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Food and bio process engineering
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An interior point algorithm for large-scale nonlinear optimization with applications in process engineering
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Page 1. CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY An Interior Point Algorithm for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization with Applications in Process Engineering A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate School in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in

Process intensification: transforming chemical engineering
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Page 1. 22 January 2000 Chemical Engineering Progress oday, we are witnessing important new developments that go beyond traditional chemical engineering. Engineers at many universities and industrial research centers

Fuzzy causal simulation in process engineering
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This paper presents a causal simulation method for incompletely known dynamic systems in process engineering . The causal model of a process is represented as both a causal network of interacting elementary dynamic systems, called qualitative automata, influencing

Terminological knowledge representation systems in a process engineering application
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This thesis is concerned with the question of how far terminological knowledge representation sytems can support the development of mathematical models of chemical processes. In this chapter, after a very brief description of the goals of process systems

Model-based adaptive product and process engineering
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An approach for model-based adaptive product and process engineering is presented, proposed as an enabling technology to collaborative networks of enterprises. In a model- configured infrastructure, active knowledge models (AKM) of products and processes

Sterilization process engineering
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2.4 Heat Transfer Related to Thermal Processing 2.4. 1 Conduction Heat Transfer 2.4. 1.1 Steady-State Conduction 2.4. 1.2 Unsteady-State Conduction 2.4. 1.3 Solution to Unsteady- State Heat Transfer Problem Using a Spherical Object as an Example 2.4. 2 Convection

Creating a project-specific requirements engineering process
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Some repositories have essentially no automated support for process engineering via deletion, tailoring, and extension (eg, OPF and Ralph Young), whereas others (eg, Select Perspective) come with sophisticated tools that support the selection, tailoring, and extension of

Applying the basic principles of model engineering to the field of process engineering
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A new information system landscape is emerging that will probably be more model-centred than objectoriented, characterized by many models of low granularity and high abstraction. These models may describe various aspects of a system such as software product Heuristics as a problem-solving method has been known to humans for ages. They form an important branch of learning in many academic courses, like social science, psychology, economics, and engineering, etc. Heuristics play a major role in situations where there is

Process engineering in the evolving chemical industry
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Intensified global competition (especially in the production of commodity intermediates and polymers); Increased stringency of safety and environmental regulations; Increased importance of the expanding fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biological chemicals

Introducing freshmen to reverse process engineering and design through investigation of the brewing process
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Freshman engineering students at Rowan University are introduced to engineering design through a series of hands-on engineering and design projects. These design experiences in the first semester are incrementally progressive; their purpose is to lead the students into the This book is a condensed technology handbook for advanced modeling and application of engineering knowledge in product development and process management in industry. Computer-aided tools have been widely used in design and manufacturing activities

Software tools for system identification and control using neural networks in process engineering
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Neural networks offer an alternative approach both for identification and control of nonlinear processes in process engineering . The lack of software tools for the design of controllers based on neural network models is particularly pronounced in this field. SIMULINK is

Culture, environmental pressures, and the factors for successful implementation of business process engineering and computer-based information systems
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The objective of the study is to identify the effect of culture and environmental pressures on the factors of successful implementation of Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS)/Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects based on the experience and

Software process engineering metamodel
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The Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM), specified by the OMG, is used to define and describe software development processes and their components. A full list of fundamental elements which are sufficient to describe any software development process

A model driven methodology for business process engineering
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Having competitive processes has become as important (if not more) as having competitive products. Simply designing good products is not enough to gain competitive edge. Business processes have grown complex and fragmented in an ad-hoc manner. They span several

Architectural design support for business process and business network engineering.
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Therefore a good model is essential. In this paper we show how modelling and analysis principles we developed for business process engineering can be used in business network engineering. We also introduce a visual design studio developed for this purpose

Knowledge Representation in Process Engineering .
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In process engineering , as in many other application domains, the domain specific knowledge is far too complex to be described entirely using description logics. Hence this knowledge is often stored using an object-oriented system, which, because of its high

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