power line communication research papers 2015 IEEE PAPER

NMEA2000 Ship Area Network (SAN) design and Test Bed using Power Line Communication (PLC) with the 3-Phase 3-Line Delta Connection Method
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Abstract. In this paper, the Integrated Ship Area Network which is suitable for the old or special ships built prior to the implementation of e-Navigation regulation by designing the PLC-based NMEA2000 integrated Network technology using the Ship-PLC. Since the

A Survey of Recent Power Line Communication Technologies for Smart Micro Grid
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Abstract Renewable energy resources for electric power generation have got the spotlight by industry and academia as greenhouse effect has become more severe. Micro Grid is an isolated power system that has generators and power loads. For isolated area Micro Grid

Cable Identification as a New Application of Power-line Communication Technology
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Abstract. Power-line communication technology is applied to identify cables in power distribution system. The application area of power-line communication will be extended in this paper. Power cable circuits have only a limited ability to carry higher frequencies. Also

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Power theft is a serious concern for public, for utility company and for government. Power theft detection is hard to detect using conventional protection methods, so an advanced protection scheme must be developed to manage the issue. An effective protection plan

A Low cost E-Billing and Supply control using Power Line Communication
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Abstract-In every aspect of life automation is required to reduce the work. So we have designed Automatic Energy Meter Reading system using power line communication. This AMR will overcome the current old method of electricity billing process. AMR is a modern

A Power Line Communication System for Grid Distributed Renewable Energy
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Abstract The multi-sources nature of renewable energy production can be taken into account thanks to involving the solutions of distributed architecture based on individual DC-DC converters, connected to a direct current (DC) bus. Associated to this architecture, to

Checking the feasibility of power line communication channel with noise using OFDM Technique
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Abstract: We know that research on digital communication has been widely developed in the past few years and offers a high quality of transmission in both the medium guided (wired) unguided (wireless) communication environment. Coupled the devices with new

Cable Identification and Application of Power Line Carrier Communication for Distribution Lines
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In order to verify the idea, the proposed cable identification system is implemented with narrowband power-linecommunication module with simple MAC and 290 kHz and 125 kHz. Experiments show also that the carrier signal is not transferred over the higher level transformer.

Space-Time-Frequency Diversity for OFDM-Based Indoor Power Line Communication
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In this paper, full rate space-time-frequency coding applied to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based power line communication systems. The proposed systems yield both time and frequency diversity and keep transmission rate full. Performances of the systems

Cable and Phase Identification based on Power Line Communication
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Abstract Phase and cable identification is a challenging issue. Power-line communication technology is applied to identify cable and phase of power distribution systems. Power cable circuits have only a limited ability to carry higher frequencies. Typically transformers

Power Line Communication Modem
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The NCN49597 is a powerful spread frequency shift keying (S- FSK) communication system- on- chip (SoC) designed for communication in hostile environments. It combines a low power ARM Cortex M0 processor with a high precision analogue front end. Based on

Vehicular Power-Line Communication Constraints
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Abstract The increase of sensors and actuators in today's vehicles has led to a growing number of electronic control units (ECU). This increases the wiring harness of the vehicle, resulting not only in increased weight but also high installation and maintenance costs.