Prepaid Energy Meter


Design and Development of Prepaid Energy Meter with Serial Data Transmission

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Design and simulation of single phase intelligent prepaid energy meter
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In this paper, the design and simulation of Intelligent Prepaid Energy Meter (IPEM) has been presented. The objectives of this work are:(i) to model an IPEM,(ii) to show its reliability on load measurement; and (iii) to show graphical behavior of energy consumption pattern of

A prepaid energy meter for efficient power management
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Electricity has become one of the basic requirements for people and widely used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. The energy billing system used nowadays are labor and time consuming. There is no proper way to know the consumers maximum

Modeling of gsm-based energy recharge scheme for prepaid meter
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This paper presents the design and modeling of a GSM-based Energy Recharge System for prepaid metering. It is observed that one of the faulty subsystems contributing to the huge revenue loss in Nigerian Power Sector is the metering and billing system. Errors get

Rechargeable prepaid energy meter based on SMS technology
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In this paper a method is proposed to develop and design of Prepaid Energy Meter based on SMS (Short Messaging Service) technology. A microcontroller is used as heart of the system. Energy Meter IC is giving output pulse to microcontroller, proportional to the energy

A prepaid energy meter using GPRS/GSM Technology for improved metering and billing
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Most of the developing countries are moving in to smart meters equipped with prepayment facility to measure electricity in order to reduce the financial losses faced by utilities due to consumer reluctance to make bill payments on time. Prepaid smart meters enable

Application of intelligent agents in wireless prepaid energy meter
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Prepaid meter (PM) is getting very popular especially in developing countries. There are many advantages to use prepaid meter as opposed to postpaid meter both to the utility provider and to the consumer. Brunei has adopted PM but it is not intelligent and not

21st century modern technology of reliable billing system by using smart card based energy meter
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the project. This presents a single phase digital prepaid energy meter based on two microcontrollers and a single phase energy meter IC. This digital prepaid energy meter does not have any rotating parts. The energy consumption

Prepaid energy meter using GSM module
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The aim of the project is to minimize the queue at the energy meter billing counters and to restrict the usage of energy meter automatically, if the bill is not paid. The project also aims at proposing a system that will reduce the loss of power and revenue due to power thefts

Minimizing household electricity theft in Nigeria using GSM based prepaid meter
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These lead to distribution system faults and overload as well as loss of revenue by the distribution companies,this paper envisages the utilization of the global system for mobile communication (GSM) into the prepaid energy meter for increased generation of revenue in

Pre-paid energy meter based on AVR microcontroller
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system. The present project AVR Microcontroller based prepaid energy meter ‟ for India. Incorporate relays. Thus prepaid energy meter controls the power supplied to the household on the basis of amount available to the meter . The

SMS-based Recharge Protocol for Prepaid Energy Billing System
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A prepaid energy meter behaving like a prepaid mobile phone has also been suggested . The meter contains a prepaid card analogous to mobile SIM card V. CONCLUSION A methodology of the SMS recharge model for prepaid energy meter has been presented

ZigBee Based Advanced Energy Prepaid Meter
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The present system of energy billing in India is error prone and also time and labour consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro- mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter reading and error while

Design of a Prepaid Power Meter with Communication facility based on GSM Network
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Though the prepaid energy meter displays the number of electrical units consumed by the user at the load centre but on the other side, there is an urgent need to develop a system which will transmit the units consumed by the individual user to the power development

Modeling of Arduino-based Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM Technology
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It is realized that one of the defective subsystems adding to the tremendous budgetary loss in Power Supply Company is the conventional metering and charging framework. Mistakes get presented at each phase of charging the energy rates, similar to blunders with

Design of a robust prepaid energy metering and billing system
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revenue loss by a large amount. A prepaid energy meter enables power utilities to collect energy bills from the consumers prior to the usage of power by delivering only as much as what has been paid for. In this work, a robust and

Smart Prepaid Energy Meter based on Internet of Things
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As the advancement of technology and dependencies over the electrical appliances increases, the usage and requirement of electricity is also increases rapidly. Eliot is a smart energy prepaid meter based on Internet of Things . This smart meter will be helpful in

Design and Assemble of Low Cost Prepaid Smart Card Energy Meter -A Novel Design
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In India, presently distribution companies are collecting revenues from their consumers by metering and billing. The expenses for metering, billing, and collecting dues became complex as electricity is supplied to large number of consumers located in far-flung areas

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this paper presents the design and modelling of GSM-based Energy Recharge System for prepaid metering. The present system of energy billing in India is based on post-paid, contains lots of error and also time and labour consuming. Errors get introduced at every

Intelligent Power Theft Detection Model for Prepaid Energy Metering in Nigeria
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Keywords Power Theft, Intelligent Statistical Meter (ISM), Intelligent Prepaid Energy Meter (IPEM), SMS, Non Technical Losses (NTL) See Fig.2 ▪ Load Meter : Its an Intelligent Prepaid Energy Meter (iPEM) which measures the energy consumed by the load connected to it

Design and Implementation of GSM Based smart energy meter (SEM) for home applications
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Mejbaul Haque, Md. Kamal Hossain, Md. Mortuza Ali, Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh, Microcontroller Based Single Phase Digital Prepaid Energy Meter for Improved Metering and Billing System , International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System (IJPEDS),1(2)