Proceedings of the Linux Symposium 2008 Canada -free

x86 Network Booting: Integrating gPXE and PXELINUX 9
H. Peter Anvin
Keeping the Linux Kernel Honest 19
Kamalesh Babulal & Balbir Singh
Korset: Automated, Zero False-Alarm Intrusion Detection for Linux 31
Ohad Ben-Cohen & Avishai Wool
Suspend-to-RAM in Linux 39
Len Brown & Rafael J. Wysocki
Systems Monitoring Shootout 53
K. Buytaert, T. De Cooman, F. Descamps, & B. Verwilst
Virtualization of Linux servers 63
F.L. Camargos, G. Girard, & B. des Ligneris
MondoRescue: a GPL Disaster Recovery Solution 77
Bruno Cornec
The Corosync Cluster Engine 85
Steven C. Dake
LTTng: Tracing across execution layers, from the Hypervisor to user-space 101
Mathieu Desnoyers
Getting the Bits Out: Fedora MirrorManager 107
Matt Domsch
Applying Green Computing to clusters and the data center 113
Andre Kerstens & Steven A. DuChene
Introduction to Web Application Security Flaws 123
Jake Edge
Around the Linux File System World in 45 minutes 129
Steve FrenchPeace, Love, and Rockets! 135
Bdale Garbee
Secondary Arches, enabling Fedora to run everywhere 137
Dennis Gilmore
Application Testing under Realtime Linux 143
Luis Claudio R. Gonçalves & Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
IO Containment 151
Naveen Gupta
Linux Capabilities: making them work 163
Serge E. Hallyn & Andrew G. Morgan
Issues in Linux Mirroring: Or, BitTorrent Considered Harmful 173
John Hawley
Linux, Open Source, and System Bring-up Tools 183
Tim Hockin
Audio streaming over Bluetooth 193
Marcel Holtmann
Cloud Computing: Coming out of the fog 197
Gerrit Huizenga
Introducing the Advanced XIP File System 211
Jared Hulbert
Low Power MPEG4 Player 219
J.-Y. Hwang, J.-H. Kim, & J.-H. Kim
VESPER (Virtual Embraced Space ProbER) 229
S. Kim, S. Moriya, & S. Oshima
Camcorder multimedia framework with Linux and GStreamer 239
W. Lee, E. Kim, J. Lee, S. Kim & S. ParkOn submitting kernel patches 253
Andi Kleen
Ext4 block and inode allocator improvements 263
A. Kumar, M. Cao, J. Santos, & A. D

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