Photonics—Probing Light-Induced Dynamics in DNA on the Femtosecond Timescale
Q Wang ,Charge Migration in DNA, 2007 ,Springer
In Chap. 10, Wang and Fiebig discuss about a new field, DNA photonics that is important to
understand the role of DNA as a functional building block in molecular nanoscale devices,
and is also expected to shed light on the complex interactions between structural and 

Geometrical Transformations for Numerical Modelling and for New Material Design in Photonics
  F Zolla, YO Agha ,Metamaterials and , 2009 ,Springer
This paper is a review of various techniques used in computational electromagnetism such
as the treatment of leaky modes in waveguides, helicoidal geometries for microstructured
optical fibres and the design of arbitrarily shaped invisibility cloaks. This seemingly 

High index contrast photonics platform
 BE Little, JV Hryniewicz ,Proceedings of SPIE, , 2005 ,
Abstract A new low-loss high-index-contrast photonics platform has been developed for
integrated optics and microwave photonics. The platform consists of a material system that
has an index contrast that is adjustable from 0 to 25% and which is processed using 

AHJ Yang, SD Moore, BS Schmidt, M Lipson ,
ABSTRACT Optofluidic transport represents the fusion of optics with microfluidics to create a
new paradigm for nanoscale transport. Optofluidic transport exploits the favorable transport
properties of light for the manipulation of objects in nanoscale systems. Here we 

New Frontiers in Liquid Crystal Photonics: from Active Bragg Gratings to Mirrorless Lasing
A Marino ,2004 ,
In the last decades the telecommunication world has undergone an highest development.
The request of faster and more widespread communications, due to the larger number of
users, mostly day by bay more exigent, opens the way to the research of the most 

Nonlinear silicon photonics
The phrase ‘silicon photonics’ has captured the excitement and dynamic growth of a
powerful, new integrated-optics technology. 1 Use of silicon (Si) and silicon dioxide (SiO2)
as an integrated photonics platform employs the high-refractiveindex contrast between 

Organic Optoelectronics and Photonics II
QH Nimoth, GF He, M Pfeiffer ,3–7 April 2006 Palais de la , 2000 ,
PE Burrows, Pacific Northwest National Lab.(USA) There are still multiple roadblocks which
limit the expansion of displays based on organic light emitting devices to low cost, high
volume applications. One such application which is now being seriously considered is to 

Interactive Bio-photonics Workstation for Manipulation and Observation in 3D
J Gliickstad ,
Abstract-A fully user-intera. ctive 3D drag-and-drop laser trapping and rnailipulatior~ systeiri
is presented. Materials-scientist or rriicro-biologists can directly observe and ir~ t~ eract with
a 3D microscopic world consisting of a plurality of dividing cells, particlcs or 111icr. o-fal~ 

A down-under undergraduate optics and photonics laboratory
B Perczuk ,Proc. SPIE, 2002 ,
ABSTRACT Our senior undergraduate laboratory offers 14experiments in optics and
photonics, including experiments on acoustooptics, properties oflasers, holography, optical
fibre sensors and communications. Six oftheexperiments, and a mandatory assignment on 

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