Power System Operations provides an introduction to power system modeling, power system steady-state analysis, power system estimation, power system security, and electricity markets. Specifically, this book covers the analysis of three-phase circuits, the

Damping Power system Oscillation using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)
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ABSTRACT -In todays interconnected power system network power oscillation is a major source of concern for power utilities due to its negative impact on power system stability and reliability. This paper discusses the basic operating principle and application of Static

Analysis And Simulation Of Adaptive Power System With Dc Motor Type Dynamic Loads
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ABSTRACT -In this paper proposes an Adaptive Power System (APS), it is used to mitigate the negative impacts levied on the platforms resulting from large dynamic loads. Here we are using dc motor because it has several advantages. Such as, Speed control over a wide

MPC-based Two-stage Rolling Power Dispatch Approach for Wind-integrated Power System
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ABSTRACT Regarding the fact that wind power forecast accuracy is gradually improved as time is approaching, this paper proposes a two-stage rolling dispatch approach based on model predictive control (MPC), which contains an intra-day rolling optimal scheme and a real-time

Active and Reactive Power Control of Single Phase Transformerless Grid Connected Inverter for Distributed Generation System
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel approach by which enhancement in power quality is ensured along with power control for a grid interactive inverter. The work presented in this paper deals with modeling and analyzing of a transformer less gridconnected inverter with

Placement of FACTS Device using Reduction of Total System Reactive Power Loss Sensitivity Indices Analysis Method
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ABSTRACT Now a day electric power sector had over all activities of generation, transmission and distribution of power within its domain of operation, Such utilities referred to as vertically integrated utility (VIU). Due to continuous increase in industrialization and

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Distributed Power Flow Controller on Multi Machine System
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ABSTRACT In last few decades the demand of electricity grownup drastically. Due to higher demand and aging of networks it is indispensable to control the power flow in transmission systems. The flexible AC Transmission system (FACTS) provides effective control over one

Comparison of Si and SiC based Power Converter Module of 150 kVA for Power System Applications
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ABSTRACT The paper deals with the comparison of power semiconductors based on Si and SiC in application of power converters for power systems. These are single-phase voltagesource bridge inverters with nominal power of 150 kVA. Power converters are

Optimum Design of Photovoltaic/Regenerative Fuel Cell Power System for a Remote Telecom Station
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ABSTRACT -In this paper a hybrid power system of photovoltaic/regenerative fuel cell (PV/RFC) is introduced. The role of this system is the production of electricity without interruption for a remote telecom station. The studied system is proposed PV subsystem work as a primary

Introducing low-order system frequency response modelling of a future power system with high penetration of wind power plants with frequency support
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ABSTRACT : Wind power generation has reached a significant share in power systems worldwide and will continue to increase. As the converter-connected generation reduces the grid inertia, more and more interest has been given to exploiting the kinetic energy and

A Positioning Method of Distributed Power System by Considering Characteristics of Droop Control in a DC Microgrid
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a positioning method of distributed power system is proposed to minimize the average voltage variation of a DC microgrid through voltage sensitivity analysis. The voltage sensitivity under a droop control depends on the position of the

Optimal Controller of a PV Grid Connected Two-Area Power System
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ABSTRACT -In this paper, a PV grid connected two-area power system with 45% penetration level is presented. The model of the two-area system is explained in detail and the system frequency errors due to load changes are studied. The design of an optimal linear quadratic

Planning of HVDC System Applied to Korea Electric Power Grid
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes pre-analysis on planning of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system applied to Korea electric power grid. HVDC transmission system for interface lines has been considered as alternative solution for high-voltage AC

Evolutionary Computation Based Load Frequency Control of Non-linear Practical Power System with Diverse Source of Power Generation
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ABSTRACT -In this work, solution to load frequency control (LFC) of a non-linear multisource practical two area interconnected power system is presented using a newly developed evolutionary algorithm. For the practical power system model, diverse source of power

Modeling, Simulation, and Control of a Medium-Scale Power System
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Transient Stability Studying of Power System with Synchronous Generators Equipped with AVR and GOV, Using Neplan Software
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ABSTRACT -Transient stability of a 9 buses power system have been studied in this paper. Generators of the scheme are equipped with AVR and GOV. Using Neplan software, different simulation have been made for different causes of transients. As examples of those

Design of Optimal Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Controller for Load Frequency Control (LFC) using Genetic Algorithm (GA) in Power System
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ABSTRACT Nowadays power demand is increasing continuously and the biggest challenge for the power system is to provide good quality of power to the consumer under changing load conditions. When real power changes, system frequency gets affected while reactive

Analysis of AC Transmission System using Interline Power Flow Controller for damping of low frequency oscillations with PI Controller
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ABSTRACT The new series series FACTS device Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) is a voltage source converter based Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controller for series compensation with the unique capability of power flow management among the

A Labview based wireless power monitoring system for electric furnace
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel approach to wireless power monitoring system for the periodic monitoring and data logging of certain parameters of an inductor which can be useful in pouring furnace. The main objective is periodic wireless monitoring and data

Design of Robust Power System Stabilizer PSS for SMIB Power System Based on Adaptive Techniques
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ABSTRACT Power system oscillations are caused by frequent changes in generator load, power transfer capabilities of transmission lines, weak tie lines and external disturbances. If the magnitude of these oscillations continues to increase and exist indefinitely, the system

