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A quality management model for integrated care: results of a Delphi and Concept Mapping study
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M Minkman, K Ahaus, I Fabbricotti, U Nabitz ,International Journal for , 2009 ,ISQHC
Objective The objective of this study is to identify the elements and clusters of a quality
management model for integrated care. Design In order to develop the model a combination
of three methods were applied. A literature study was conducted to identify elements of 

TPS-QAS, new production quality management model: key to New JIT–Toyota’s global production strategy
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K Amasaka ,International Journal of Manufacturing , 2009 ,Inderscience
Recently, the authors have worked out a new management principle named New JIT based
on TMS, TDS, TPS and TQM-S to strengthen Toyota’s global production strategy. This paper
verifies the effectiveness of the proposed Advancing TPS as the key to New JIT at Toyota. 

 A data quality management maturity model
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KS Ryu, JS Park ,ETRI journal, 2006 ,etrij.etri.re.kr
 This isolated standardization will be discussed in the following section. 2. Issues and Solutions
at Each Maturity Stage In this section, we explain the issues at each maturity stage of the proposed
data quality management model. Then, we suggest some solutions to the issues. 

 Bayesian analysis of software cost and quality models
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S Devnani-Chulani ,1999 ,sunset.usc.edu
 2.2 Model-Based Techniques As discussed above, quite a few software estimation models
have been developed in the last few decades.  popular models and where ever appropriate
a discussion of the quality management model is also included. 

A quality of service management framework based on user expectations
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V Deora, J Shao, W Gray ,Service-Oriented Computing- , 2003 ,Springer
 1,2,3,4]. Central to SOC is the notion of service which can broadly be consid- ered as a software
component that  In contrast, the quality management model proposed in this paper assumes the
availability of appropri- ate quality attributes (or matrices), and is designed to address 

 Holistic development of knowledge management with KMMM
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K Ehms ,Siemens AG/Corporate Technology, 2002 ,providersedge.com
 1). This idea is based on the levels of the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) of the Software En-
gineering Institute at Carnegie  These eight key areas are based on the en- ablers of the EFQM
(European Foundation for Quality Management) model and have been ex- tended or 

Developing learning networks
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J Bessant ,AISociety, 2001 ,Springer
 to manage software projects more effectively some learning networks make use of the Capability-
Maturity Index developed by Carnegie Mellon University (Paulk et al., 1993). Some quality clubs
make use of the European Foundation for Quality Management model as a means 

Interoperability Issues in Metamodelling Platforms
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H Kühn ,Interoperability of Enterprise Software and , 2006 ,Springer
 approaches are an active research field since the past 15 years and since then have found serious
application areas in the software and information technology  The business process metamodel
is mainly contained in the quality management model, which is described above. 

 Using ADMS models for air quality assessment and management in China
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C McHugh, D Carruthers ,Chinese Journal of Population, , 2005 ,lem.org.cn
 To fulfil this requirement ADMS-Urban air quality management model and EMIT emissions
inventory toolkit have been used to compile an updated local emissions inventory and to set  [4]

Voice quality management for IP networks based on automatic change detection of monitoring data
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S Imai, A Yamada, H Ueno, K Nakamichi , Networks and Services, 2006 ,Springer
 Fig. 1. VoIP Quality Management Model  Third International Conference on Infor- mation
Technology and Applications (ICITA), Vol. 1. (2005) 131-136 2. Petrovsky, MI: Outlier Detection
Algorithms in Data Mining Systems, Program- ming and Computer Software, Vol. 29, Issue. 

 Research and Development of Digital Quality Model in SCM
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N Stefanovic, Z Automobiles, V Majstorovic ,MONTENEGRO FOR , 2005 ,pure.ltu.se
 This collaborative business network necessitate the new digital quality management model that
enables delivering high quality products and services  This integrated supply chain may be based
upon new software solutions or based upon enhanced communication capabilities. 

 Quality Management in Higher Education: a review of international issues and practice
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M Brookes ,International Journal of Quality , 2007 ,bsieducation.elysium-ltd.net
Page 1. Quality Management in Higher Education: A Review of International Issues
and Practice Taken from The International Journal for Quality and Standards Page

Leadership style and quality climate perceptions: contrasting project vs. process environments
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Y Berson ,International Journal of Technology , 2006 ,Inderscience
 effort. The R&D environment is comprised of a number of different departments. These
departments employ engineers and technologists to develop new hardware and
software products. 6.2 Measures Leadership style Leadership 

Moving towards a knowledge management maturity model (K3M) for developing knowledge management strategy and implementation plans
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J Liebowitz ,Advances in Management Information , 2008 ,ME Sharpe
 as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration),
developed by the Software Engineering Institute  The analysis concept is derived on the basis
of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model for business Excellence 

Performance measurement and management: what is next?
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The data were downloaded and analyzed using the Sitkis software [12  Other Relevant Models
for PMM System Design 1988 The Activity-based Costing 1990 The Customer Value Analysis
1999 The European Foundation for Quality Management Model 2001 The Manufacturing 

 A Risk Assessment Method and Grid for Software Measurement Programs
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Test Installation Requirements Software Support Activities Figure 1 Total Quality Management
Model Page 10. 10 For the design of the initial version (0.1) of the Risk Assessment Grid, the
following intermediate deliverables had been identified by the end of the planning phase: