rain drop sensor

Rain Drop sensor is one such sensor. The rain sensor module is an easy tool for rain detection of rain and also to measure the intensity of rain. This sensor consists of a rain board and the control board. These two boards are separate for more convenience. There is power indicator LED and the sensitivity can be adjusted by using potentiometer. This sensor requires 5V power supply. This sensor provides both digital and analog output. It is Compatible with Arduino

Working of the Rain Drop Sensor Module
This module allows you measure moisture via analog output pins and it provides a digital output when a threshold of moisture is exceeded. The module is based on the LM393 op amp.It includes the electronics module and a printed circuit board (control board) that “collects” the rain drops. As rain drops are collected on the circuit board, they create paths of parallel resistance that are measured via the op amp.The lower the resistance (or the more water), the lower the voltage output. Conversely, the less water, the greater the output voltage on the analog pin. A completely dry board for example will cause the module to output five volts

Features of the Rain Drop Sensor
Panel board size: 3 * 1.6 mm
Raindrop detection plate size 5.4mm * 4.0 mm
TTL-level output
The sensor board is Nickel Coated, hence it is corrosion resistant

Applications of Rain Drop Sensor
Irrigation Control

This sensor can be used in building automated irrigation systems for small farms, lawn/gardens in large houses etc. This sensor can be used as a switch or trigger to stop irrigation when rain fall happens. This saves lot of water and need for someone to monitor the irrigation system

Wiper Control

The rain drop sensor can be used to control Wipers of cars, Airplanes , Ships etc. Rain sensing wipers are great convenience feature in a luxury car, but it is a necessity or a safety feature in marine applications. In a boat or ship, wipers are often used on windows that are not attended closely. A “dry-wipe smear” reduces visibility, and hence endangering the safety and passenger comfort in a ship. Plus, running wipers over dry glass wears out the motor and other wiper system components.

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  • Jeevan

    How can I get sensor to not be so sensitive? Approximately 1 droplet of water will equal a flood and a few sprinkles equal a rain warning.

    • Guru

      You can choose different sensor or you can change the program in arduino for not to be sensitive. if you are good in soldering you can change the resistor to higher value