Utilizing Under Voltage Load Shedding Strategy to Prevent Delayed Voltage Recovery Problem in Korean Power System
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ABSTRACT The presence of induction motor loads in a power system may cause the phenomenon of delayed voltage recovery after the occurrence of a severe fault. A high proportion of induction motor loads in the power system can be a significant influence on the

Economic Load Dispatch Problem of power plant in thermal electric generation system using swarm optimization Technique
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ABSTRACT -Economic Load Dispatch is basic research challenges and critical advancement work in the everyday operational arranging of age framework. It is here and now determination of the most ideal yield of various generators units, to meet the power

Influence of Unified Power Flow Controller on Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System Devices in 500 kV Transmission Line
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ABSTRACT : Power system maintenance and reliability has become an important aspect of research. In this paper the performance of unified power flow controller to control the power flow on the transmission line has been discussed. The voltage source model was used to

Review on Grid Connected Solar Wind Hybrid Power Based IOT System
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ABSTRACT -As demand of electricity is increasing, use renewable energy sources to generate more amount of energy in the industries and home appliances is also increasing. The solar and wind hybrid generation system are economical, freely available in the environment. The

Triple-Input DC-DC Converter (TIC) Design for PV-Battery-UC Hybrid Power System
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ABSTRACT The insufficiency in terms of energy density and efficient operation faced by the renewable energy sources, have resulted in the development of multiple source integrating systems which can do the needful and effectively fill the deficiency gap which are inherent to

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ABSTRACT -This paper is to establish a predictive power control strategy which is used to improve the stability of power systems. This has been done in the presence of wind farms based on Doubly Fed Induction Generator [DFIG] using Static Synchronous Series

An Improved Analytic Model for Power System Fault Diagnosis and its Optimal Solution Calculation
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ABSTRACT When a fault occurs in a power system the existing analytic models for the power system fault diagnosis could generate multiple solutions under the condition of one or more protective relays (PRs) and/or circuit breakers (CBs) malfunctioning, and/or an alarm or

Feed-forward Neural Network Based Transient Stability Assessment of 132KV Sub-transmission Power System Network: Case Study Afam to Port-Harcourt
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ABSTRACT -The adverse effects due to disturbance especially three-phase fault on power system networks are severe; therefore, it is pertinent to determine the characteristics behavior of these networks when a fault occurs and to maintain or avoid the impact of these

Power System Analysis for a Utility with Localized Wind Generation: Southern Negros Oriental Case
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ABSTRACT : Wind power and solar energy systems are among the green energy options that have been developed to a fairly large extent in many countries. Along with this development comes the concept of microgrids localized grids that can disconnect from traditional grids to

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ABSTRACT The design of load frequency control system plays important role in automation of power system . This paper proposes a sophisticated application of Redox flow batteries (RFB) coordinated with Static Synchronous Series Compensator. In the present work, an

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Wind/Fuel Cell/Ultra-Capacitor-Based Hybrid Power Generation System
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ABSTRACT : In recent days, Integration of conventional energy systems with non- conventional systems known as hybrid systems is the trending topic in research, as one system cannot deliver all the desired characteristics. In this thesis, we are interested in

From Condition Monitoring to Maintenance Management in Electric Power System Generation with focus on Wind Turbines
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Summary: With increase in the number of sensors installed on various industrial components and hierarchical levels, the amount of data collected is rapidly increasing. Therefore, extracting the knowledge from the data can bring about significant improvements

Dynamic Mathematical Modeling of Unified Power Flow Controller Integrated into Single Machine Power System for Dynamic State Estimation
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ABSTRACT Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) is a progressive technology that has allowed power system utilities to make the most out of the existing grid and control the governing parameters that affect the power flow and/or stability of the transmission and

Maximum Power Point Technique based Solar Charge Controller implemented Solar System
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ABSTRACT -The basic needed of all human life require energy for all regular activities. In this connection renewable energy play major role because it is pollution free and lesser cost. The renewable energy sources are like wind, biomass geothermal, solar and hydro power

Coordination of SVC and TCSC in Multimachine Power System for Voltage Profile Improvement
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ABSTRACT Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices are widely used in power system . They have characteristics to perform faster and can solve many problems in power system study. With regards to this, a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is applied

Power Losses Formula for Optimal Power Flow Problem in Power System
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ABSTRACT Many of optimization techniques that have been used to solve the Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem in power system are used a B-coefficient losses formula, to calculate the power losses in power system where the B-coefficient are kept constants in the

Simulation of the performance of a solar concentrating photovoltaic-thermal collector, applied in a combined cooling heating and power generation system
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ABSTRACT The aim of this study is evaluating the performance of a combined cooling, heating, and power generation system (a trigeneration), composed of a concentrating photovoltaic-thermal unit, coupled with a water-ammonia absorption chiller. In the presented

Intelligent Relay for Power System Protection
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ABSTRACT A generalized approach to the design of protection systems is presented in the form of a knowledge-based system leading to a generic relay which specifies all the appropriate generic units and their range of settings. Relays are an essential part of the ABSTRACT Wireless power transfer (WPT) technology is a promising way for convenient and safe battery charging without any electrical contact, which may cause an unwanted electric spark or deliver dangerous electric current to the users. When transferring power from

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ABSTRACT In the present study, a 150 cubic m net pen was designed as part of a collaborative research effort between the International Copper Association (ICA-USA), the University of New Hampshire (UNH-USA) and Cannakale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU