Proving the Absence of RTSJ Related Runtime Errors through Data Flow Analysis

The Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) introduces region based memory management to avoid the need for garbage collection. This region based memory management, however, introduces new possible runtime errors. To ensure that an application developed with the Real-Time Specification for Java executes correctly, it has to be proven that no runtime errors occur.
The use of program-wide pointer analysis for the proof of absence of runtime error conditions such as null pointer uses or illegal casts is still not widespread. Current uses of program-wide pointer analysis focus on applying the results for optimisations in compilers, where a low accuracy of the results leads to missed opportunities for optimisation, which is often tolerable.
This papers presents the application of a program-wide Two approaches to interprocedural data flow analysis
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Under the general heading of program analysis we can find today two disciplines which, even though they have similar aims, difler inthe means and tools they apply to the task of analysis . The first is the disc1plmeof program verification. This is usually presented as the

A flexible approach to interprocedural data flow analysis and programs with recursive data structures
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In this paper we present a new approach to data flow analysis of programs with recursive data structures and an application of the method to interprocedural flow analysis . The basic approach is similar to that used in the first part of [JOM81] to analyze LISP-like structures, but

A survey of data flow analysis techniques
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High-level programming languages are valuable programming tools because they permit the specification of algorithms in notations more natural for expressing the abstract concepts involved. Thus, freed from attending to-numerous machine-dependent implementation

A data flow analysis approach to program testing
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An approach to preparation of test data for programs is described which uses information automatically derived from the text of the program being tested. Two kinds of information are extracted, the adjacency matrix of the program, and an indication of how and where

Data dependence and data flow analysis of arrays
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The power of any compiler is derived from, and also limited by, its program analyzers. Finding the right abstraction for program analysis is crucial in the development of compiler technology. For the abstraction to be useful, it must include sufficient information to support

Data flow analysis of communicating finite state machines
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Let (Fl, Pz,. Pm) be a network of n finite state machines, communicating with each other asynchronously using typed messages over unbounded FIFO channels, In this paper we present a data flow approach to analyzing these communicating machines for nonprogress

Data flow analysis and type recovery in Scheme
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The lack of explicit type information in Scheme prevents the application of many compiler optimizations. Implicit type information can oftentimes be recovered by analyzing the flow of control through primitive operations and conditionals. Such flow analysis , however, is

Concurrency analysis in the presence of procedures using a data flow framework
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Although the data flow framework is a powerful tool to statically analyze a program, current data flow analysis techniques have not addressed the effect of procedures on concurrency analysis . This work develops a data race detection technique using a data flow frameworkABSTRACT A data flow analysis procedure is described which may be used in the translation of high-level languages to parallel target languages. The technique analyzes the data dependencies which exist between statements in a high-level program and constructs

Checking more and alerting less: detecting privacy leakages via enhanced data flow analysis and peer voting.
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Serious concerns have been raised about stealthy disclosures of private user data in smartphone apps, and recent research efforts in mobile security have studied various mechanisms to detect privacy disclosures. However, existing approaches are not effective in

Data flow -based test adequacy analysis for languages with pointers
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The data f70w adequacy criteria, originally proposed for a simple language and Pascal, have been substantially modified to provide more thorough analysis for code wifh exfensive use of pointers and complex control sirucfures, such as code frequently writ fen in the C

Causality and true concurrency: A data flow analysis of the pi-calculus
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The PI CALCULUS [18, 17] is a process algebra for describing networks of processes with dynamically evolving communication structure. The key idea underlying the PI CALCULUS iS the notion of naming: names are used to refer to channels the links between processes

Algorithm Recognition based on Demand-Driven Data flow Analysis .
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Algorithm recognition is an important problem in program analysis , optimization, and more particularly program comprehension. Basically, one would like to submit a piece of code, and get an answer like Lines 10 to 23 are an implementation of Gauss-Jordan elimination

A new framework for elimination-based data flow analysis using DJ graphs
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In this article, we present a new framework for elimination-based exhaustive and incremental data flow analysis using the DJ graph representation of a program. Unlike previous approaches to elimination-based incremental data flow analysis , our approach can

Statistical analysis of day-to-day variations in real-time traffic flow data
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In the absence of IVHS technologies, commuters tend to select their routes through a congested network based primarily on the expected average link travel times. In order for this average to be representative of the current day, it is essential that the traffic conditions

The detection of unexecutable program paths through static data flow analysis
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An unfortunate characteristic of current static analysis algorithms is their apparent inability to distinguish between executable and unexecutable program paths. The definitive determination of executability of a given path has long been known to be unachievable. This

Computational analysis of blood flow dynamics in cerebral aneurysms from CTA and 3D rotational angiography image data
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Detailed knowledge of the hemodynamics in cerebral aneurysms is valuable not only for understanding their formation and rupture but also for clinical evaluation and treatment. However, important hemodynamic quantities are difficult to measure in vivo. In this paper we

Data flow security analysis for system-of-systems in a public security incident
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In any system-of-systems there is the potential for interactions between systems to occur that affect the security of the overall system. This paper presents a scenario that highlights such potential problems. This scenario considers cooperation and interactions between

Regional material flow analysis and data uncertainties: can the results be trusted
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Regional material flow analysis (MFA) has been proposed to be a useful tool for priority setting and follow-up in environmental management. However, data that are used in regional MFA are usually connected to varying degrees of uncertainties. This paper

Timing analysis of synchronous data flow graphs
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Consumer electronic systems are getting more and more complex. Consequently, their design is getting more complicated. Typical systems built today are made of different subsystems that work in parallel in order to meet the functional requirements of the
to prove the absence of memory related runtime errors such as those introduced by the RTSJ.

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