psoc research papers

 Estimating PSoC® Power Consumption
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O Ozbek ,Application Note AN2216, 2004 ,
Abstract Power consumption is a key issue for most applications. With an IC like the PSoC
Mixed-Signal Array, where power consumption depends on a number of parameters used,
power consumption estimation becomes very important. This Application Note explains ..

 Arduino Friendly PSoC Shield
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C Acosta, B Donlon, M Durak, A Thompson ,2011 ,
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Programmable System on Chip (PSoC), made by Cypress
Semiconductor, is a configurable piece of hardware which contains a CPU and
programmable hardware. It is used by numerous companies to build embedded systems. 

 Embedded magnetics for power system on chip (PSoC)
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J Lu ,2009 ,
ABSTRACT A novel concept of on-chip bondwire inductors and transformers with ferrite
epoxy glob coating is proposed, offering a cost effective approach to realize power systems
on chip (PSoC) or System-in-Package (PSiP). The concept has been investigated both 

Measuring chloride in serum using single programmable system on chip (PSoC)
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P Neelamegam, R Vasumathi ,Instruments and Experimental , 2011 ,Springer
Abstract PSoC devices are dynamically reconfigurable, versatile programming, low-power
consumption and multiple interfacing, which motivates the design of portable and
inexpensive instruments. The chloride analyzer is built around a cypress CY8C27443 

 19.2 PSoC Device Distinctions
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E Clock  PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip™, 2008 ,
The PSoC device distinctions that apply to the digital clocks are listed as follows.¦ In PSoC
devices with a part number of CY8C27x43, bits 7, 6, 5, and 4 of the OSC_GO_EN register
are reserved. See the OSC_GO_EN register on page 276 for more information.

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D Van Ess ,2007 ,
Abstract As our society continually embraces technology to greater and greater degrees, the
need for engineers with the skills to develop microcontroller based systems is constantly
growing. Microcontroller systems design courses are meant to equip students with the 

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ABSTRACT: In this paper is having in view the improvement of the electroenergetics
systems by a numerical protection equipment achievement in programmable logic which
works both in the cell’s level and in the station’s level. The numerical solution of this 

 Study and Evaluation Of PSoC Development Kit for Education and Training
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SABM Said ,2011 ,
ABSTRACT Nowadays, technologies of electronics components are growing so fast. Every
second of times, there will be a new product of technology born in the world. There is some
product that might help user to build the life very smooth and some of them might be 

 Securing Computerized Personal Identification Data with Confidentiality and Non-repudiation Capabilities Based on Programmable System on Chip (PSoC)
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ST Shih, CY Chao ,Life Science Journal, 2011 ,
Abstract: In this study, a cipher/decipher based on programmable system-on-chip (PSoC)
technology is proposed to prevent unauthorized people from revealing and abusing users’
computerized personal identification data (PID) during transit and at rest. The proposed 

 FSK Modem Using PSoC
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Y Sukanya ,International Journal of Soft Computing ,
Abstract: The trend to low-cost distributed data communications over the switched telephone
network has developed the need to integrate even more functions into a single device. Until
recently, the baseband to pass band (and vice versa) transformation on the serial data ..

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Abstract This code is well suited for high speed local area networks and similar data links
where the information format consists of packets variable in length from a few to several
hundred 8-bit bytes. This code translates each source byte into a constrained 10-bit binary 

 Low power system on chip implementation scheme of digital filtering cores
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Abstract The paper describes a scheme for the implementation of low power cores for
hearing aid applications. Power saving features of the scheme are two fold. The first due to
the utilisation of a macro-component framework which allows the rapid assembly of the 

 Field programmable gate array-based system-on-chip for real-time power process control
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AKB Salem, SB Othman ,American Journal of Applied , 2010 ,
Abstract: Problem Statement: Nowadays Real-Time (RT) embedded control applications
require not just higher performance but more flexibility as well without increasing cost and
resources. Approach: In this study we presented a promising co-design and 

A dual low power and crosstalk immune encoding scheme for system-on-chip buses
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Z Khan, T Arslan , Circuit and System Design. Power and , 2004 ,Springer
Crosstalk causes logical errors due to data dependent delay degradation as well as energy
consumption and is considered the biggest signal integrity challenge for long on-chip buses
implemented in Ultra Deep Submicron CMOS technology. Elimination or minimization of 

System level power estimation of system-on-chip interconnects in consideration of transition activity and crosstalk
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M Gag, T Wegner , Circuit and System Design. Power , 2011 ,Springer
As technology reaches nanoscale order, interconnection systems account for the largest part
of power consumption in Systems-on-Chip. Hence, an early and sufficiently accurate power
estimation technique is needed for making the right design decisions. In this paper we 

 On-Chip Voltage Regulation for Power Management in System-on-Chip
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J Gjanci ,2008 ,
Since the birth of the microprocessor the industry has continued to innovate and improve
performance. Upgrading microprocessor performance requires packing more transistors on
a chip, which necessitates a very sophisticated process technology. As Intel co-founder 

 A System-C based Microarchitectural Exploration Framework for Latency, Power and Performance Trade-offs of On-Chip Interconnection Networks
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B Talwar ,Network on Chip Architectures, 2008 ,
 processing elements and memory blocks to fully optimize the overall system-on-chip performance.
This necessitates a simulation framework which allows a co-simulation of the communicating
entities along with ICN simulation. Additionally, to optimize power fully, one also