printing of student id card

With our application software student id card can be printed high volume, 5000 cards in 10 min. requirement is need to import the student id card in excell or xml format, add your school’s logo in background image. Then click “print id card” .

Most of the computer will handle all the cards in one time, follow the following lines if low physical memory error

1. run “msconfig” and stop unnecessary programs

2. increase physical memory-must do

allocating more virtual memory. In windows 7 this can be done by opening ‘Control Panel’ and then clicking ‘System and Security’ followed by ‘System’. After this, click on the ‘Advanced system settings’ and clicking ‘Settings’ in the ‘Performance’ section. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and then select ‘Change’ in the virtual memory section. Deselect ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ if it is selected. Now select the ‘Custom Size’ radio box. Lastly type in the amount of hard drive space on the selected hard drive needed for virtual memory. And what do you know – you have improved your system’s performance by allocating more virtual memory.

3. open task manager and free unnecessary memory

If you notice any nonessential applications running then right click the application in the application section and select ‘End Task’.

4. open task manager and set schoolmanagementsystem high priority

Processes-Select Priority-select-schoolmanagementsyetem-change it to Real-time or High. Now the schoolmanagement process should run faster as its priority is set higher

5. Increase RAM size – if possible add more RAM

at the conclusion our support team will be available to help you add your comments or questions here